Sunday, September 28, 2008


I have decided that in order to get the bike legs back that I will commute to work. Not a bad ride 50 mins each way tapping over the legs. The last 2 days have been perfect with little traffic. Tomorrow might be a different story commuting in traffic but time will tell if it helps me. The 05.30 wake up call is early but hey I realised how much I have missed being out on the bike in the dawn.
Off to the Yowie next week. Looks like Jason from Felt Epix might join me (come on Jase you know you want to!!!) for a lap of the race. Decided on the 33km distance cause
A) I'm not fit..... yet
B) there is some nasty climbing on a Single Speed
C) Mentally one lap is enough.

Happy trails

Friday, September 26, 2008

its friday

Well actually my Monday cause I am back to work today..... Start to commute to work tomorrow on the bike cause I need the regular kilometers to get my shit together. My lack of bike fitness is crackin me . Yesterday I was struggling big time and almost got the boss to come and pick me up. Anyway enjoy the girl Friday pic.

Monday, September 22, 2008

The Epix

Fantastic weather greeted us for a day of riding some sweet trails. Early start with the pick up of Jason at 7am. Quick stop in Cartlon for a take away coffee and then to the start point at the stock yards car park were the crew were hooking up. I was impressed with Ash's 4WD as he had the ability to brew up a coffee with his espresso machine. Very nice indeed!
Plenty of ascend product was on offer and I would have to say that the Ascend mob have it sorted cause there bars are by far the best I have eaten and they taste fantastic.
The crew gathered and after a few photos we hit some of the trails around the stockyards and when ridden in the right direction were heaps of fun. Nice drops and bermed sections of trail. I was suffering from the go on the single speed but hell it was a great day to be alive.
After some fun single track and a decent climb on a single speed we headed out over the connector trail to the plantation area to try our hand at some of the fun ladder bridges and and flowing single track. Everyone had so much fun on the connector that we rode back up it to do it again. Jason was filming whilst riding and came a cropper into a tree. No injuries just a great bit of footage. I was suffering like a dog on the gearing chasing the crew on the geared bikes. I have decided to swap out the Cross Mark tires cause they are a bit unpredictable I feel. I like tires to hook up and yesterday when cornering I could not trust them as I felt they were going to just let go.
After a bit of lunch we headed back over the connector trail to the stockyards for a descent which was heaps of fun.... one thing that the area has is well built berms on tight trail. I will be looking forward to the GMBC Yowie in a couple of weeks.
So with smiles from ear to ear we shot the shit packed the cars and headed home.
My opinion of the area has changed and when ridden with a large group with some local knowledge fun can be had in this park.
Will post photos when I get some or check out the Felt Epix site.
Happy trails

take care out there

Shit happens and sometimes you don't know when or how. Take care on the road and always be waiting for the unexpected. Seeing media reports like this just make me more aware how lucky you are to come back after going for a ride.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


day off from work with sunshine - check
bike - check
sweet trails - check
Felt Epix - Priceless

Little to rooted after the ride so more posts to come. Watch this space and this one for more info about the day.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

the night loop

Had a hit out on the local night loop through 4th Hill area last night with Jason and Gav. Had a few thoughts of our departed mister sister..... all well he is in tropical Queensland booo hoo! life is tuff for some.
Anyway headed out for a loop and enjoyed it heaps. Lots of climbing which is only going to get me fitter (well that's what I was saying to the parts of my brain asking me what the fuck are you doing this for, there are easier trails) and what goes up must come down. Always good when you are getting smashed by fitter people. Jason has thrown down (not that he knows til he reads this) the challenge of riding all hills no matter what cause the on the last hill last night he smashed it... I have only every walked it cause I am usually smashed by the time you get to it. The joys of being bike fit!
The loop needs a touch up here and there cause the spring and winter have given the plants some overdrive growth. Need to take out some chopping implements next time. 4th Hill was predictable as ever until Jason threw in a nice single track descent..... have to remember that for next time.
The locals were out drinking in there garages last night near 4th Hill and had the place lit up with more fairy lights than you had ever seen (some ones on the pills I reckon.... or the magic mushrooms) and were quite bedazzled by us pedaling by. Everything was covered from trees to caravans and houses..... strange, might be getting ready for Christmas early.
Got the roller board finished and today was day one of core strengthening...... it will hurt tomorrow. Will post a pic of the rack as it has been named by yours truely.
Felt Epix this weekend..... its going to hurt!
Happy trails!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

only in America

Just what you need for a car v's cyclist argument.... small but would pack a punch!

comeback kid

Sure it will be cool if Lance races more than he used to. Everdently no one told Lance to chill out in retirement. I mean have a look at him in the Leadville 100 a few weeks ago. As for the rumour he will be at the Tour Down Under..... depends what team he signs with and if he is I will be there checking it out again..... Roadtrip 09

