Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Mixing it up

So I am flipping between road and dirt and slowly it seems getting the legs back. I need to fit in some really solid road kilometers to nail down what I am up to. Most days off seem to get interrupted from shit spring weather.  I figure a weekly decent long road ride with a couple of reasonable climbs will set me in the direction I need for the Alpine in January. Hello Yarra Valley you are going to be my new friend until the Alpine!
With this being said Gav and I have been hitting up some nice trail at Smiths Gully. For the most part it is a place that handles rain super well apart from the really low areas. We have a great little loop that sees in all the decent climbs in the area. Bit of a heart in the throat session but a good way to get in some intensity.
I have commenced some on the bike strength sessions and I found my limit quickly the other morning on the 5th repeat. It was a nice burning followed by the collapse of my quads, hami's and then gluts. A weekly session of this is going to be part of my newly established routine.
Off to bed cause it looks like I will try a early roll before work tomorrow!
Happy trails!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

dirt, dirt, dirt

Well that should be only dirt, dirt as I have squeezed in 2 rides this week, both at Smiths and both reasonable hit outs. I was joined by Gav, Matt, Mooter and Gerro for a hit out at Smiths on Monday which turned out to be the pick of the week for weather. The rest of the week was some what crap with lots of thunderstorms and lots and lots of rain. I snuck back out there today at dawn and has a blissful early morning ride. I rode Marsman and found the new connector trail at the top which had some choice benched in trail. The rest of the trails are in top condition, most have figured it out as the car park was bursting at the seams with cars every which way. I took out the old bontrager tubeless wheels today after getting a new tyre for the front after the bead on the Geax had shat itself. The Niner was ripping it and I rode a few trails in directions I normally wouldn't and had a blast. Really looking forward to the Christmas Ride in a couple of weeks out there. Plans from here are being made on the fly, I have to squeeze in quality ride time as the schedule is jammed packed with work, family, house stuff and the commencement of the social silly season. I have to really get into the swing of riding to work again to fit in km's and add what ever I can on top..... the Alpine is coming and coming fast!
Happy trails!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

back on it

Well its taken some time, lots of frustration but I am back on the 2 wheels. It has been a busy 2 months off the bike and November aint going to be any different. I have made the consious decision to get it sorted and get back on it and take some control cause I need the frustration relief that exercise, specifically cycling gives me.
I might have a call up for the Garmin 24hr for a team of male 6ers but I will have to see what comes of it.... more info when I know.... better fit in some single track time.
Mario has organised the Smiths Gully Christmas ride again for a Tuesday night in early december that I am foaming at the mouth to get to as I am suffering from 2 issues

1. a severe lack of dirt time
2. Ross who owns the general store makes the most kick arse burgers going

Plans from here are light on. Racing really has drawn to a close for this year as I have little time to actually get it done. Once the house is completed in the next 2 months I can then re focus for some events in 2012. My main goal is to get5 my shit organised for the Alpine Classic at the end of January and I figure from now there are some serious diet changes to facilitate some loss of bulk to aid me getting over them small hills.
Happy trails