Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Some solid days

I have now had some solid days on the bike over the last few weeks. Slowly but surely I feel that I am slowly making up lost ground.
They last few rides on the dirt have kept me in the hurt-box but what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger.
Tomorrow I aim to get back out with the fatties ride. Whilst I don't like the trails heading in, they are good for building skill. The other benefit is rolling with people way fitter only helps me in my bid to get some fitness back.
Had a visit from Mooter yesterday, sounds like he is keen to get out on the dirt soon. He is looking fit even though he claims he is doing little. Always be wary of those who claim few miles but look fit. I will have to try some of his Mt D training on the quiet early morning roads.
Accommodation is booked for the Bright 6 hr and should be good fun with Ryan Moody tagging along.. (another who is to fit for his own good). Really looking forward to getting up there for this race as I have wanted to do it for years.
On the horizon soon might be a new hard tail as the geared 29er. Having a few issues with the Surly. Will have to see what fits the budget.
Happy trails

Thursday, March 17, 2011

another week down

It has flown by since the last post. I ended up only getting one more ride in on the Bright single track. It was between storms last thursday so it was a limited ride in the wet and mud but fun none the less. It has primed my interest in the Bright 6hr so more than likely I will get up there for that next month.
I did get out to Smith's Gully on the week end with Mr T for what was supposed to be a short 1.5hr ride. None the less after 2 mechanicals from me it turned into a 3 hr jaunt and hills are still not my friend. The trails out there are in a awesome shape at the moment and a big thanks to the trails fairies who still keep whipping them into better and better condition.
Last night saw my return to the Fatties and roll a 2:1 gear on the 29er SS. It was great until Hans's loop where by the knees told me otherwise. I was lucky to get there after a front tyre roll off and another puncture. Trails are somewhat overgrown and pretty rutted out from the abusive wet weather riding and the floods of the last few months. At least the broken chain of the night was owned by another person and not me:).
Back at the coal face now until at least August when the snow has fallen and its time for the Hoppet. Many more adventures between now and then including house reno's.
Happy trails!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Hills....not my friend

So I decided to head up mt buffalo yesterday. Being a big unit of 123kgs (on a good day) I new that it was going to be a decent effort. I rolled out enjoying the summer like conditions and pointed myself out of town.
I noted a slight brake rub and adjusted the rear brake. I hit the climb and tried to find a nice tempo, noticing that I mist be tired as the heart rate stayed low. It had to be tiredness as I have no form or fitness at the moment. I kept tapping away noting that I would have struggled at the alpine classic to get up here after the 140 kms prior.
The brake rub returned but worse. At this point I had tapped out 10 kms of the climb. I decided to pull the pin and roll down. During the descent the rub got worse and worse until I had frame contact. I limped home defeated.
I will return to conquer you mt b!
Today I hit the local trails that I have ridden before centered around white star rd and morses creek. I was having a ball rolling sweet single track, hooking up in the corners, smile from ear to ear. This continued for a little while until.... Boom back wheel explodes tube and tyre in every direction. Torn sidewall found tube stuck between wheel and frame still inflated. So a little hr of walking but hey it was worth it!
Now I am listening to the rain and am questioning if I will get out there tomorrow now that I have replaced the rear tyre.... Come on rain go away...
Happy trails!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Rollin the valley's

Lazy 60 km's today on the road bike on quiet country roads. Covered the Buckland Valley, awesome views of Mt Buffalo and the Wandilagong Valley full of new seasons apples waiting to be picked. Perfect bluebird sky's and only a little wind - great day for a roll!
Still deciding on tomorrows choices for a ride as there is some bad weather predicted for the middle of the week. The question is do I ride the dirt or do I hit the bergs?
Happy days, happy trails!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Mt Beauty 6hr

Enough said really, Cant bluff form when you aint got none. A over the bars incedent made me pull the pin after 2hrs. Cant say I was really up for it.
Its made me hungry to get me to sort myself out to regain somethings I once had. I feel old at the moment, riding is a real struggle for me...
Got this week in Bright for some R&R and plan on rolling some kms.
Happy trails!