Monday, December 29, 2008

Heart break

The run of the Ti road frame might have come to an end. I rode with Aaron yesterday morningup to the Sassafras for a coffee and a catch up. It was a nice clear, sunny and warm summer morning with heaps of other like minded people out enjoying the lack of traffic and fine weather.
The bike the last couple of days has been making a couple of squeaking noises which I had put down to a drivetrain or pedal noise. I had heard other such noises many years ago when riding aluminium frames. This was normally the death groan prior to the frame snapping. I had thought that after 6 years this was going to be lifetime frame and had only been commenting on Christmas day the the bike had been a dream to own.
Well once returning home and finding the boss washing the cars I proceeded to get off the bike and look down at the chain stay. I had thought I had collected a piece of road grime or a deposit of dirt mixed with sweat. I proceeded to rub it off with my fingers realising that it was indeed a crack on the chain stay just behind the chain stay bridge. I am heart broken to find that this frame has cracked, not to mention I had only just received my 29er custom a few days ago after replacing a series of failures of my Specialized 29er.
The question is what to do now? I have contacted US about warranty but understand that sending a frame back to the US will be cost prohibitive. I have contacted BAUM in Geelong on the off chance they can drop in a new chain stay. Time will tell, but I soon might be searching for a replacement. The questions is what will it be?

Happy trails!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

silver bullet

A bit of video of the single track on the new Gellie Custom 29er single speed

Gellie Custom

OK photos first

Ok finished the build up. I am happy as a pig in shit to say the least.
When I went to pick the frame up I was absoulutely wrapped at the finish and the red parts set it off even more. The finish is a silver powdercoat with a red Gellie decal as you can see. The track ends and disc mount all have been faced with stainless and diamond bottle bosses. I also got ewen to add a chain peg.
I spent a couple of days building it in bits and peices when I had some time.

The end build result is as follows;

King headset sotto voce
Thomson seatpost
Salsa seat clamp
White Industries hubs, DT spokes laced to DT X470 rims (thanx Dan @ Shifterbikes)
White Industries Eno free wheel
XT Cranks and BB
Avid Juicy 5
Specialized bar and stem
Fizik saddle
Tires Mountain King 2.2 rear and Specialized Fast Trak 2.0 front

Currently running a 32:19 (but will change cranks back to White Industry 180 mm and run a Phil Wood BB)

More bare frame photos are available at Gellie Custom website. This has the frame tubing details. I cannot recommend Ewen enough, nor thank him for his professional service with answering my many questions. He builds a quality product that few manage to deliver!

The ride

Took it to the trail last night with Gav. A quick burn around lysterfeild was the plan. After a little bit of gentle rolling I opened it up and it was awesome. The bike is stiff and responsive and climbs like a dream. Ewen gave it a bit of a relaxed angle that has helped with the climbing. It cut through the trail like a hot knife through butter. It went where it was told to do with no complaints. Still have to dial it in but it was a sweet ride!

The bike was not the only sweet thing on offer..... these cherry or plum trees had masses of sweet fruit!

Happy trails!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Festive Season

Merry Christmas to all. Keep it upright and get out there and enjoy the sun whether it be on the road or the trail, single or geared.
Picked up the new frame and will post some picks when it is done and put together. Lets just say it is smiles all round!

stolen from Chris Winn

see you on the trail or the road!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

My friends King and Thomson

My new friends have joined the build of the new 29er... King and Thomson..... along with a nice matching Salsa clamp. She will be sweeeeet 29er!

she's a coming

Well as you can see the frame is almost there with this photo's landing in my in box yesterday. It is currently at the bead blasters and powder coaters, so hopefully in my hot little hands soon for the build up. I cant wait as I am over the gears on the rental (that's the nickname for the bastard bike) and want to desperately get back onto a single speed.
Not much other news at the moment just work work work. The weather has been less than inspiring here in the last week with record rainfall last weekend knocking down the plans of a couple of big days on the road. Hoping that in the coming days I will get some bike time before work each day.
The social scene at this time of year takes off and after two late night this week including a trip to Revolution 4 (best track racing I have seen in a while) last night where many a brew was sunk, I am feeling a little weary. It would have been a sell out crowd last night with not much room available in the bar or the seating. It was a great night with lots of old and new faces to catch up with..... a great night. Special mention to Micky D for his 3rd in the Melburn Cup on Wheels and his harsh talking to the winner Ng and second placer Graeme Brown for the dangerous riding on the final bend. I miss track racing and will next year take back to the boards for some fun and games on the fixed gear. More photo's of the night can be seen here on Andy's website including a picture of yours truly with another finely manicured facial hair lover!

