Tuesday, December 13, 2011

where I am at

Mid December already, Christmas just around the corner and its all flat knacker.
Made the trip out to Smiths last week to hook up with the crew for the Annual Smiths Christmas Ride. Big turn out with 35 riders, many Australian champs and a couple of World Champion title holders turn up to shovel us mere mortals into the ground.
I struggled a bit as usual as chasing whippets takes it tolls despite knowing the trails really well. I was out of breath descending Rob Roy with Rob Eva in front and one Trent Lowe behind me chatting away.
Never the less good night out despite my flat that saw me loose contact from the crew, and I survived the heckling of my choice of knicks (bright white.... got to wear em out!).
Otherwise I have been clocking up some kms on the road bike as the Alpine is creeping up very bloody fast. Had quite a few early morning rides of late trying to squeeze in what I can. Even given up some of the luxuries I have been dining a little to much on, got to thin out a little.
I am also choosing some rather lumpy rides o get these limited climbing legs back. So I am feeling a little more confident, and with a few longer rides in over the next couple of weeks things can only look up.
House is booming along but still a little way off before we get back to some normality in that department.
Happy trails!