Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Mia Freedman

Apart from showing her true colors yesterday on the Today show and slagging Cadel off in true bogan headline grabbing fashion, Mia freedman has not enjoyed the Twitter army getting some back. I believe she shed some tears post the abusive twitter remarks
A truely smart piece of writing was done by Bridie O'Donnell to rebuke and education the uneducated Mia. Read it

Sunday, July 24, 2011

wish I was here


Been a hectic week here. Our house is underway and I have been up there a lot talking to the builder and following the work. The parents sewer packed it in so had a long couple of nights sorting out that smelly issue.
Balance that out with a full work schedule and staying up late to watch Le Tour, bike riding has taken a back seat. I did get out yesterday for a long roll with Mooter down the beach. Everyone must have been out having a sleep in after watching the last mountain stage of Le Tour cause we didn't really see anyone till almost at Frankston. I started to hit the wall after the coffee stop. The weather was less than inspiring with heavy fog and drizzle and it was bloody cold.
I had planned to get out today on the fat tyres but the weather has turned up wet, might see if drys out a little and take the single speed out to roll over my tired legs from yesterday.
I do see it is snowing so maybe if it continues I might get in a cheeky ski with the family this week.
Happy trails!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

sno snow snow

Finally I got the chance to grab the skis and head out for a few hours to find the ski legs. Lets say I found them pretty quick and stuck to some easy trails just to open up the lungs and have some fun.
I was lucky that the weather was a perfect blue bird day with no wind. It would have been a good one to tow Jnr round on but I had agreed that it would be a day best suited to getting myself sorted.
So a 2.5 hr ski which had me rooted by the time I made it back to the car. Trals were fast and firm with near perfect grooming. The added peice of new trail on Echo flat made it a enjoyable loop.

I even managed to skate off piste next to the creek line which was awesome.
The new building at the trailhead at Lake Mtn is fantastic and is a big improvement in comparrision to the amenities of years before the fires.
I would like to say that I will get up more this season but with life so busy ATM I will have to take it as it comes. I am hanging to get back but will have to see if I can fit it in.
Happy trails

Sunday, July 10, 2011

back on and rolling

Well I have spent the last 2 weeks commuting and have also fitted in a few rides on the dirt. The body is still getting use to the early morning rides in the dark. Slowly but surely I am getting my shit together. Lost a mudguard from a bit of dead fall on the bike path the other morning in the dark. It made for interesting fun and games in the dark trying to pull it off the bike. I went to get some Sykes wood fenders yesterday, but I am told they wont fit. I am up for the challenge and am thinking I might get some and modify em. I don't like being told "I cant do that". Next time I get a bike frame custom made I will ensure it can fit full guards for winter riding.
The dirt riding has improved after tweaking my seat position ever so slightly forward. Now I am happily climbing where I was struggling.
I caught up with a old friend yesterday for a pedal around Warrandtye/ Wonga park. Let me say he has been a busy boy with a chainsaw and some weed spray and cleared out some old equestrian trail. The ride kept me honest and I did show him some of Warrandyte's best trail (I cant name it here, but if you know the area, you will have given it a nudge at least once) which I think he enjoyed a lot. Creek crossing caught me out and I got a little wet, but I was having fun.
My back is up the shit again and I am slowly getting that back on line with a rub and treatment from the osteo, so hopefully it comes good soon.
Snow is falling and I am thinking that maybe if the stars fall into line with work and other commitments I might get out this week, fingers crossed.
Happy trails!