Friday, December 31, 2010

Last ride for 2010

Got a ripper of a ride in today that broke me in a big way. 1900mts vertical gain and 110kms with the end of the ride finishing in 35 degree heat which I was glad was not 43 degree heat.
Rolled out with Mario, NZ Gav and 2 other guys for a Mario lumpy ride around the northern parts of outter Melboure. Rode through Nutfield, Cottles Bridge, Panton Hill to name a few. The col of the day was the climb to Kinglake and the descent back down made up for it. I was glad to get of the bike at the end of this little jaunt, but still had to front up for a afternoon of work.
It has shown me that whilst I am improving I still have a way to go before the Alpine in 4 weeks time.
Anyhow HAPPY NEW YEAR and see you out on the road or trails in 2011!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

back rockn it

So had a solid week on the bike finally. Managed to fit it in around work and fatherhood commitments. To tell the truth it feels good to be tired.
Christmas day saw me roll to the start of the annual Christmas morning ride were me and a few buddies hook up for a roll down the beach and back to Brunetti's in Carlton for a brew and a little breakfast. It is a great way to start Christmas day. I fitted in a lazy 90kms that day, so I was happy as the rest of the day was spent driving to and from lunch.
The rest of the week has been rolling to and from work but with the traffic so quiet I have been able to hit up so roads that are usually to busy. So I have got in some quality rather than quantity.
I was going to head out early today for a long loop out through the Yarra Valley but opted for a sleep in as the Boss was home to keep Jnr entertained. So the plan will be a roll maybe on the dirt later today.
Tomorrow I have be invited to roll with some of the Smith's Dirt Crew on a torture test out to Kinglake on some sure to be hilly roads. We are getting out early to beat the heat and it should be good fun and for me a indication of my fitness so far for the Alpine in late January. Looking forward to rolling with a bunch cause it makes rolling long distances a little more fun.
Next week will see me trip on down to Geelong or Portarlington to check out the Bay Crits and watch some quality racing. Dont quite know which one I will attend but am geed up to check it out.
Following weekend I will head up to the Nationals and check out the Men's road race, maybe I will be feeding again this year for Gerro if he needs a hand, it always makes the day more interesting!
Anyway get out and enjoy the weather before the rain returns!
Happy trails!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas

Hope you have a great Christmas one and all! See you on the trails or the road in 2011!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

times flying by

We have entered that time warp part of the year where the days blow by, seemed like only yesterday it was the start of December. The weather has been a fair killer for bike time so far this spring/ simmer. Many people are complaining about the amount of rain as the trails are often too wet to get out. I must admit you get tired of washing bikes only to send em out again to get muddy.
I have been busy around the house having a spring clean out in preparation for our renovations in 2011. It has meant many meetings thus limiting the bike time even more.
The commute has kept me on the bike and I have been lucky as I have missed the rain somehow as the sun comes out just in time to head home from work.
I visited Mooter at home this week to get him to help with a cable change on the road bike. He has the ultimate home repair station with more Park tools than most shops. It is amazing how well the bike runs after some love. Winter took its toll on the road bike and it still needs some more drive train love with new chain rings and chain. I am amazed that after many years of changing the chain when the chain checker shows initial wear has enabled me to keep on running the original cassette.

The last few days I have been thinking about my top 5 bike events of 2011

1. Becoming a father - whilst slightly challenging at times it has been a whirlwind of fun & joy. I have even had the pleasure of introducing her to the bike by towing her in the Chariot behind the geared 29er.
2. SSWC 20210 in NZ. 5 days of MTB heaven rocking awesome trails with awesome like minded people. We got to see the best NZ had to offer and I will make every effort to take 2 wheels back to Rotorua in the future. The race was awesome, I didn't have the best day out there but it was so much fun, I am still smiling 2 months later.
3. 2010 Road World Champs in Geelong was awesome. Sure I took a mental health day to get on down with 100,000 close friends to watch the Men's Road Race on the Sunday. I was lucky to have some accommodation provided to me in the middle of Geelong and get taken out for a roll of the local roads with the local bunch from Barwon Heads with Ryan Moody. Great day and potentially the only Worlds I will get to see live unless I travel to Europe.
4. Rolling local trails with mates. I am blessed that I can roll trails from my door and that bikes and cycling in general keeps me in contact with a great group of people from varied backgrounds. It does make it easier when your wife understands the importance of keeping contact with mates and letting you get out there.
5. Discovering that a new 10 speed XT groupset really does roll well on big wheels, and I can put it together and get it working.
My favorite clip for the year goes to the Coastal Crew for this little gem!

