Friday, October 29, 2010

day off

Day off from the reports of Rotovegas and the adventures of the 4....
Its my birthday so I am taking the day off to celebrate chilln with the family... might even get a ride in!
Tune back in another time and I shall hopefully have posted the final Rotovegas report!
Happy trails!
Neil has posted some stuff over here

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Rotovegas report 2

So after a sleepless night from indigestion from Neils pasta sauce we awoke to a perfect blue bird day. This was going to be a great day for rolling the trails I thought as I began eating breakfast. After a few brews to get the body going we packed the car and headed out to the Mill site for the start of the 2010 SSWC. We made sure we were nice and early to get a good park and enjoy the sun and check out peoples costumes. Needless to say I am not one for dressing up so was just in some plain black kit.
There were many a costume some funny than others. I will let the photos do the talking.

Heather looked good and was a nice rabbit to chase through the single track

Damo from Cog... human disco ball with tunes rockn away!

So it was time for the race to start and we were ordered into a circle enclosure and asked to roll around it. It was packed with 950 odd racers, and until everyone was rolling the circle. No one had any idea which side the circle would drop away to let us start. I was lucky as when it came to start the side next to me fell away and I got the hole shot start. Needless to say it was perfect if you had the lungs to go with the likes of JHK but I did not and my only plan was to get as far up the trail before the masses picked me up.
Going into the first climb was a killer and my lungs were screaming as loud as the crowd, and I eventually got tangled in people who had stalled on the climb, so it was run time. After a bit of running and climbing we crested the climb and in the first switchback I got t-boned by some guy trying to take a short cut. I managed to stay upright unlike him and continued to sail down the descent.
I really didn't have the legs for the race as there was just under 500m of climbing per lap, 2 beer short cuts were a added bonus. I decided against the beer short cuts as my indigestion from the pepper pasta sauce was giving me some difficulties on the race course. My goal was to finish the race no matter what and just have fun.
The crowd was big in different parts of the course especially on the water crossing just before the finish of the lap and out on some of the more technical drops and roll throughs. The course on the whole was impressive with it containing 95% single track.... awesome!

Needless to say I was cooked 3/4 of the way through the race and needed water of which I found at the high point of the course. After that I was rolling the sweet trails and having fun. It was a festive mood out on the trails with plenty of people with big grins cheering each other on. The lack of racing or speed work I also contribute to my day in struggle town but in the end it was all about participation with like minded people.
I was glad to be done and rolled through the last beer short cut and got my hands on a cold fresh beer and joined the rest of the crew for stories of their race. We were all happy with how we went as the start was pure luck. How did I end up, we I have no idea, I guess mid field as many didn't do the second lap as they were enticed to spend time at the beer short cuts.
After a bit of recovery we packed the car and headed into town for a post race feed and then home for some more R&R. I will say the steak bagel at Zippy's cafe rocked my world after being shattered at the race.t
That night we headed in for the after party and checked out the male and female winners tattoos as this is what we were all racing for. Basically if you don't want the tattoo don't win!

The event big tent for the presentations!

With a bit of color the winners tattoo should be sweet as bro!

I did have some inspiration on my top tube, but even with that I was still in struggle town during the race!

So after some beers, and a little food, some catch up with friends at the after party we headed home. Tomorrow was another day, and we had some plans that involved playing tourist and fisherman.
More to come!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Rotovegas report 1

Well what a time we had. I have not had so much fun in such a long time. We flew out of Melbourne early last Wednesday for what was to be a week of racing, trails, a few beers and lots of fun. I was pumped cause I was going to have a catch up with long time friend Trent who was flying in from Brisvegas to be a party animal at the SSWC10 events.
After getting totally short changed at the check in and having to hand over cash for excess baggage (mind you I am big so I should instantly get extra kgs) and then handing over some banned stuff at the security check point we were on our way.
Once in NZ we picked up our gear and did the customs bike check. My nervous nelly ways paid off and I sailed through. Neil was not so lucky and had his bike pulled and he went off to a room (I think he might have paid with natures check book!) to wash his bike down further. Mind you he was gagging around and left his bag behind at the baggage claim and had to get the customs lady to escort him back to get it.
We had organised a 4wd to pack every thing into. With a bit of creative packing we got 4 bikes and our gear into it. Needless to say Neil and I had the better spot up front, Gav and Trent were getting reunited like two lovers in the back surrounded by gear. We pushed on to Rotorua and made our way out to find the house we had rented.
The hosue was sweet looking over a extinct volcano called Mt Tarawera hence the lake of the same name. It was a awesome spot, million dollar view, I could wake up to that view every day. We cruised back into town to register for the race and pick up the swag, race plate and have dinner and a few beers. We ended up chilling out with the Flathill crew and planned the coming days events.
We awoke the next day and had a breakfast, put bikes together and made our way to the trail head at the Redwoods. Amazing forest with these massive giant trees guarding the forest. We grabbed a map worked out a few trails to hit up and let the fun begin. We rode the course and decided it was a climbing mans game (counted me out - 450 metres of climbing each lap) but what you climbed on the up hills was replaced with the sweetest descents, twisty single track that just begged to be railed. I was riding stuff that I would usually be aprehensive about rolling here, but when in Rotovagas ride it! The smiles and hoots from the guys was a true indication of the fun being had. I was begging for a lighter gear as the climbs were killing me.
After a couple of hours smashing the trails we rolled back into town for a spot of lunch and a catch up with a few guys. We then headed back for a little more riding and got caught short in a rain storm and pulled the pin on the day.
That night we caught up with the Flathill guys again and decided to meet for Day 2 out at the Mill trail head for a long ride to do some of the epic trails from the high points... Split endz is a must if you are there.

