Tuesday, April 26, 2011

CX from Radelaide!

adelaide cyclocross. from Sam Roberts on Vimeo.

Looking forward to the dirty deeds cx series here in Melburn town.... dates below

2011 Race Calendar
Three rounds, starting June.

Friday, 3rd June (Prologue) - Harrison St Velodrome, Brunswick
Sunday, 19th June - Darebin Parklands, Alphington
Sunday, 17th July - Jackson Reserve, Coburg North
Sunday, 21st August - Harrison St Velodrome, Brunswick

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Thursday, April 21, 2011

back on the commute

So recommenced the commute to try and get some kilometers under the belt. Things are going up and down like a yo yo around here. Between a busy work schedule, sorting out the whole renovation stuff and playing dad it leaves little time to get out on 2 wheels. Add the shit weather of late that keeps flooding the trails, getting out on the dirt has not been a great idea. Whilst I could do it I cant be fucked cleaning the bike back up afterwards. Even the commute home last night will keep me cleaning up the road bike for a few hours despite having mudguards on.
I did manage to get back out and up the mountain on the weekend for a couple of laps up the 1:20. So its not all bad.
I don't mind the commute, I have the wet weather gear to keep me as dry as possible, a good light and a simple route to work. Should help me in keeping the fitness up and the kgs down.
Not long now until I get my hot little hands onto a new frame for the geared bike. Lets see what turns up post Easter. Will post pics when it all comes together.
Shame the Geelong mtb club has had to bail on the 6hr at the You Yangs due to complications from the weather system that passed through in January. Good for me cause it gives me a little more time to get my shit together for the next round which I think will be Bendigo.
I have to work through the Easter holidays but hopefully if the weather holds I will get out on the bike. As I listen to the piter patter on on the roof I am not too sure.
Happy trails!

Monday, April 11, 2011

random videos

Moody told me about this one

Brenden a guy I work with sent me this

Monsoon Madness - Featuring The Red Eyes from Adrian Kiernan on Vimeo.

Bright 6 hr

So Bright is done and dusted. I would have to say it was a taxing but fun course that in the end got the better of me.
Ryan Moody and I headed up Friday for the 2nd round of the enduro series. I was geed up for a good one as I love the area and the few trails I have ridden before.
We pitched the tent and geared up for a pre ride of the course in summer conditions. We followed the single track of Morse's Creek out of town and onto the course. I was rockn a decent gear equivalent to Ryans 2:1 and feeling comfortable on it. Only 1 major climb on the course and I decided that I would sacrifice a climbing gear for one more suited to the flat and rollers. This was my undoing.
I found after 3 laps I was in struggle town and then decided a mid race gear change was on order. I was cooked and tried a few more laps on a lighter gear but the back and arms were cramping. So I packed it in at the 4.5 hr mark.
I am happy with the race but should have listened to my internal voice about my initial gear choice. My limited bike time shone through at the 3.5 hr mark, still I am happy. The constant out of the saddle acceleration required in the rolling tight trail took it's toll.
Highlights of the race would be the trails in the pines on awesome loamy soil that you could rip. I did have a small encounter with a tiger snake. He got right of way without argument.
A big thank you to the Alpine Cycling Club for running the event... It was a very friendly event.
Where to from here?.... Get some quality kms in so I can hopefully conquer the next six at the you yangs.
Happy trails!

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Expectations, big word with a lot meaning for me as I often expect way too much of myself. I am starting to realise that working full time, planning a massive 6 month renovation of my home, being a father, and trying to ride a bike are not fitting well into the waking time I have.
Between work and my other commitments, this week has flown by with no bike time again. So what do I expect of myself this weekend?.... to finish the whole six hours! Yep that is the goal. Unless I have a major mechanical the plan is get it done. There is going to be pain, that is cool, as they say what ever pain you feel only makes you stronger and it dont last forever.
It should be a sweet weekend, rolling out with Ryan Moody, simple camping and those trails are good fun from previous experience. I have been looking forward to this race for ages as it has been pegged by myself as a must do. Its a must do because I love the North East and when you combine that area with bikes, a race and some locally brewed beer it is all good!
So here's to 6 hrs on the single speed come Saturday!
Happy trails!

Monday, April 4, 2011

quiet times

Due to a 11 day straight stint at work & family commitments, I have had the riding of bikes on the mind but on the back burner. Hence on action on the blog either! I did manage to get out on the fatties on Wednesday night on a massive gear on the SS. Small group for the last daylight savings ride of the year. Han's loop is holding together well, and whilst I did my own modified loop I had a ball whilst the others smashed themselves.
Yesterday I hooked up with Mooter and rolled up the 1:20 with him twice followed by a brew and fruit toast at Ripe in Sassafras. It was a cool wet descent back down but I was glad I had fitted a ride in before doing 60th birthday celebrations of my Father in law.
This week I am off to Bright for the 2nd round of the Vic Enduro Series. I have wanted to do this race as the trails are sweet around the forests surrounding Bright. Ryan Moody is accompanying me for the weekend. I am going to run it single speed and have swapped the gear out for a less knee cap popping one than I have been running lately. Should be a good weekend, camping, bikes, a beer or two.... doesn't get much better!
Not much else is news, the search for a geared 29er continues.... something is on the horizon but more on that later!