Monday, July 28, 2008


I write this before jumping in the shower to go to work. Managed to have a busy week with 2 sessions on the skis, many late nights watching the Tour, and jumping a plane to Perth for a family birthday. Needless to say Perth was laid back as always and it was nice to catch everyone, especially my teenage cousins. This week should see me skiing another big block as the snow is still good at Lake so I will continue to ski close to home. A trip to Falls is on the cards maybe in the next couple of weeks.
Shame about Cadel being a bridesmaid again but hell he rode a great tour. Shame he didnt chase down Sastre on the last of the Alp's stages. I see that the Australian riders who went to Canmore have done extremely well in the 24hrs of Adrenaline. Shame about John Claxton and his injuries tht put him out at the 8 hr mark. Thats bike racing, you can never plan for contingieces.
Anyway, have to go for now!
Happy trails

Monday, July 21, 2008

bigger than ben hur

Well its not everyday that your mate wins a stage of the Tour de France. After watching him in the break for four hours and pulling him self back to his fellow breakaway riders on the last climb was a inspiring act. He was in a break similar to this in his first Tour and was pipped for the win but nothing was going stop him last night. I screamed work down in the middle of the night in front of the TV and was running around like a headless chicken.

Well done Gerro..... you don't get much better battles on the bike from a Aussie. It was a epic ride and one result that will be etched in to my memory for years to come.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

back to the dirt

Today I headed back to familiar territory. I threw the gorilla on the roof and headed out to Lysterfeild. I was happy to be out and about as I am back on nights for a week. I got up mid arvo and got the shit together, however after driving over to the trail head I realised I had not packed the shoes! (night workers brain fart, it dont work so well when sleep deprived) so I had to head home and grab them. All I can say is thank god for Eastlink (new fwy for OS readers) as it takes about 20 mins less to get to the trail head. So with the shoes and a desire to get out and do some exercise I strapped on the gear and headed out for a loop of the park. It is great to see that the trail fairies have been out and tidy up the lines and put in some drainage to weather proof the trails. The only disappointment is a part of the loop that is in need of some serious trail loving as the rutts and lines are getting bigger and holding more water.
I felt great for the first part of the ride and then the night duty legs kicked in and at times pushing the single speed gear was draining. But a ride is better than staring at the box and laying on the couch and turning the legs over after the week of skiing was a need that had to be fulfilled.
The weather here for the next few days will not be conducive to getting out on a bike so I had to make the most of it. At least the change in weather may mean some more snow which will get no complaints from me or any of the skiers around the place.
I am noticing a trend out in the forest at Lysterfeild and came across the keeper of the single track (see photo). Seems like a few people have been ridding themselves of their child hood toys and pinning them at various points of the single track. I must admit some do make you laugh such as the telly tubby I spotted today.

Anyway time for me to get back to burning the midnight candle and getting some work done.
Happy trails!

P.S for a insiders look at the TDF check out Simon Gerrans blog through his website on the side bar, so far its proven a good read!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Dopers at the tour...... no

Ok every year I start to put my tongue in my cheek and chuckle to myself when I see a rider smash peleton like Ricco. But when he idolises Pantani it didn't take to long to put 2 and 2 together. More to the point why absolutely blow people away cause you only bring the attention to thy self. I guess one thing is for sure is that in cycling the cheaters get caught and dealt with and are made an example of. The shame will be if Cadel wins it will take the sheen off the win just a little because it was a dopers Tour.
A photo from a friend at the tour this year I think has spotted the Saunier- Duval- Scott team on the roadside post their exclusion from the Tour. At least they all got to come out in the end!

I think that's Ricco in the black number on the far right with the beer in hand!

More to the point check out doperssuck

friday on my mind

Thursday, July 17, 2008

what a week

Well I am sitting at home today feeling a little over tired. Tired? why is it so? I have just finished my 5th day out of seven on the ski's and am a little sore today. It has been great to get so many days in early on to get the ski legs back. It is a lot different swapping from roller ski's to the snow as you have to get yourself out of some habits. I have skied around 120kms in the last 5 sessions so I am feeling it.
The snow has held up well and at times a little soft but still worth skiing whilst it is there. It is rumoured that there is a bloke grooming from Royal Gorge in the states which might explain why the trails have lasted. Even Tam has been up a few times and I know she is feeling the skiing as well as she has been busy and not had much time to run since returning from the states.

