Sunday, February 27, 2011


Bloody weather has SNAFUed the planned ride for today. I had wanted to get out to Smiths today for a pedal as its the first child free Sunday morning I have had in ages. Being one to realise and respect (unlike some fools) that riding in wet weather ruins the trails I have had to hang it up for today. I am spewing as I wanted to test some things today before next weekends 6hr at Mt Beauty. So I am at a loose end, smashing down a few brews and thinking of what to eat for breakfast. What to do?
I will check out the NAHBS website to see whos making what in the custom bike world and then head to the workshop for a big clean up me thinks. Might as well make the lost morning count for something.
I have had little chance to get out on the bike this week. Between work and chatting to builders about our planned extension the week flies by. I did get out on the dirt earlier in the week and ran into the mother of all Tiger Snakes. I was climbing up a 25% rutted out climb, picking my line when I heard a rustle at my feet. Usually it turns out to be a Echidna, this time it was a fat 2m long Tiger Snake. I was lucky that the snake decided to head down the trail rather than up, my legs had never moved so quick.
I have recommenced the commute to work and yesterday was D day. I was pedaling squares from the word go, man o man it was hurting. Its funny how some days you fly and tap those pedals over like it is nothing, others like you are a fat man strugglin up a flight of stairs. Oh and where the fuk has daylight savings gone. A month ago I was rolling in the early morning daylight, now I am rocking a HID to see my way.... man that means winter aint far away.
Anyway a week till we pack up and head off to the North East for some R&R, including some serious bike time..... I hope!
Happy trails!

Monday, February 21, 2011

NAHBS 2011

Check here for unbelievable custom bikes. I have a think for handmade custom bikes, as there is something about it being made for you, makes em more special than something of a showroom floor.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

fitness blackhole

Hit up the trails after Jnr's birthday on Tuesday arvo. I needed some motivation, I was stuck in neutral on the couch, a quick shot of brew and I was up and at em. Grabbed the geared 29er and was deciding on doing the Mullum Loop or just a local loop with a maybe a Han's loop thrown in. I decided on the later as I new the Yarra trails would still be wet from the recent rains and flooded Yarra River despite the warm weather.
I rolled out along one of my favourite trails close to home that runs parralel to the creek that recently had a big clean out (thankyou trail fairies), I had to stop once to move a new peice of deadfall but it was sweet to smash a long the trail.
I made my way out to Han's slowly but surely, climbing was not my friend in the heat but I was going ok. A quick loop of Han's..... well not really I was starting to struggle. Given my size I always find it hard to weave my way through the plantation timber section as I dont want to KO myself. Only saw 1 other rider out there which is unusual as you always run into scores of people out for a late arvo ride..... not today.
On the way home I decided a quick up and over route of 4th Hill in Warrandyte, I forgot how steep the Whipstick Gully track could be, I was seeing stars and climbing like a fat chick on the Biggest Loser. This climbing gig on a geared bike messes with my brain as I am so use to grinding and then walking when it goes to verticle. I must spend more time rolling the gears and getting use to climbing before the Mt Beauty 6hr next month.
I eventually made it home after 3hrs of local trails. I do love the trails here, whilst not all single track, they keep you honest. I am lucky to have access to these trails and that they are reasonably resistant to wet weather. That being said after overnight rain I wont get out there today as I watch the rain tumble down now.
Happy trails!

Monday, February 14, 2011

happy rolling

Had a few dirt rides doing a old loop that keeps you honest. Just some sweet climbs that have enough in them to test you. The beauty of this loop is even with all the crap weather that has been dished to Melbourne, it is still able to be ridden as the water drys off fairly quick. It appears that the other trails on offer around the place are all closed due to water damage.... proves that some should have better maintenance... not naming anywhere in particular!!!!
Even managed to drag Jase out for a loop on Saturday with the saw to clean up a few obstacles. Must remember to get a replacement saw as it has never recovered from a episode of log clearing that was beyond its small ability last year.
I am going to try and focus on the geared 29er for a bit as I will be racing on it next month for 6hrs so it is time to get extra familiar with it. I quite enjoy rolling with it as it loves the down hill!
I'm looking forward to a week up and Bright & Mt Beauty early next month. Really looking forward to the Mt Beauty 6 hr as I have never managed to get on the dirt there. I often drool at the trail as I am driving to Falls Creek during winter. Even local friend Tim has offered to drag me out up there and show me around. Will be back staying at Svarmisk which has a awesome cafe (mmm memories of Swedish meatballs) and nice hot tub for recovery.
Also looking at getting out on some of the sweet trails around Bright and doing a little on the road with the plan of getting up Mt Buffalo as I did not make it up there last month. I cant wait!
Jnr's birthday tomorrow so there is a trip to the Yarra Valley and the Healsville Sanctuary to check out the furry critters. Should be a good day out!
Happy trails!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

crazy 6 cancelled

The crazy 6 has been canceled due to storm damage. Leaves me a little lost for Saturday... I was taking a mental health day from work, will still have to so I can do Jnr's birthday in the arvo anyway.
For me I guess having it postponed is not a bad thing as I am so far under done at the moment. I have had 1 ride in 4 weeks due to work, parental duties and shit weather.
I took Jnr out on the Warby trail this week to check out the countryside and that has pretty much been it. Hoping to rectify that this morning with a roll on the dirt.
I guess it gives me some time to get the body and brain sorted for the 6hr in Mt Beauty next month. Looking forward to it as I have never ridden on the dirt in Mt B.
So know what to do come Saturday morning?

Saturday, February 5, 2011


Not much going on here at the moment. I have hit a brief period of standstill for various reasons. After the Alpine Classic I struggled with motovation after running myself into the red zone. I also had to work and with family commitments I was time poor for any bike related activities.
The weather aint been very friendly this week with the mercury into the high temps meant that after sleeping all day after working night shift, I was not too keen to cook it up on two wheels of any veriaty. Now with the weather going to the extreme here of flash flooding and tropical down pours fom the left over of TC Yasi it looks like bike time over the next couple of days is a big no option. I might pull out the chariot and drag Jnr out for a roll or even get the CX SS out for a pedal on the bike path.
Still planning on the Crazy 6hr at the You Yangs next week, so I will be rather fresh and maybe a little underdone but looking forward to ripping it on the SS as it will be the first race since the Worlds in NZ back in October.
Happy trails!