stolen from Cam Wells

We climbed for what seemed like ages (well for me at 120kgs it was a nasty wake up call) and the whippets in the group were driving that pace. Once we made it to the top we entered the Split endz trail and it was all tight flowing single track in a downwards direction that gave you arm pump beyond belief. We entered the next trail called Pondy New and I was in heaven ripping it at the rear of the group taking my time and savoring the trails.

After a 2.5hr ride we had covered some 40 plus kms and 1000m of climbing and I was cooked beyond belief. It was going to be a tough race day as I had little in reserve after a couple days of climbing. We headed home and stood in some rather cool lake water to get the legs to recover... I was enjoying the beer whilst up to my nuts in a fresh cool lake.
We had a big cook up of Neils pasta.... lots of pepper in that baby after a slight measurement mix up and then attended the race briefing. All sounded sweet for the next day.
More to come!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


So 95% packed and ready to jump a vomit comet to NZ. Early start tomorrow, and a full day of traveling but the end result will be awesome.
Cant wait to feel the Rotorua loam under my big wheels hooking into perfect trails and hopefully perfect weather. I am really looking forward to the next couple of days rollin as many km's as I can and racing on Saturday.
It has taken many hours to get the bike spotless for the trip across and I am still expecting a hard time at the NZ customs. I am hoping that the bike makes it in 1 peice. I have packed that much extra foam in to the bag to help protect it. I do now realise how big my bike is when I had to drop out the fork to fit it in.
Still deciding whether to take a laptop..... I am thinking I might just rock it old school and leave it til I get back. mmmm wish maybe I had picked myself up a iPhone, but Im a little over modern technology a bit and spend enough time on the web as it is.
These next few days are about the bike, trails, mates and a few beers....
Catch you on the flip side!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

the way I see it

Hope it makes it to our shores on the big screen!

Makes me wish I was rocking a trip to a snow destination this summer!

Thursday, October 7, 2010


So it was a busy week with a lot going on. I was on nights for work which does not translate well into riding time, as I am often too rooted. We had the sister inlaws engagement as well so riding was kept to a minimum last week. I did get out for a decent MTB ride on the single speed on Saturday.
I was rocking the new Xx fork and I am in love. That baby is silky smooth and sucks up everything in her way. The elbow is a massive fan and scrapped through with out any discomfort. The legs were a bit hollow after a week of poor sleep so the speed was lacking but the weather turned on a fantastic day to be rolling along quiet trails as the 2nd grand Final for the AFL was on.
I also attended a little bike race with 150000 plus other people on Sunday in Geelong. The 2010 UCI World Road Champs was a spectacle and a half. Ryan was a great host for me and Mr Mooter by putting us up on Saturday night and showing us the local cycling scene on the Sunday morning prior to watch the Worlds. We rolled with the Barwon Heads crew for a tour of the coastal towns and every man and their dog were out and about on bikes. After a quick bite of breakfast we rolled back to the house for some showers and preparation for the arvo. On the way back after breakfast we joined a bunch back into Geelong that had some guys from Sydney. One dude was rocking some suspicious shorts (we think he might have crapped the nest) but the other guy was rocking a Gellie Custom. First one I had seen in the bunch, it was nice talking and swapping stories about the builder Ewen and the end product. It was a great start to a Sunday with 90km's covered.
We watched the bunch on TV rolling into Geelong and once we had all the ingredients for a picnic on the hill we headed out. We rode to the second hill and with thousands of others found some space out of the sun and joined the festivities. We were joined by some friends of Ryan for the madness on the hill. A perfect way to spend the day, beer, food, a bike race and great people.
It was awesome to see the guys smashing each other up the hill. It really gives you a insight into the strength and fitness these guys have to be able to light it up for 7hrs and fly up these climbs.

Gerro did his work and the crowd loved the home team but supported everyone who was riding. Once Gerro had swung off and came up the hill for the last time he got a standing ovation from everyone, the biggest from the top of the hill.
We waited for the last lap to see the final split and moved sown to the big TV screen to watch the last 5km play out. We thought that Cadel might have been able to stay away, but was glad that Alby Davis got up for 3rd. It was a well deserved win for Thor as it was a tough course for a big guy.
So with the day done it was a roll back along the river and pack the car and try and escape Geelong. Traffic was a bit of a killer and it took a fair while to get out of the centre of Geelong. I would have to say that I have a new respect for Geelong after the weekend as it really turned it on for the Worlds.
The riding since Sunday has gone out the window, playing Dad, work commitments and some shit weather has put a hold on the bike time. However weekend is looking up for some decent km's.
13 days to go till I head to NZ so the next 2 weeks are important to keep the legs tapping over. Still finalising a few things for the trip, it is going to be sweet!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Golden moment

Lets hope it can be repeated for both the Women's and Mens races over the weekend!