Kranked 8 Revolve: Coastal Crew >>

So as I relive the events of 2010 I am putting together my hopes for 2011. Whilst nothing is set in stone my first big day out will be the Alpine Classic in 4 weeks time. Still getting the body to agree with that, however it is all coming together slowly.
Looking forward to Christmas morning and catching up with the Annual Christmas ride crew. Might be small in numbers but thick in quality people!
Anyway happy festive season!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

the low

So, the parentals needed to be picked up from Marysville on Sunday at the end of the Great Vic Bike Ride. What a perfect time to get some time on the bike I thought, plus some hills too boot. So I left early and headed to Eildon to pick up there gear and then dodge my way through the bunches to find a park and jump on the bike.
After kitting up, out I headed out towards Taggarty for a bit of a warm up before plowing into the climb to Lake Mountain. I was nervous about how my body would handle some serious climbing as I have not really been on the bike a hell of a lot and have stayed far away from a 22 km climb for a long time.
The initial climb out of Marysville is not to bad but about 2km into the climb there is a bastard section that is like a wall, it climbs up the spur line and is a good one for testing your mental strength. After that it is all smiles too the top (well not really) as the road is around 5-7% all the way to the top bar a few steeper pinches.
It was so quiet, only a few motorbikes and one or two cars. It was nice rolling through the forest even though it had been badly burnt out 2 years ago. It is recovering, and the greenery is kicking on with all the rain we are having.
After a little under 2hrs I made it to the top, sure I didn't break any land speed records but was glad to get up there to check the view and the rebuilding of the ski patrol building. The descent back down was sweet, shame it goes so fast.
Last night was the 8th Annual Smith's Gully Christmas Ride. A fair turn out with some rather fit individuals, which had me nervous from the get go. I was behind the 8 ball from the word go and in the end conceded that I needed to do my own thing. I was rocking a heart rate in the 95% range. I lost the crew on many occasions and completely on the new section of trail that Mario and company have been putting time into. I ended climbing up past the mine shaft to get home which was a lung burner and made my way back to the General Store for some of Ross's excellent burgers and a beer. We lost Mr Kellett who had taken a wrong turn and in the end we sent out a few cars to try and track him down. In the end he had approached a house who kindly drove him back to our meeting place at the store. It was a good night to be out despite the recent rain, the trails were in good condition and the recent trail maintenance had done wonders to this new growth from the wet summer. Big thank you to Mario and co for getting this thing together, hard to think 12 months have passed yet again rather quickly.
Now the truth hurts and the reality has set in with the Alpine approaching at light speed. I am a big unit to say the least. I seem to be getting slower and slower every time I throw a leg over a bike. I have had 2 discussions with myself on the last 2 rides and myself is not happy with current self.
Its time for some rebuilding, time to reign in the eating habits and get my house in order, as I have a few things to prove to myself and no matter what, at the end of the day it is for me and nothing is worse than disappointing yourself, so stay tuned.
Happy trails!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

nothing to see here

This is a week I would rather forget, way to busy to get out on 2 wheels plus the weather is just plan old shite and non bike friendly, the leaks in my roof at home are a testament to this. I was all geed to attend the Fatties ride last night but the 40 mm of rain at our place in 2hrs turned me off. I really wanted to go but the proposition of having to clean inch thick crud off the bike post ride was somewhat prohibitive. Things might look up tomorrow and I can get out..... lets say the highlight of my week is going to the dentist!
The depression has also set in with the knowledge that the white stuff is falling in massive amounts in the northern hemisphere and alas I wont be there to play in it this season!
Happy trails!