Sunday, September 14, 2008


Wind. Its a cyclists worst and best friend rolled into one. The last few days have seen Melburn battered by gale force wind. I don't mind some wind but the gale the last few days has been a joke.
I took the liberty of heading out to Lysterfeild yesterday to get a a ride in and have some fun on trails I know well. The loops were busy with other riders. I ran in too Garreon Buckland who is a coach for Vic and National level racers some of whom have gone on to bigger and better things such as Trent Lowe. He was out with the VIS development programme and we said the quick hello as we passed. On my second lap I came across the group again and Garron stopped me and asked if I could double back with him cause one of his girls was missing with a suspected injured back from a fall. We searched the trail for around half an hour and came across his squad member laying supine next to the trail in tears.
Now 16 year old girls lying supine on the trail side would surely grab your attention but multiple people had rolled past her without giving her a second thought. I was shocked that other riders did not offer her aid.... what is going on with people! Seems that everyone is only in the mix for themselves. At the end of the day stop and check people are all right because one day it might be you needing some help!
Bek's injury seemed to be more soft tissue and she could get to her feet with assistance and could hobble out.
Luckily we were around 600 metres from where I had parked the car so with Garron walking her I had the job of getting the bikes out of the trail system. A guy came along who worked out something was a miss and offered to push the third bike which was a great relief.
I drove Bek back around the park to her waiting mother who was relieved to see her and rather appreciative of my assistance as was Garron. So I did not get the ride I was hoping for yesterday. I am hoping to get out on the skinny tires today but will wait and see what the wind does. I am not one for windy conditions on busy roads cause I don't want to get blown into traffic.
The work shop was rearranged yesterday and is in the process of being cleaned up for the coming months of bike maintenance. I did note that a few families of spiders had moved into the various dark corners of the shed. The ski's will be getting a covering of travel wax until mid summer when they come out for preparation for a overseas racing trip...... more news on that later!
The roller board is almost finished (I'm no carpenter and after playin with timber and tools can state that I will not be looking for a job on a building site) and I can confirm that this device was surely invented in the dark ages and will be the source of pain in the coming months to aid with the strengthening of my upper body.
Til next time....Happy trails

Thursday, September 11, 2008

if only

I wish!

Got 5 days off so it is time to get the body back on the track of 2 wheels. Will post some of the adventures I have!
Enjoy the weather and get it on...... Check ya..

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Spring has hit Melburn this week and it is nice I guess. The snow is holding just I haven't been able to get there to ski it. Maybe this week, or I have to face the fact that the season is over and put the skis away. I had a week off post the You Yangs to recover a bit as I was tired after the last few weeks of skiing and driving. I managed to have a final hit out with Mister Sister yesterday after work and I suffered like a dog. Enjoy Queensland my friend and we will keep you informed of the adventures via the blog.
I have no speed at the moment and the heart is trying to rip out of my chest on every climb whilst on the bike. The bike fitness will come back fast so all I need to do is ride. That will the plan as I have 5 days off coming up. I am planning a few rides including a pedal with Jason from the Felt Epix fame on the single speeds which no doubt result in me being smashed. Might try the trails in Blue Tongue and the local area if I get the chance.
All the bikes need some mechanical stuff done (the gorilla just got the clean up today and hopefully that dreaded death grone from the bb is over!) on them so that is the plan this week as well as the workshop clean up.
Racing plans are coming together with a dabble at the You Yangs Yowie for some fitness and more than likely the Gravity 12 hour if we can get the crew sorted out.......

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Mister Sister's farewell ride

The rigs waiting to go!

Yesterday Mister Sister, NZ Gav, UK Wil and me saddled up for the Mister Sister's farewell ride. He is chasing tail and moving to sunny Bris-vagas to be with his lovely girl Brooke. Whilst I cant blame him for moving he will be truly missed. One thing is for sure he is one of the the best blokes going around and will do almost anything for his mates. Always up for a pedal!
So yesterday we packed the car and headed to the You Yangs. Now I do not have happy memories about this joint as I smashed up my pelvis racing here in January and I have spent some hot days on the bike here 2 years ago and between melting in the heat and having a few offs I was not that keen to ride back there.
Anyway with the right combo of riders and the right temperature (fuck that wind was bad yesterday - almost blew us off the rock in parts) fun was had. We hooked up with UK Wil at the car park who turned up with a MTB with slicks and a pannier rack! Luckily NZ Gav brought him some tires but the rack stayed.

Nice commuter!

Credit to UK Wil as he gave everything a go despite this being his maiden voyage off road. Judging by the smile he was having a ball.
We started off in the plantation area riding the flowing single track. Nice but more like a bike path in places but a good place to get the legs ticking over. A nice long ladder ride and a few decent jumps. We then headed into the connector trail to the stockyards. It was rock garden after rock garden to ride up. Now not such a good climb on the single speed but the descent back to the car would be great. Half way up we saw a Wedge tailed Eagle riding the wind and thermals with a decent sized prey in its talons...... they are big birds and definitely king of the air here in Oz.
Once in the stockyards we rolled some of the high trails and found the lovely rock gardens and ladder rides which were a blast. The trails are well built and are fast and flowing. My only issue is that you have to ride back up the hill to get another trail down..... this screwed me good and proper with nothing in the legs from Saturdays Birkie race at Falls Creek. There seemed to be more of a down hill/ free ride emphasis in this trail area but we all gave it a nudge and were more than happy with it judging by the smiles.

The 29er soaked up all that the rock gardens could throw at it and when I pointed it towards a line, it just took what ever was coming in its stride with out disappointment. It was stable at low speeds and rolled everything. Got to love big wheels. I know NZ Gav will agree as he was out on his Kona 29er. He was loving it despite having rigid forks (did complain about his fore arms a bit post ride).
So after a hour of stuffing around in the Stockyards we rode the connector trail which was a blast as it descends back down off the ridge. I stopped to take a few snaps of the trails which don't really do the trails justice. Hats off to the trail builders who have built great rock gardens with flowing lines.

Got to love well built trails!

Glad to be back at the car NZ Gav cracked out some lunch that his wife had made. Great roll (thanks Butters!!!! Yes I do like chutney!) to top of the ride. UK Wil was rooted post ride but his smile said alot about his day. His helmet hair was something else!

Post the drive back we headed to the bar to crack a couple off beers and shoot the shit..... Mister Sister will be missed!

The landscape is spectacular but there is plenty of scope to build some more trails around this great rock formation.

NZ Gav's Kona 29er with his fury saddle..... nice steel 29er