I was speaking to the head patroller the other day who was indicating that Lake Mountain was thinking about MTB access in summer and was considering building some single track which sounds promising as all the amenities are there and it would be a prime place to hold a race. We will have to see if it comes to life but the excitement was there when the plans were being out laid to me.
So back to work today and fingers crossed for some snow this weekend to top up the trails so I can get out there next week. Will have to get back on the bike for the coming days to offset the ski legs.
Tour time has been draining the system a little with all the late nights and power naps on the couch whilst waiting for the final 30 kms. Gerro is there but marking his time I think before he has another crack at a break away. Shame his attempts didn't come off last week but it is Le Tour and anything can happen!

Happy trails

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

getting back on the skinnies

Managed a quick trip up today to Lake Mtn for a re introduction to my ski legs. There had been a fair dump yesterday of snow enabling us to have a 2 hr session today in -1 weather. The snow at higher elevations was spot on, being nice and dry and fresh. I took out the skate skis which quickly reminded me how taxing on the body skate skiing is, even when you have been doing some specific training.
The snow in the trees really was fantastic and as you can see in the photos worth dropping a few into the post. Fingers crossed this is the start to the season and I can spend more time on the ski's. If the predicted weather occurs in the next 24hrs of snow to 500m I will be laughing for the next couple of weeks with snow locally instead of tripping to Falls Creek.
We stopped in at Hargraves Hill Brewing Co ( I was trying to make July a beer free month to get my shit sorted for the Kangaroo Hoppet! ) in Yarra Glen on the way home for a light refreshment and taste test which was worth it. Sat in the sun and tested the brew which was spot on after a ski session, so if you are passing through it is worth a look!
In other news happy birthday to Richard E who should be painting the US town he is in red with celebrations!!!

Happy trails or tracks.... whichever you are doing!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Le tour

Well Tour time is here again and I cant but get addicted to snoozn on the couch and watching the live stage. It will be a interesting race this year and it will not be over till the fat lady sings. Had a mate (footy and golf head....who doesn't really understand cycling that well) ring me yesterday and said bet you wish you had foxtel right now (Cable TV for overseas readers). I asked why and he said that there was some le tour action on the box. I looked at the time (it was 6 pm) and said sure but I could watch it for free on the local station SBS. I started pissing myself laughing. He was slightly deflated that with no effort I had put a pin in his balloon.
Gerro has a started a blog on his website which might be worth a read to those into the grand old tour.... just hopes he keeps it going for the whole race this year.
Other news to hand is that my cold is almost over and just in time cause I have reason to believe that the heavens will start to puke snow from this afternoon which means the madness of skiing will invade my life for the next few weeks. Fingers crossed and judging by the darkening skies outside my window rain is not far off.

Friday, July 4, 2008

das cold

Well I new if I burnt the candle at both ends a little to much I would pay for it big time. I headed out on Monday for a roller ski session and was feeling fantastic cruising along. Towards the end of the session I got caught out in a rain storm and got pretty wet and cold. I had been feeling tired for at least a week and needing to nap heaps on the couch. So I woke up the next day feeling under the weather with a scratchy throat. This has now progressed into one hell of a nasty head cold. So the last few days I have been trying to od on Vitamin C and Berocca's to help the immune system fight off the evil cold. This being said I am going to miss the opening race I had planned at Falls Creek this weekend. Not to worry much better to get over this cold than make it worse by skiing.
And just to cheer myself I thought I will post the usual friday pic with a few extra ladies!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


So I am stuck at working on Sunday not enjoying my day at all. My two partners in crime which had just finished work have gone home and hooked up and gone riding send me this little video of them riding the trails

Mates they love to cheer you up!

Updating the week that has been and gone. Happy to say I am back on the skis (rollering on the road and paths) and am happy with my early form. Much further ahead than I thought I was going to be. I have a nice 10 km loop for a enjoyable 1 hrs work out and have done that twice in the last few days. Looks like by the weekend or mid next week I can get some snow time with the predictions of the weather. But still plenty of work to do in the next month to get me to a reasonable level for some racing providing the snow holds (sounds like some freaky winter road trips ahead this season to chase the snow).
The last 2 days at work have been humbling as we have a guy who was skittled on Beach Rd on Saturday who has sustained a spinal injury.... makes you realise how lucky you are to come home at the end of riding on the roads!
happy trails