Saturday, June 30, 2007

days off........thankgod!

Well what a busy week. Managed a ski on Monday on a softening snow base but it was a good session on the skates...third day in a row! (better than last year already). Had to work my last lot of night shifts and planned to ski yesterday but slept to long.
Anyway a busy week with work (lots of sick people needing TLC) and time spent in the shed moving between bikes and ski's. It never ends with repairs, waxskis......fix bike... Them's the breaks I guess.
Chase the Sun is on tomorrow so have to pick up numbers today and hit the course to check a lap. Should be a good race, nice and muddy with all the rain this week.... mmmm.....Might need floaties tomorrow with rain predicted...good weather for penguins!
Will post pics of the race and a post report in the coming days.

The Big Mak's mighty little workshop...

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Le Tour is almost here

Well Its that time of year. The giant side show that Le Tour is is almost upon us. I am hoping that Simon pictured above has done enough to gain access to this years Le Tour on his Ag2r squad. Hats off to Simon he has earned it. It has been a year with injury yet he still comes back to form. Simon had a win a few weeks ago in the Grand Prix de Plumelec - Morbihan. Anyhow with fingers crossed I hope to see him line up at the Tour.

Chase the Sun is on this weekend. Cant wait, however I might need floaties judging by the current weather reports. It is a great event organised by the FGP Team. Will report on the days events soon.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

ooh ahh the snow is here

Well it is an early start and I must say I am glad to see the white stuff. I was stoked to be able to get up over the last 2 days. Lake Mountain is my home base when on the skis as it is close to home. Love to drive 1.5hrs instead of 5hrs to Falls. I went up Friday afternoon to get the ski legs back and was greeted by fantastic weather. Not a cloud in the sky and no wind. Skied for around 1.5 hrs. Went back today with the boss to have another go and was greeted by fantastic weather but it was a little icy. Still managed another 2 hrs. I know 30cms isnt much...... but it is enough to chook foot on. Cant wait to see how the rest of the season pans out! Its only 8 weeks till the Hoppet at Falls Creek so hopefully plenty of ski time in the coming weeks.


Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Anyone who loves to ride and lives in melboune....check this event out in July

Monday, June 18, 2007

winter is here

I know that few people other than skiers and farmers hope for this time of year but as Big Kev ( god rest his sole) would say I'm excited! I love to ski so with the cold rainy weather approaches I pray for some decent snow. After last years dismal effort I may yet be rewarded with the recent cold snap. I Can only hope for snow like in this photo. The only problem is that the photo was taken in Canada on my last trip in 05/06. virgin

Hello. Poping the cherry!!! All shall be revealed as the months tick by. Please follow as you wish my adventures both on and off the bikes.