Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Rapha Continental: Tohoku from RAPHA on Vimeo.

You should go!

This little event should rock.... about time we got one going here in Australia, little things often have the possibility of turning big in a good way like NAHBS.
Get on down and check out what Australia has to offer!

still here

Life's been real busy, but guess what.... I am still here. I am back on the bike and now rolling on Strava to try and get more enthusiasm and try and beat every mutherfucker I can.
Back on the dirt as the elbow has finally repaired itself so I can rip the trails.
I was so enthusiastic about my return I took the SS 29er out to Smiths and blew my gaskets re acquainting myself to SS MTB action.
Mooter has built himself a Moots 29er up and I have ridden with him a few times - I have to say I am suffering some Ti envy. We even headed down to the You Yangs recently for a pedal together and I was surprised that I enjoyed the place so much, previous trips there had not favoured my return.
Heading back into the hills a bit on the road bike to try and get fit cause this is my summer, I have 3 months off and want to make the most of it and finally get to Mt Buller and some other destinations for some all out fun.
We have a baby on the way due around the same time as the Alpine Classic so this year I will miss it - shame cause it was my favourite week away with a bike.
Noosa is back on the cards shortly and I will have to practise pulling the bike apart and fitting it all in the bag now that the S&S couplers are fitted. Looking forward to hitting it with the Noosa Crew and getting my arse firmly fed to me.
All in all I am ready to have some fun and get back into it. This being said get this blog but under way again.... its been too long!

Happy riding peoples!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I want summer back

This just makes me want to ride, yep if I am defined as someone who rides bikes and that's it then so be it!

Monday, August 6, 2012

its over before it began

Tendonitis, tennis elbow..... what ever it is its fucked. Thought after 6 weeks I was getting on top of it and decided that I would venture out to Cross Melburn and pin on a number. How wrong could I be, after 1 lap I was in shocking pain, even a gentle roll around the lake couldn't convince me I should race.
Where to from here?
Well dont think there is going to be any more cross racing for me this year, the arm can not handle it. Riding trails is looking grim until I can get it sorted, so km's on the road bike will have to suffice. Thing is I dont know how I will go climbing out of the saddle.
Time to head back to the Osteo and here's to more time with ice wrap of the elbow and lots more anti inflammatory drugs.
Not in a good head space at the moment as work, lack of spare time, no skiing and lack of riding are killing me.
Maybe getting hooked up on strava where I can torture myself might be a new passion!
Shit cant hurt can it?
Happy trails

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Cross Melburn

headed out for this little gem. I did manage to do the time but god it hurt. No riding for 2 weeks and fuck all for months showed me exactly how unfit one could be.....
Did have some fun amoungst the pain. At least the race finished before the heavens opened up with a cold blast.
I hung around to watch the elite men race and man there were some heavy hitters out who just smashed all race.
I will head over to Dirty Deeds this arvo for a bit of a look. No racing today as I am playing dad.
Check out the video for some race footage from Australia's first national CX race.
Happy trails

Sunday, July 1, 2012

super geed!

Coming soon I hear!

plans.... what to do

Look racing has really lost its appeal as I cant really get considerable time on the bike to make it fun to race. Nothing worse than turning up to events and having a crack and having your heart in your mouth from the warm up.
The only exception this year is CX, I want to race this to get fit and have some fun through winter, as long as I finish each event I am happy.... I mean how much can 40 plus minutes of CX hurt anyway...... I know a fukn lot!
I just want to ride for fun, like when you were a kid. Jase my neighbour and of Felt Epix fame wanted to get back on the bike so we have committed to every other Thursday night ATM. Those who want to join us can and its a fun 2hr loop of local trail just for shits and giggle. I forgot how much fun some trail was, after all I have not ridden some of it for longer than 12 months.
XC skiing is still on the cards but unless mother nature drops some snow on the local hill to me @ Lake Mtn I cant see myself getting it done. Between work and family comittments this part of my life is slightly restricted.
I am still planing towards the Alpine Classic again, even bought the compact gear for the next one, cant wait for this event as I really enjoy those days up in the NE of Victoria.
The goal is get on the bike when I can and make it count for some fun whether its rolling fun trail or fun back roads on the blacktop.
Get out and enjoy it!