Gav and the empty tower.... many brews were consumed

Anyway happy festive trail seeking!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

not long now

Take it for what you want. It could mean Christmas is around the corner, the weekend is a little closer or in my case only a few weeks till I pack my crap for here. It is not long till I am skiing under this sign on my way out training and even racing!

I cant wait for the return to the snow and have been doing some specific training for it, including some long kms on the bike. Speaking of the bike I had word from the frame builder that the frame has been pushed forward in the list and was being started yesterday. Fingers crossed that it may arrive either before or just after christmas which will be gold for the planned camping trip to Forrest in the Otways for a few days of trail riding! I have order the required parts for the build including a few bits from King and Thomson that will match my White industries parts.
I am looking forward to Revolution 4 next week, should be a good night for a few pre christmas beers and shooting the shit with some familiar faces.
Happy trails!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Friday, December 5, 2008

chase the crit

Went last night to the first Chase the Crit. Rode down with Jase and cruised the local single track on the way down. Met up with Gav who rocking it on his Kona single speed. I was impressed to see 30 odd riders turn out for the race which is good for the limited advertisement.
We turned up at the location which was a 10 acre property in Warrandyte which is mainly bush. The owner Craig Peacock has carved out a nice little 1.2 km loop with log drops, ramp, bermed corners and switch backs. Trust me 30 mins on this course was enough. There was plenty of climbing to behold and I aint used to climbing with gears and kept trying to riding it single speed style. So after rolling around for 30 mins the race was over. Jase pulled a 2nd in A grade, Gav somewhere high in B and me bringing in the lantern rouge of B. Great little event that was welcoming to one and all.
I was feeling great on the way home after blowing out the cobwebs and it was a pleasant ride home with Jase, just the right temp and few cars.
Check out the remaining crits if you are around this neck of the woods! I will remember to snap some pictures next week.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Its the silly season

Christmas has crept up on me again at a unbelievable rate again. Seems like only yesterday that I was in the middle of the ski season. I approach this time of year with as much humour as possible but find it amazing how much people lose their brains and drive like absolute dildo's.
I hit the new shopping centre last Saturday (big mistake) and found people in full purchase mode. Too many people for my liking. It is almost time to stop attending shopping centres for the next 5 weeks to avoid being crumpled to death by mad Christmas shoppers! This is the time of year that I would love to disappear somewhere and have a holiday with little fuss.
It was amazing driving home the other night from work to see that on the 1st of December that people had managed to get up Christmas lights.
The frame is on ebay and slowly gathering momentum, so hopefully it will go for a decent price. I scored a deal on ebay twice in the last 24 hours picking up a new King headset for the new build and some tubes (10 to be precise) for the 29er. Everything at the right price helps!
Off tomorrow night for the first of the twilight dirt crits locally which I am looking forward to. Should be fun cruising down and back by various trails!
Season greetings!

Monday, December 1, 2008

its on Ebay

Anyone who is keen for a Specialized 29er 2008 model frame that is brand new, fresh out the box it is here on Ebay.
Happy bidding!

