Thursday, June 30, 2011

Layin low

It's been a busy time for us as we have our renovation at our house starting. I have also started a new job recently so I have been super busy with no time for two wheels.
I have thrown a leg over a bike twice this week so it's not all bad. I must admit that the fitness has really taken a hit. I have been chewing the bars in a big way on the rides this week. Sickness for a month has been a bitch but it has almost completely gone now bar a nasty cough. Guess chewing the bar is part of getting bike fit again..... Back to square one!
I did hit up some sweet trail on Monday that had Gav and me smiling ear to ear. I need to keep riding the trail system we rode more often cause it is the perfect place to work on skills and fitness.
I need really to get back into the workshop and get the SS sorted for some nice simple laid back riding that I have missed in a big way. Gears are fine but the simple roll of a SS is good for the soul!
Happy trails!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

On hold

Life has thrown a few curve balls lately. I ended up sick again last weekend which wiped me clean off my feet.... lets say I saw the inside of a bucket way too much!
I have been lucky on my work front and scored 2 new jobs in the last month that will keep me occupied and very busy but allow me to commute on those days so bike time is looking up.
Our house renos are about to start so I have some serious shit to sort out this week so I guess that means no bike time this week till I get everything squared away.
New brakes are on the gorilla and all they need is some hose shortening, bleed and bed in.... will be good to have her ready to roll.
New rubber for the geared niner are on and ready to roll. Nice big 2.3 Gato's.... should make sticky mud less of a issue for this winter.
Only thing I am really spewing about is missing the first round of Dirt Deeds CX tomorrow at Darebin Parklands due to work commitments..... always round 2!
Get out there and enjoy it!
Happy trails......

Friday, June 17, 2011

I dig it... watch and enjoy!

Rapha Rides the Victorian Alps from RAPHA on Vimeo.

I need to ride this loop one day. I love the NE of Victoria as I have often stated on this blog as it has so much to offer both on the bike and off. I ski some of the high parts of the loop around Falls Creek in winter during the ski season on the XC trails. I love it in winter and by the looks of this I would love it in summer. I will have to add this one to the list of rides to do.

Friday, June 10, 2011

worth a look

Melburn local made this regarding the 24hr Mtb Aussie Solo Nationals. Her name is Kathryn Feldmaier, and her website is work a look for some quality photo's.

Australian 24 Hour Solo Champs 2011 from Kathryn Feldmaier on Vimeo.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

light at the end of the tunnel

Sickness starting to lift and I feel pretty reasonable today in comparison to earlier in the week. The drugs are doing their thing for me and clearing up this version of man flu.
Weather has been pretty shit and I am glad I forced myself out on the bike on the weekend. Wet weather tires ordered and instead of Rampages it will be Gato's, as rampages are a hard thing to come by even on the web. Thinking that I will run a old set of wheels for the geared rig for winter as don't want to totally root my current wheel set rolling the rest of winter.
This weather as led to a awesome dump of snow which means that it time to strip the summer coat of the skis and get em ready for the season. If I continue to improve there is the slight chance of strapping my ski's on this weekend to maybe blow out the cobwebs!
Happy trails

Monday, June 6, 2011


So the fourth infection in as many weeks has resulted in me supine on the couch until further notice. The cough is bone jarring and the results glow in the dark..... enough said. The final nail in the coffin was a trip out to some new trail on Saturday, I was in two minds but the weather said yes but the body only maybe.
Whilst maybe not new for some it was a experience to me with it being the best trail I have ridden in ages. It was a sweet location and it was nice to get out amongst nature again. One encounter with a 3 point Samba deer made me realise how much riding we have close to town that can be spectacular.
Now I have made a promise to not divulge the location on the web as it really is special and after watching Smiths become more and more popular I want to keep it low key. If by chance you find the location then enjoy it for all it is worth, I did and I cant wait to get back. Being a man true to his word I will keep it secret and maybe take some people out there.
The only issue I had out there was a loss of one front brake pad. I found this slightly odd (makes you realise how important a front brake is for stopping) but still enjoyed the ride with out a front brake. When I took the time to investigate what had occurred I found that the piston no longer had the ability to hold the pad in the correct position. It appears that the nipple on the piston has sheered off. So off to the drawing board on this.... new elixers maybe?
The other finding from this ride is that it is time for some mud shedding tyres. After several winters that qualify for a damp summer it has become apparent that mud tyres are a must for this winter. Looks like I will be running the Panaracer Rampage 2.35 (hope she fits in the frame, Niner say a 2.4 fits!) front and rear. Looking forward to a tyre that bites in and allows one to rip it in slim slick trails. Jase from Epix always recommended these tyres so I will give em a go.
So back to the feet up position drugged to the eye balls.
Happy trails

Oh and I am looking forward to seeing the full video of this with local boys starring from Melburn.... makes you want to get out there in the distat high country again next summer!

Rapha Australia rides the Victorian Alps teaser from RAPHA on Vimeo.

Happy trails!