Melburn Roobaix

Bloody awesome day was had with lots of mates rolling the cobbled lane ways of Melburn town.
I love this event and it has been a while since I could get back and rock it. A fun day cruising with 20 odd guys in our group with a brew stop thrown in for good measure. Was wrapped to get to the end and suck down a few beers in the sun.
The Gellie Roadie came out for the day and in credit to Ewen it sucked it up well.

The crowds were big this year with a few thousand turning out for this little event but when you hit the road the crowd thinned out a lot, which meant you could attack the cobbles, and I gave it my best. 
Found one picture of me exiting one of the lanes late in the day..... man I make this bike look small!
Great day with mates and there were quite a few people on course having a look and cheering on. Here's to next year.... happy cobbles!

Dirty Deeds 1

Well I lined up for a night of fun at the Dirty Deeds CX prolouge a few weeks back. Bloody lung popper. With no fitness to speak off it was always going to be a challange.
Discovered that if your 50+ kg heaver than most you will sink deep on a cross course.
The Yeti rocked and did what it was asked to do, sweet fund and stiff.
The 2 races were short but left me in no doubt how hard cross will be. A big crowd turned out for a look and to cheer on. The best fun I have had in ages, plus it was nice to catch up with some old aquantices.
Now its just a matter of getting the fitness slowly back together and modifying the gearing on the CX bike as I struggled a little through the really soft stuff, as did most. I am going to go a 1x10 with the White Eno's up front rocking a 36 tooth and a Paul chain guide to keep everything on the straight and narrow.
Happy trails

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

CX it is

After a quick text message from Mooter he put me onto a yeti frame in my size on Ebay. Got it for a steal and after some frigging around, help from various parties including DC and Mooter I managed to build it up.
Just in time for Dirty Deeds this Friday night. So with no fitness I will be doing the prologue with tongue in cheek.
The plan is to do all the cross races I can this winter for shits and giggles. Plus it does give me another option for a ride in shit weather as all of a sudden rolling some rail trail/ dirt roads looks like fun. Struggling in the motivation department to get out and work/ family pressures adding to the mix. 5am roll outs ain't fun ATM.
So here's to Friday night!

I promise I will post photos of the beast soon!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Back on

Ok only only fitted one ride in due to the shit weather mother nature granted us this week. Had over 100mm of rain in 24hrs which is very rare in the last year.
Did get out on the Yarra Trails for a hit out on Monday. I managed to beat the shit weather and had a fun return to trails. Will say the fitness is like Jabba the Hut at the moment - good for eating but out of breath just thinking about it. Looks like it is time to ride to work to get some kms back in.
Hoping the roadie is back in my hands to be built up by end of next week..... having withdrawals from not having a road bike on hand. Might have to throw a set of 28's on the geared 29er and use it to commute this week.
Happy trails!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Geed up

Breakfast done
Fueled on java
Car packed
Off to the trails
Time to re open the account!

Happy trails

Friday, April 20, 2012

its been 8 weeks almost

Caught this pick of my frame at the painters on facebook this week. Big daunting as I see it in to halves after giving it to Ewen as a whole frame. The placement of S&S couplers in is going to make traveling with it a lot easier, plus it will make it all the more bespoked, I mean how often do you see a fame gate that can brake in half and be put back together!
I have a new gruppo waiting for when I get her back! Sweeet times ahead, already been riding big kms in my head.
Happy to say the list of jobs at the house is now small and I am throwing a leg over a mtb this week end.... super pumped!