Richie in his old team strip.... soon to be changed to Amore Vita

Sunday saw me tackle a decent ride of 100km to test the legs. Haven't done a ride of this length for many many months. I had the offer to cruise down the beach via the Glenvale Crits with young Ritchie England a US based rider soon to be based in Europe.
We arrived at Glenvale in time to check out the end of the A grade race where a break had lapped the field and in so doing so removed the main field. It came down to a sprint in which Sean Finning smashed it home for a win.

the sprint for the A grade win

Post the prize money hand out we hooked up with a bunch for the cruise down to the beach and up to St Kilda. It had turned into a perfect day and the bunch was ticking over nicely the whole way.
Despite it being quite late in the day there were many still out training along Beach Road. Ritchie and I were remembering when we used to do the 6 am ride along the beach in a bunch in the pitch black swapping turns (bloody madness) in a large bunch of 50 - 100 riders. Oh how thing have changed, he now racing as a professional and me who could not be arsed braving some of Melbourne's cold mornings to ride for a solid hour down to the start of such a ride.
Once we hit St Kilda we stopped for a quick coffee and shot the shit with some of the crew from the bunch. Post this Ritchie and I continued on the long ride back out East. Again laughing at the stories of checking out the hookers post the 6 am ride when it would be 6 degrees and we would be rugged up and shattered after the 6 am ride and the hookers would be standing in the back streets of St Kilda in nothing but a micro mini and a boob tube, looking for one last job.
It turned out to be a great ride for me with a decent amount of time in the saddle and at the right pace. I have awoke today feeling fine and will probably get out after breakfast for a spin or a bit of hill work in preparation for Canada.
I cant believe that it is the first of December today and Christmas is around the corner.... where has the year gone!

Rolling along Beach Road

Due to some technical difficulties the 29er frame has not made it onto Ebay as yet, I will post the link when it all comes together!
Happy riding!

Friday, November 28, 2008


Its not often that work slows down and I get the option to have a day off paid by the man, yesterday was availavle so I grabbed it. It started off great with a hot day expected and a trip down to the Yarra so the dogs could have a swim and me a coffee and muffin action at the bakery.
Apart from some domestic duties, the plan was to pick up my replacement 29er Specialized Stumpjumper frame from the bike shop. Thank god it has arrived and I can now sever my ties with the shop after 20 years as it has new owners and Andy Steele has bought his own shop near by.

Always love opening boxes to find the surprise inside!

The frame will be going on Ebay Saturday so if anyone is keen have a bid on it, brand new fresh out the box. The frame has 2 drop outs so you can run it single or geared, great frame just too light for me.
I had also organised to hook up with Jase from Epix and have a roll around the local trails. He gave me a kick off time of 2pm and we had planned out a decent loop and had tacked on some other peices to extend it out a little. We decided to swing through some trail in Nth Warrandtye and drop down through a tiny part of trail that is not suppose to be ridden. Well it was our luck to be spotted in Nth Warrandyte by the Ranger and he had a guess about where we were heading and when we popped out of the bike free area we were pinged. Not much to say really and we were threatened with a fine (dont talk about it just give it to me) and dont come back here but hey in the words of the Terminator "I'll be back"! Found that some locals have been busy little beavers in a few spots adding to the network of trail that is popping up in various places.
The loop was a decent slog for 2 hours in the heat with a few stops for H2O and we made home just before some rather large storms hit the area which put on quite a display of thunder and some almond sized hail stones. One thing for sure is that Jase is no slouch on any bike and put me to shame yesterday despite me having gears...... to fit!
Happy trails!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

weather hold

With the weekend behind us now the perfect weather has returned. Melburn was hit with a cold Antarctic weather pattern that delivered snow to some of the local mountains and some decent rainfall. The weekend was spent house bound due to the weather as I figured heading out into the wet was only going to compound some issues for me from the week before.
I managed to get a ride in on Friday and play around a bit with the frankenstein 69er. Have to sort out the gearing as I have discovered that I really miss the simplicity of the singlespeed off road.
I hit the road Monday for a session with a nice gentle roll through Warrandyte, but the weather was average with that fine misty rain that we get which is not enough to wet the ground or worth putting on rain gear for.
Yesterday say the start of the Canada 09 preparations with a session of bounding with nordic ski poles. I thought it was going to be a breeze but soon realised how unfit I am at the moment. Having a 30km race to aim for in 9 weeks at least makes me keen to get the fitness sorted.

