Monday, December 29, 2008

Heart break

The run of the Ti road frame might have come to an end. I rode with Aaron yesterday morningup to the Sassafras for a coffee and a catch up. It was a nice clear, sunny and warm summer morning with heaps of other like minded people out enjoying the lack of traffic and fine weather.
The bike the last couple of days has been making a couple of squeaking noises which I had put down to a drivetrain or pedal noise. I had heard other such noises many years ago when riding aluminium frames. This was normally the death groan prior to the frame snapping. I had thought that after 6 years this was going to be lifetime frame and had only been commenting on Christmas day the the bike had been a dream to own.
Well once returning home and finding the boss washing the cars I proceeded to get off the bike and look down at the chain stay. I had thought I had collected a piece of road grime or a deposit of dirt mixed with sweat. I proceeded to rub it off with my fingers realising that it was indeed a crack on the chain stay just behind the chain stay bridge. I am heart broken to find that this frame has cracked, not to mention I had only just received my 29er custom a few days ago after replacing a series of failures of my Specialized 29er.
The question is what to do now? I have contacted US about warranty but understand that sending a frame back to the US will be cost prohibitive. I have contacted BAUM in Geelong on the off chance they can drop in a new chain stay. Time will tell, but I soon might be searching for a replacement. The questions is what will it be?

Happy trails!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

silver bullet

A bit of video of the single track on the new Gellie Custom 29er single speed

Gellie Custom

OK photos first

Ok finished the build up. I am happy as a pig in shit to say the least.
When I went to pick the frame up I was absoulutely wrapped at the finish and the red parts set it off even more. The finish is a silver powdercoat with a red Gellie decal as you can see. The track ends and disc mount all have been faced with stainless and diamond bottle bosses. I also got ewen to add a chain peg.
I spent a couple of days building it in bits and peices when I had some time.

The end build result is as follows;

King headset sotto voce
Thomson seatpost
Salsa seat clamp
White Industries hubs, DT spokes laced to DT X470 rims (thanx Dan @ Shifterbikes)
White Industries Eno free wheel
XT Cranks and BB
Avid Juicy 5
Specialized bar and stem
Fizik saddle
Tires Mountain King 2.2 rear and Specialized Fast Trak 2.0 front

Currently running a 32:19 (but will change cranks back to White Industry 180 mm and run a Phil Wood BB)

More bare frame photos are available at Gellie Custom website. This has the frame tubing details. I cannot recommend Ewen enough, nor thank him for his professional service with answering my many questions. He builds a quality product that few manage to deliver!

The ride

Took it to the trail last night with Gav. A quick burn around lysterfeild was the plan. After a little bit of gentle rolling I opened it up and it was awesome. The bike is stiff and responsive and climbs like a dream. Ewen gave it a bit of a relaxed angle that has helped with the climbing. It cut through the trail like a hot knife through butter. It went where it was told to do with no complaints. Still have to dial it in but it was a sweet ride!

The bike was not the only sweet thing on offer..... these cherry or plum trees had masses of sweet fruit!

Happy trails!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Festive Season

Merry Christmas to all. Keep it upright and get out there and enjoy the sun whether it be on the road or the trail, single or geared.
Picked up the new frame and will post some picks when it is done and put together. Lets just say it is smiles all round!

stolen from Chris Winn

see you on the trail or the road!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

My friends King and Thomson

My new friends have joined the build of the new 29er... King and Thomson..... along with a nice matching Salsa clamp. She will be sweeeeet 29er!

she's a coming

Well as you can see the frame is almost there with this photo's landing in my in box yesterday. It is currently at the bead blasters and powder coaters, so hopefully in my hot little hands soon for the build up. I cant wait as I am over the gears on the rental (that's the nickname for the bastard bike) and want to desperately get back onto a single speed.
Not much other news at the moment just work work work. The weather has been less than inspiring here in the last week with record rainfall last weekend knocking down the plans of a couple of big days on the road. Hoping that in the coming days I will get some bike time before work each day.
The social scene at this time of year takes off and after two late night this week including a trip to Revolution 4 (best track racing I have seen in a while) last night where many a brew was sunk, I am feeling a little weary. It would have been a sell out crowd last night with not much room available in the bar or the seating. It was a great night with lots of old and new faces to catch up with..... a great night. Special mention to Micky D for his 3rd in the Melburn Cup on Wheels and his harsh talking to the winner Ng and second placer Graeme Brown for the dangerous riding on the final bend. I miss track racing and will next year take back to the boards for some fun and games on the fixed gear. More photo's of the night can be seen here on Andy's website including a picture of yours truly with another finely manicured facial hair lover!