Happy trails!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Monday, April 2, 2012

responding to requests

Got a phone call yesterday from Mario telling me his eyes were failing him with age - doesn't apply to his riding and fitness level!
He said it was hard to read the red text, I told him I was going to change the layout, so I have. Hopeful this will make it easier for anyone with some eye issues.
Me, well I am on the improve, going to throw the leg over a bike next week and see what I got - might be very little! The rebuild of the Gellie Roadie continues with parts arriving and I am told Ewen is busy getting the frame ready for the painter - looking forward to getting it back and on it.
Shame I am missing the Autumn weather.... not long till I can enjoy it on 2 wheels.
Get out and rip it!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Idle time... making plans

With forced no riding due to house commitments and surgery it gives you time to peruse the web, read mags and think of projects.
The Gellie roadie aka the blue farm gate, is back for S&S couplers - going to be cool I hope and make travel easy.
Standing in the shed the other day I realised that I had enough parts to get the Karate Monkey back together as a monster cross SS might even be able to drop some gears on it. Might even turn it into the commuter for winter fun.
Fun times getting a bit of grease on the hands - issue is that there ain't much room with left over house stuff, skis and lots of bikes in the way. The goal today when jnr konks out will be clean up time and get that space back in order.
Hanging out for some bike time - soon my precious soon!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

black bike

Andrew Dickey rippin it again - great to see work feature in this short film.... surprised security didnt bust him - must have been snoozing and eating donuts!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Deep - makes you shut up

Unstoppables from black train films on Vimeo.

stolen from fyxo!

And the winner is?

Boom, and its done Gerro pulls of a massive career win, still pinching himself. His text this morning confirming he is on cloud 9 ATM.
Should be a awesome classics season to watch, spewing I elected to go to bed rather than watch it on the web streaming.

To top it off he is leading the world tour rankings as Number 1.

Friday, March 16, 2012

have to be next summer


Going to have to wait til next summer as until I heal, I aint getting there before the snow comes!

Friday, March 9, 2012

resuming transmissions

OK peeps been a while..... a very long while.
I have been managing a rather large 9 month renovation of our family home, running 3 jobs at work and trying to fit in bike time and family time has been challenging.
I was getting in some solid kilometers thanks to daylight savings and working shift work, honestly I was liking the 5 am starts before work. The goal of thee kilometers was the Alpine Classic which I signed back up for the 200km torture.
I really enjoy riding in the NE and managed to hook up with long time mate Aaron and got a few gentle rides in before the big day. The day of the Classic came and I have to say I rolled only the 130km distance which was enough, I was cooked from the heat and being a rather large guy I can get through the hills but not that many. I realise the training required to complete the 200km distance and will aim again next year to tick it off the list.
At the top of Tawonga Aaron's wife was having a mechanical and keen to complete the 200 distance so I handed over my rear wheel so she could get it done.
Since then I have only made it out once on the MTB as my main focus was getting back into the house and set up, garden sorted etc. This took a turn for the worse yesterday with me needing surgery on a hernia, so no lifting for 6 weeks and no riding for at least 4 of them.
I have decided to send the road frame back to Ewen for some modification and repaint as it copped a few scraps on its return from Noosa late last year. After some conversation with Ewen we decided that putting in some S&S couplers were the way to go for traveling. Whilst I take a bike away once a year it is worth being able to protect it easier when traveling, plus it makes again a little more bespoked than it already is. So I was planing on striping the frame today for Ewen but now find myself laid up on the couch and depending might have a go tomorrow pulling it down and getting the frame off to him.
So from here what is the plan?
Well I had tipped myself for a trip to Mt Buller this summer but it has come and gone.
Apart from finishing the house off the next plan is to get back on the bike post surgical recovery and aim for a few races. The Dual was a target but with everything on it is going to be missed.
A big focus is going to be trail riding for fun and giggles with a few enduro's thrown in for a laugh. I am going to look at a few more of the state series enduro's again and take it from there.  I will continue aiming and training for the Alpine next year and have it loosely planned out in my head, just have to put it into motion. Cyclocross is almost upon us again and maybe this year I can get to a few of those for a laugh on the SS cross bike.
The other goal is to get some of the trail loops around here sorted again after 8 months of neglect they will need a little bit of love when I have the time.r
Happy trails and keep on checking back