The new 29er frame has just rolled off the drawing board and the tubing has been ordered from all corners of the world and production should hopefully commence soon, but it is unlikely that it will be seen until late January because of Christmas.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Singlespeed Category for BC bike race

BC Bike Race adds singlespeed category

Somewhere in the middle of the pack
Photo ©: Jason Berry

The BC Bike Race confirmed the addition of a singlespeed category in the 2009 edition of the event, scheduled for June 28 to July 4. Both men's and women's leaders jerseys will be awarded.

"Having seen the global growing interest in singlespeed we thought it was only fitting that the singlespeeders have their own category. We are currently designing the leader's jerseys for these two categories," said President Dean Payne.

Dejay Birtch, an advocate for singlespeeders and a participant of the 2008 BC Bike Race was instrumental in pushing forward the new categories. "I think we (the singlespeeders) are looking to be recognized and as our numbers grow, our representation should as well," said an excited Birtch.

Organizers specified that the new singlespeed categories must have at a minimum five teams to be an official category. They will consider elevating other categories to full status if they have five or more teams.

"If all things go well in 2009, we look to increase the number of categories for the upcoming years," said Payne.

The seven-day race will run from Victoria to Whistler on the west coast of Canada. The route passes through lush rain forests, over the Coastal mountain range and spends the majority of its time on singletrack purpose-built for mountain bikers.

For more information on the race or to register, visit

Friday Fixx

On the road to recovery. Woke today feeling way better and it seems like the fatigue is disappearing. Two days of sleeping seem to have washed away my tiredness. Hit the Track World Cup last night and was thoroughly entertained by the hard and fast racing. The young Australians did us proud with some superb racing in the Mens points race and in the ladies scratch as well. The pursuit ride of Bobridge was something to behold with him catching the Russian in 5 laps and continuing on to post a time of 4.22. Awesome! Caught up with Ricthie who was coaching/ mechanic for a US racer (Rebecca Quinn) who went well with a 6th in the Scratch race. Tess Downing a local finished 13th in the same race which was awesome to see her still mactching it with the worlds best.
Hopefully I will summon the energy to get out today on the trail and test out the new set up of the 69er. Anyway happy trails!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

69er time

OK so the title got your attention and for some it will bring only one thing to the mind. Since the departing of the 29er from my house of steads I have had to re think the square a bit and have decided to build up a 69er. After looking at various pages on I realised that it was able to be done and I had all the parts. I returned to the bike shop yesterday and proceeded to strip down the Gorilla and then headed home to build this baby up. So far so good, and fingers crossed that it rides OK.

As you can see it looks great, and was easy to slam together. I am going to run it 1x9 which will be something different but at least this will allow me to get out and on the dirt and continue to race. All that is left is to get the chain on and the gears set up and dial in the ride and I can get back to the single track soon.
Speaking of which there is going to be dirt crits in Warrandyte this summer so I am pumped to have something that is riding distance to the house. Looking forward to it!
Other news to hand is that choose you riding partners carefully as I discovered on Monday night. I was convinced that a ride with Jase and Matt from down the road would be a fun arvo. After about 20 mins I new I was in some serious trouble in the fitness stakes and was getting smashed up every hill, big or small. This has been the nail in the coffin this week and I am now unwell and flat as a tac. Hopefully with some sleep and a little rest I will be back at it on all cylinders soon. I will have to drop out the 42 front and drop in the usual 39 if I every plan to ride that loop again..... its now named the Vomit Loop!
Happy riding!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

its on like donkey kong

Next week end is a killer weekend in Melburn for cycling nuts. Apart from the film festival there is a round of the Track World Cup . I am going to try and get to both but with a early work christmas party it could be a big weekend!

Its on again this year the 2008 bicycle film festival...... check it out if you can.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


I headed out the other afternoon to meet with Ewen from Gellie Custom Frames. He has a quality reputation from some discerning customers so I figured he was the man to see when it came to building me a frame. I can hear people saying go buy from the US or buy a Baum, but in the end I wanted a small obscure builder (I like rarity) who loves to build frames and knows his thing.... Ewen fits the bill. So we are currently talking through the build and measurements and hopefully in a few months I will have one of these babies!

