Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Fun in the sun

After a hectic couple of days last week on the bike with various crews I have come away to Noosa for some R&R.
Last week saw me hook up with Mooter and Moody for some trail time which ended with both Moody and me taking some off time trailside which was bloody funny. I had a light ride across to the outlaws on Saturday followed by a hit out with Diesel and his crew early Sunday on some awesome trails.
Travel day yesterday and boy am I glad we got here in one piece with all our gear and fuss free. Put the bike back together last night and had a lazy roll down the beach today for a couple of hrs. Not to shabby. Now I am watching a tropical storm roll in and listening to the putter patter of the rain on the balcony. If I win tattslotto you know where to find me.
Hoping to get out with a local bunch a couple of times bit we will see with family commitments.
Happy trails!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Solid times

Man with this awesome weather I have been lucky with getting out. I have had a few runs up to Smiths Gully for some single track time and some time up the hills in the Dandenongs. It has been a busy time with managing our renovation whilst on holidays but still I have made 2 wheels a priority.
I have taken today off as I am feeling a little worn out today but will be back out tomorrow with a ride out to the Yarra Valley as we want to go to the Healsville Sanctuary for a look with Jnr.
I have lined up some friends for a dirt adventure on Friday with the destination still to be sorted. I am thinking of getting a leg over the SS soon as the my fitness has improved.
I must say that I am starting to feel more solid on the bike and hope that if I keep this up that cracking my goal of the 200km Alpine in January next year should be on the cards.
Keeping it short and sweet.
Happy trails!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Castlemaine XC race

Sunday saw me try and get back into racing the XC format with a trip up to Castlemaine. I have always wanted to ride up there so couldn't really refuse the potential to find some trails to ride. Only issue was this was a race on private property so I will have to find some other trails in the area if I go back.
Weather was perfect if a little chilly, sun was out and all was good. Caught up with a few people who I haven't seen all year and got organised to check out the course. I took the geared bike but left the mud tyres on. Silly mistake as the area was dry and rocky meaning the Gatos were not in their element which I soon discovered. The course was fun, little climbing really (would have suited the SS) and had a nice sweeping descent. On the recon lap I was having a blast on the down hill and swung into a little technical rock garden decent. Making my way through the garden I some how lost it off into the rocks and hard up against a tree. Must have had some front brake on and the tyres slipped on a rock flipping me over the bars. Needless to say I was relieved that I had not broken anything. Thanks to Bellie and Randal for picking uop my bike and sorry arse from the ground.
Back to the start finish area and into the race. Short news here people with me doing 3 of the 5 laps on offer, the race reinforcing lack of fitness and my dislike of the XC format racing as it is balls out from word go.
This week will see me go back to the Youies for the Geelong Interwinter Series round 3 race. 3 stages, TT, XCO and short XC race. Will be a bit of punishment but hey it can only make you stronger. Should be fun and a change from the norm. The trails have only reopened here after the summer storms 8 months ago.
On holidays so got a few plans for some rides and checking out some trails as well as doing some solid rides on the road.
Happy trails!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Gerro is on form in Denmark

Gerro is on form and ripping it up in Denmark. Lets hope he can keep the lead and win overall. Ritchie Porte also powered to stage win as well. See here

good week

Managed to have a solid week despite heaps going on. Happy with how I feel. I managed to get a 100km in the bank yesterday down the beach for some long slow kms. Managed to miss the rain which was nice.
Did loose the last mudguard out of my set of Crud Roadracers from a bit of tree on the way home from St Kilda. They are a great idea but a little flimsy and as I found if a stick does get caught up the main plastic guard will snap on you. I have gone back to a wider set of SKS guards as I have found these best on a road bike with limited clearance. Hindsight has taught me that next time a custom frame is built to ensure that I can fit in a set of guards on proper mounting points.
So time to get off here and organise my stuff for another week of commuting and work out what days I am riding to work.
Happy trails!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

getting it back and setting goals

Been a good week, weather has been more than kind and despite some low volume sleep I have managed to get out everyday so far.
I hit up the trails for a 2 hr roll home along the local trails from work on Monday. Even scored some nice time in the sun and made it home on dark. Some trails were just chewed out from winter riding. I don't get people who ride after and during rain events. I skipped some sections I knew would be screwed but found some solid trails and had some fun.
Tuesday was a short ride, as I popped a spoke 5 kms from home and had a front wheel trying to pretzel itself. I turned from home I packed it in.
Wednesday was a 1 way ride to work as I had a car there for the trip home. It was a super warm morning for winter and was glad to be free of booties, gloves and caps under the helmet.
Today travel to and from work was again graced by minimal kit.... I was rocking shorts and jersey on the way home.... unheard off during a Melburn winter.
As for goals I am putting it out there that I am signing up for the Alpine Classic again next year. I just booked a house today and am formulating some plans in my head on how to fit in the volume of training I will need to meet this challenge. It beat me last year and I plan to smack that ride in the face next year. Plans.... its coming together.
Next couple of weeks I am free of work and I think some racing on the dirt will be a good option. Warm weather has put the ski season on hold close to home and I cant justify the travel and expense of heading to Falls as I am not racing this year. Plus we have our house in pieces at the moment and that ain't cheap, but we are looking forward to the finished product in 6 months.

This doesn't help my mental state about missing the season this year. I see this from Snowfarm in NZ and want to go back tomorrow.... always next year.

Happy tracks