Tuesday, June 5, 2012

CX it is

After a quick text message from Mooter he put me onto a yeti frame in my size on Ebay. Got it for a steal and after some frigging around, help from various parties including DC and Mooter I managed to build it up.
Just in time for Dirty Deeds this Friday night. So with no fitness I will be doing the prologue with tongue in cheek.
The plan is to do all the cross races I can this winter for shits and giggles. Plus it does give me another option for a ride in shit weather as all of a sudden rolling some rail trail/ dirt roads looks like fun. Struggling in the motivation department to get out and work/ family pressures adding to the mix. 5am roll outs ain't fun ATM.
So here's to Friday night!

I promise I will post photos of the beast soon!