To say the least I am very excited, all I need to do is sell my soul to aid in paying for it but it will be worth it!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

photos from the gravity

Dan Hale smashing out one of many laps in the pairs on a single speed cross bike!

The effects of lap 2 of the Gravity

2 of the Flaccid Rosters, Me and Brendan (Mr Keen)

Big Mak all systems go!

The calm before the le mans start

Gav Bringing it home

Gravity 12 hr

My brother from another mother and myself getting ready for my first lap!

A rainy start to a fun weekend was the call on the Friday road trip up. I have not seen rain like it for months, maybe years and it had me remembering my days in the Army. Driving to the event was long and arduous at times with the rain and poor visibility. The race area received nearly 50mm of rain in 13 hours.
The stop for some food in Benalla for the weekend of camping out proved to be weird to say the least with most of the occupants of the local supermarket checking out with a stare my rather large lamb chops.
We had some trouble locating the turn off for the event site with little signage and flew past it only to back track and find it in the failing light. We drove up the narrow trail into the site with some trepidation as we had the Subaru slipping and sliding, stopping to give way to some on coming traffic along the goat track. Once at the top of the hill the narrow track opened into a large grassed area that was to be home for the next 2 days. After locating a site we put up the tents as quick as we could in the pissing rain. Brendan our ever keen team mate arrived soon after with the family in tow and was just as quick to set up.
After checking out the area and sampling some fine brew from the Boytons catering area we hit the sack. We awoke to a clearing day with spectacular scenery around us. With race time approaching we sorted out the team order and awaited our fourth team member Sean.
The start was the usual mayhem with a Le mans style start which Brendan got through without incident. The racing was fast and by the reports coming back the trail was great fun and despite the rain some what dry. I was getting keen to get out there and cut a lap and soon enough my time came.
The course was fun flowing single track with some sections of connecting fire trail. A few short hills that let you know you were alive with burning lungs. After a sweet run I knocked over the lap in a nice time. All was good until my second lap which ended all to soon. I was whipping it down the first descent of flowing single track and as I was coming up to the start of Heartbreak Hill I felt a nice little twing and the bike stopped. I got off thinking something was wrong and saw the snapped frame in the drive side dropout. After some choice words I headed back to the start finish to get the next lap started. Luckily it all occurred near a marshaling point so the news could be sent back by radio and the next team member sent out.
I was fucking over the whole bike racing thing by the time I got back to the race/ camp area.
Nothing is more frustrating than watching others get out there and race and having a blast and you have to watch it slide by.
In the end the Flaccid Roosters pumped out enough laps to get us home in 20th place. Even Brendan's wife got a lap in for us which was fantastic to see.
The Gravity had all the good times including people cutting nude laps and plenty of single speed and 29er's on the go. It was also a great catch up with some friends of old who I hadn't seen in a year or two.
Sunday saw us cancel our plans of NZ Gav and me hit Falls Creek for a loop and head home via some breakfast at the Old Butter Factory in Mrytleford which was kick arse and the meal was something to be hold just ask Gav.
From there a quick detour to the Bridge Road brewery in Beechworth.


Monday, November 3, 2008

its over

Happy Monday!

OK back from the Harbour City and ready to get some riding in but have been defeated today by the rain (which we need desperately). Sydney was great but hey I wouldn't want to live there. Did manage to consume way to much beer and other assorted alcoholic beverages at the various social activities, some care of former colleagues who now work for various medical equipment companies. This week is about detoxing, packing and going to the Gravity 12 hr. Hopefully get some sunshine and a trip up to Falls Creek for a bit of a scope out and my own little version of a epix!.
Happy Trails!

p.s. If you are ever in Sydney check out the IVY. It is a playground for fun! Much fun was had there!
Oh and I found this gem which comes out soon for those interested. It will be called EMPIRE and it's all about fun on 2 wheels!

