Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I want summer back

This just makes me want to ride, yep if I am defined as someone who rides bikes and that's it then so be it!

Monday, August 6, 2012

its over before it began

Tendonitis, tennis elbow..... what ever it is its fucked. Thought after 6 weeks I was getting on top of it and decided that I would venture out to Cross Melburn and pin on a number. How wrong could I be, after 1 lap I was in shocking pain, even a gentle roll around the lake couldn't convince me I should race.
Where to from here?
Well dont think there is going to be any more cross racing for me this year, the arm can not handle it. Riding trails is looking grim until I can get it sorted, so km's on the road bike will have to suffice. Thing is I dont know how I will go climbing out of the saddle.
Time to head back to the Osteo and here's to more time with ice wrap of the elbow and lots more anti inflammatory drugs.
Not in a good head space at the moment as work, lack of spare time, no skiing and lack of riding are killing me.
Maybe getting hooked up on strava where I can torture myself might be a new passion!
Shit cant hurt can it?
Happy trails