Gav and the empty tower.... many brews were consumed

Anyway happy festive trail seeking!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

not long now

Take it for what you want. It could mean Christmas is around the corner, the weekend is a little closer or in my case only a few weeks till I pack my crap for here. It is not long till I am skiing under this sign on my way out training and even racing!

I cant wait for the return to the snow and have been doing some specific training for it, including some long kms on the bike. Speaking of the bike I had word from the frame builder that the frame has been pushed forward in the list and was being started yesterday. Fingers crossed that it may arrive either before or just after christmas which will be gold for the planned camping trip to Forrest in the Otways for a few days of trail riding! I have order the required parts for the build including a few bits from King and Thomson that will match my White industries parts.
I am looking forward to Revolution 4 next week, should be a good night for a few pre christmas beers and shooting the shit with some familiar faces.
Happy trails!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Friday, December 5, 2008

chase the crit

Went last night to the first Chase the Crit. Rode down with Jase and cruised the local single track on the way down. Met up with Gav who rocking it on his Kona single speed. I was impressed to see 30 odd riders turn out for the race which is good for the limited advertisement.
We turned up at the location which was a 10 acre property in Warrandyte which is mainly bush. The owner Craig Peacock has carved out a nice little 1.2 km loop with log drops, ramp, bermed corners and switch backs. Trust me 30 mins on this course was enough. There was plenty of climbing to behold and I aint used to climbing with gears and kept trying to riding it single speed style. So after rolling around for 30 mins the race was over. Jase pulled a 2nd in A grade, Gav somewhere high in B and me bringing in the lantern rouge of B. Great little event that was welcoming to one and all.
I was feeling great on the way home after blowing out the cobwebs and it was a pleasant ride home with Jase, just the right temp and few cars.
Check out the remaining crits if you are around this neck of the woods! I will remember to snap some pictures next week.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Its the silly season

Christmas has crept up on me again at a unbelievable rate again. Seems like only yesterday that I was in the middle of the ski season. I approach this time of year with as much humour as possible but find it amazing how much people lose their brains and drive like absolute dildo's.
I hit the new shopping centre last Saturday (big mistake) and found people in full purchase mode. Too many people for my liking. It is almost time to stop attending shopping centres for the next 5 weeks to avoid being crumpled to death by mad Christmas shoppers! This is the time of year that I would love to disappear somewhere and have a holiday with little fuss.
It was amazing driving home the other night from work to see that on the 1st of December that people had managed to get up Christmas lights.
The frame is on ebay and slowly gathering momentum, so hopefully it will go for a decent price. I scored a deal on ebay twice in the last 24 hours picking up a new King headset for the new build and some tubes (10 to be precise) for the 29er. Everything at the right price helps!
Off tomorrow night for the first of the twilight dirt crits locally which I am looking forward to. Should be fun cruising down and back by various trails!
Season greetings!

Monday, December 1, 2008

its on Ebay

Anyone who is keen for a Specialized 29er 2008 model frame that is brand new, fresh out the box it is here on Ebay.
Happy bidding!

Richie in his old team strip.... soon to be changed to Amore Vita

Sunday saw me tackle a decent ride of 100km to test the legs. Haven't done a ride of this length for many many months. I had the offer to cruise down the beach via the Glenvale Crits with young Ritchie England a US based rider soon to be based in Europe.
We arrived at Glenvale in time to check out the end of the A grade race where a break had lapped the field and in so doing so removed the main field. It came down to a sprint in which Sean Finning smashed it home for a win.

the sprint for the A grade win

Post the prize money hand out we hooked up with a bunch for the cruise down to the beach and up to St Kilda. It had turned into a perfect day and the bunch was ticking over nicely the whole way.
Despite it being quite late in the day there were many still out training along Beach Road. Ritchie and I were remembering when we used to do the 6 am ride along the beach in a bunch in the pitch black swapping turns (bloody madness) in a large bunch of 50 - 100 riders. Oh how thing have changed, he now racing as a professional and me who could not be arsed braving some of Melbourne's cold mornings to ride for a solid hour down to the start of such a ride.
Once we hit St Kilda we stopped for a quick coffee and shot the shit with some of the crew from the bunch. Post this Ritchie and I continued on the long ride back out East. Again laughing at the stories of checking out the hookers post the 6 am ride when it would be 6 degrees and we would be rugged up and shattered after the 6 am ride and the hookers would be standing in the back streets of St Kilda in nothing but a micro mini and a boob tube, looking for one last job.
It turned out to be a great ride for me with a decent amount of time in the saddle and at the right pace. I have awoke today feeling fine and will probably get out after breakfast for a spin or a bit of hill work in preparation for Canada.
I cant believe that it is the first of December today and Christmas is around the corner.... where has the year gone!

Rolling along Beach Road

Due to some technical difficulties the 29er frame has not made it onto Ebay as yet, I will post the link when it all comes together!
Happy riding!