Empire from Empire on Vimeo.">

Friday, October 31, 2008

birthday time

Im in Sydney for a work conference (mmmm not so exciting at times) and we came up early to celebrate my birthday. The weather was no so crash hot on arrival with rain combined with humid heat. We toured the town a bit and hit a restraunt later that night that Tam had found for a birthday dinner. It was a fantatic meal in an impressive venue that was combined with good company and great wine. Yesterday we headed out to Taronga Zoo and checked out the wildlife (man the snakes were on the go in the reptile exhibit and I was glad we were parted by glass) and the view which was awesome. The view whilst on the ferry was second to none.

We went to the welcoming cocktail party at the conference venue where I discovered some local boutique brew called Red Oak which was way better than the generic ale floating around. It was the usual talking crap with the industry reps who either have equipment in our unit or want it in there. From there we headed out for a meal and then kicked on to a bar or some more drinks.
Today was slow attending the various trade displays and presentation's on the latest ICU treatments.
Looking forward to a open bar session tonight at a local bar presented by one of airway support supply companies, so it could be a rather large evening.
I am looking forward to getting home and getting back out on the bikes and getting organised for next weekend!
Thanks to all that sent me birthday wishes.

Some of the opening night freaky shit.... a red back spider, I think!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

in the box

Yesterday NZ Gav and I checked out the Surfcoast 6hour race. The reason was to get in some fun racing and test the legs. Gav had a brillant ride and finshed high up in about 23rd place (bloody awesome on a single speed rigid 29er) unlike me who was in the 60's. I had a shocker. I could give way to many excuses (too much work this week, the heat, too big gear, soft in the head, dehydration, bad nutritional plan - none!), in the end it was not my day. I had a few issues to say the least and will have to work at ironing them out before the Gravity 12 hour. Some were body related and some where minor mechanical issues.

Me looking a little over it and a little larger than life!

Gav giving it a little nudge and enjoying himself

I have a plan for a bit of a epic ride the day after the Gravity if the body feels OK and the weather aint too shitty to be up on the Bogong High Plain. More on this later!
I have just crept in after a roll home from work which was bloody hot at 30 degrees and gave me flash backs to yesterday in dusty single track, sweaty and gasping for breath. But I feel all the better for the pedal home and will keep the legs ticking over till I come right in a day or two.
Happy trails

Friday, October 24, 2008


This morning I caught up with the man of the hour Simon Gerrans for a bit of breakfast and shooting the shit. He is wrapped to be at home and putting up the legs and having a bit of down time before getting back into training. He has said he has confirmed his signing with a new team for next year. He is off to the Cervelo Test Team and will remain in good old Monarco. He was looking fit and still cruising in his Credit Agricole kit. Great to catch up and have a bit of great breakfast down at APTE (A place to eat) in Alphington.
Other news to hand is that Richie England has signed with Amore e Vita which is fantastic for him to get some hunger again for racing and results and prove himself in Europe. Best of luck for him in tomorrows Melburn to Warnie which should be a bit of a smash festival. One of the longest races in the world at just under 300km.
Me, well a quiet week with alot of work and little bike time. Got out on Monday and commuted to work. Will get out later today after a bit of garden time. Have to get the bike sorted for the Surfcoast 6 hour tomorrow which I am really looking forward to. NZ Gav is joining me in the 3 hour race which will be good prep for the upcoming Gravity race in November. Post this race we are going to try and check out a ride up at Falls Creek that has been suggested to us by a friend. Should be great if it comes together.
Happy trails

Monday, October 20, 2008

these don't mix well

So much for dividing a road into specific lanes. Nothing pisses me off more than people trying to use a bike lane to there advantage when they are in a car or on a motorcycle. On the way home today from work whilst cruising through school mum traffic in East Ivanhoe a tool on a motor bike pops in the bike lane, chopping my line to try and get the jump in the traffic. He was slowing me down so when I pull up next to him and gave him the "what the fuck are you doing speech" as we rolled along in the bike lane, he looked a little perplexed. I gladly flipped him the bird and told him to fuck off and eat some dick!
I am all for sharing the road but stay out of a defined lane meant for cyclists! Given the last 24hrs on the roads of Melburn is it any wonder that cyclists are seriously injury or killed.
I have been sneaking in the km's and got a decent ride in through Research and Kangaroo Ground yesterday which gave me some nice hill time with no traffic lights. So fingers crossed that I end up with some good legs for Saturday at the Surfcoast 6hr.
Happy rolling!

Friday, October 17, 2008

friday again, its going quick for some!

Been a busy week, but it has only started for me with work right through till next weekend. Heading tomorrow up the Nongs early with my old mate Huzza. Haven't been up the Nongs in a while and I am sure the legs and lungs will complain, but life could be worse I could be a Wall Street banker!

seems like some are looking above for inspiration!

On high rotation today is the latest offerings from the Thievery Corporation , check em out!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Finially got the body to reset itself after my night shift stint. This has been hard this time but at least it has come back together. After some house maintenece (putting in roof insulation.... not easy when you are my size) yesterday I managed to squeeze in a quick ride before heading out for dinner. Did a nice loop down through the local trail towards Warrandyte and headed down to the river along some special trails with nice stairs and narrow bridges. Spied a massive Echinda which was not to keen on my presence and soon buried itself.

The above picture is for the northern hemisphere readers who have no idea what the hell a Echidna would be! They are elusive and harmless.

The bike was almost running perfect after its quick pull down, clean and grease up. The new Conti 2.2 Mountain King's are great tyres, hooking up when they are needed and they roll pretty darn well. I am still trying to get the right pressure as the bag of the tyre is pretty small in comparioson to other tyres I have run, and you can feel it crab under you on certain trail conditions. The bottom bracket noise is gone thanks to me servicing the pedals and a new bottom bracket, and I was impressed to say that I had no trouble pushing a bigger gear yesterday around the trails.
Today is core strength day and then off to work for a bit of OT to pay for Big-Mak Canada 09. More on this later!
Happy riding!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

back in the saddle

So the weekend has come and gone. It started yesterday with a bit of pain for me and what should have been a nice easy post nights recovery ride with Jase from Epix . Well after about 10 mins my body was not agreeing with the gentle pace and the bottom bracket on the Gorilla was screaming for attention. Now I put it away last weekend with out any noise. Got it out yesterday with it screaming for some love. It turned out that one of the cups had shat itself. So after a bit of mucking around post ride it has been changed and I am back on the hollow tech cranks as the White Industries have done their time.
So after cutting the ride short cause I was feeling like I was ready to hurl and felt like I had a nasty post night shift hangover. We headed straight to the bakery for a brew and a muffin. We headed back over the 4th hill and then on a descent I scored a flat... not my day.
Today I headed out with the Bundy bunch which heads out North from Melburn and up the Humevale climb towards Kinglake West. It was a good pace just what the legs needed with a little over 70km's covered. The bunch had a couple of hubbard's in it..... full of useless recommendations and glad to share their small mindedness, not to mention their snot as Jase will tell you. One guy was lucky not to get a bottle in the back of the head.
A young rider new to the sport overlapped a wheel and had it connect with the rider in front. Next thing he did a 90 degree turn in the bunch and somehow kept it up. It was a sphincter tightening thing to see when you are only 2 wheels behind. The rest of the ride was without incident and you barely needed to touch the pedals on the way home. Today the post ride has been spent chillin out with a bit of vegie patch building, and watching the Sun Tour on TV.

Friday, October 10, 2008

check it

found this gem whilst sucking on a brew and surfn the net recovering from my week of night shift.... damn cool clip

Danny Macaskill : Next level street trials from brainchild-films on Vimeo.

Big weekend planned with some serious km's on Sunday.... time to get the ball rolling!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

New rubber

Got some new hoop coverings from Continental via Bike29 in the US. Mountain King 2.2's which look all mean but appear narrower than the described width. Will post more when I have given them a flogging.

Oh and I got a YAWD cap which is mighty cool and I can now store my brew tops whilst pedaling!