Thursday, June 26, 2008

steel is real

Headed out last night for a pedal with Gav and the Fatties ride. This ride has been a regular gig for as long as I can remember and at one stage I was a regular attendee but of recent years I have only been out once or twice. Even despite the weather which was windy and a little wet on the trail in places the ride pulled a crowd of about 20 - 30 riders including some of Australia's best 24hr riders. I was told it was going to be a light spin out towards Westerfolds.... man I was chasing from the gun despite having changed my gear for the occasion and at one stage getting lost as I missed a turn. These blokes can ride a bike and it was a steep learning curve from the start. It was fun to be out riding with a large group and Wednsday nights are the night to be out on the Yarra Trails judging by the amount of other riders we passed. Gav and I turned back a little early cause I was getting smashed and he was on a new bike and was feeling it out. We did the turn around with John Claxton who was just turning his legs over, a bit of active rest he said...... but still bloody flying! It was good to shoot the shit with Claxton cause he is a simple, speaks his mind type of guy, which I like cause its what you see is what you get. He has proven to me that life doesn't end when you have kids and that anytime is a good time for training with his 330 am jaunts up Mt D. He is off to the 24hr worlds in a couple of weeks and I wish him the best of luck.
Gav managed to snap his Jamis frame a last week and with a bit of smooth talking got himself one of the Jamis Dragon Elite frames. Nice 853 Reynolds tubing that has been turned into a nice looking frame. Steel is real as they say and I am a fan of steel having a steel cross frame that has seen the test of time. With a new fork and some new drive bits yet to be applied, this bike when finished is a worthy XC ride. Big guys are suited to steel and Gav was happy with how supple the frame was in places where his other aluminium frame was not.
Been a good week for me with a couple of rides under the belt and I am off to do some roller skiing and get my shit started for the coming snow!

Not a bad looking frame and build!

Monday, June 23, 2008


Gerro is on form

Gerro has pulled off another win this week with a stage win the the Route du Sud in France. Currently he is sitting in forth place overall and we will have to see what happens. Things are looking up for him for a Tour berth next month and fingers crossed he will pick one up. It will aid in me watching the Tour with some one to cheer on!
Trent Lowe is hanging around in a top 10 position so his July expectations are looking hopeful as well.
Not much other news to report at Big Mak central. Working, working and doing lots of snow dancing for snow cause it looks like it might be a late start to the season with no snow around yet. Riding when I can and getting muddy with the wet weather, but thats life riding bikes off road in winter.
Happy trails

Monday, June 16, 2008

cheap plastic parts and cattle gates

Been way to busy with work but have almost got all the silliness sorted so that come July I can ski my arse off providing that the snow turns up...... it has started and I am most happy with seeing white on them hills. Yesterday I decided that I would ride home from work on the 29er and test out the new wheels with the white free wheel.... mmm perfecto whirring noise from that freewheel. NZ Gav joined me for a little adventure along the Yarra Trails. All was good.... not to cold, the trail all tacky and the bike at first sucking up what ever it was presented. I then had the misfortune of the crank coming off. Now I would have not expected it to do it but all because of a cheap plastic part the cranks came off. Then to add injury to insult I was climbing a gate that I did not realise was juiced up with some bull strength electrical power. Fuck me I discovered what the bull must feel like when rubbing itself against hand still tingles today!
Ah the trials and tribulations of riding the local!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Revolution 3

Revolution 3 was worth the visit on Thursday night at Vodaphone Arena. Track cycling finally gets itself some rockstar qualities in this format. The night started with all the lights off some cool music, fireworks and gas flames around the track.... too cool for school. Lets not forget the chinese dragons and the drums.
NZ Gav and I checked it out and were impressed with what we saw. Great to see Australia's best turning it on for the crowd. Some impressive racing and handling skills that you wished you had.
Plenty of the usual suspects in the bar on the in field where many a beer was consumed. Many happy people by the end of the nights racing. Keep your eyes peeled for 08/09 track season and get on down for a look.

Thursday, June 12, 2008


the way it should be

Yesterday I headed out for some km's on the road bike. I worked out it had been a solid couple of weeks since getting the leg over this bike. I did the usual circuit ride of about 1.5 hrs. I have to say I felt completely shit. The legs were heavy and everything felt like a true effort. That aside I was happy because I was not at work and the sun was shining and I could stop for a brew. When the coffee turned up at my table I thought this is the way life should be.

The other news at hand is I am off to revolution 3 tonite to watch the Aussie track team in action which should be good. NZ Gav is going to get his introduction to track racing and I am hoping that the in feild bar is open for ale action. My wheels are finially together and have come up a treat and all I need now is my free wheels to arrive from the US. I have diched the White Industries crankset for a while and have gone back to the XT cranks for the ease of changing the front rings.

All I need now is for some shit weather and for the snow to start falling so I can get out on the skinny ski's. Fingers crossed that snow will start to fall from this weekend.

Happy trails

Monday, June 9, 2008

sunday cruis'n

I was invited out by part of the Felt Epix crew for cruise.....more like a floggin and education on the speed to ride. I had a ball and we rode some bloody awesome trail not far from home. The trail was nice mix for rocky technical single track and some fast open trail. Its handy having these boys a few doors down. Watching Jason bunny hop some impressive logs left my a bit envious but hey some things are better watched than tried! I was absolutey smashed by the end of the ride but was left with a grin from ear to ear. Sad to say I saw 2 of the boys heading out for some long road km's on my way to work today.... thats life for you I get to slave whilst others get to play.
Happy trails!!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

bustin down the door

It is interesting when you investigate your roots. I have a uncle who I new was a pro surfer who I saw now and then when he would swing through on his way to the Bells contest when I was a kid. Not until recent years did I understand what my uncle Ian (Kanga Cairns) did for the sport of pro surfing with others of his surfing generation. Check out this movie when it is available or on a a cinema near you, well worth a look.

work, work and more work

Ok I have finally cracked after a very long week of work. The last two 14 hour shifts have done my head in. No time for bikes this week as I aint been here to get any riding done (been leaving in the dark and coming home in the dark). I did manage to get back on the rollerskis only to destroy a wheel and leave it a smoking mess..... issue is I have to source a new set of wheels for them. Speaking of wheels my white industries hubs have been laced and are almost ready for the pick up from Dan at Shifter Bikes. The order has been placed with Webcyclery for the freewheels.....oooo the joy!
Today it is coffee time and read the paper before returning to the ICU to continue on my weekly grind of work...... always someone needing a problem sorted. This picture will help me think of better things rather than busted people!

Monday, June 2, 2008

one for christmas

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Video CTS 2


Chase the Sun 2

Well it has been and gone. For something different I decided to to a solo race. Whilst knowing I could do it mentally the body had other ideas. The quads gave up pushing the single speed gear up the hills and rendered me with cramps every time I climbed. So after a little after 4 hrs I pulled the pin on the 6hr race. I have decided that mountain bike racing is a cruel sadistic sport.... I guess this is what attracts people cause it is so hard and you can make it harder. I guess next time more bike time leading up to a race would put me in a better position to get through the race solo. Today I feel like I have gone 10 rounds in a boxing ring. Thank god for the iPod that keep my mind busy whilst pedaling around and saving me from mental meltdown.
A massive turn out for the 2nd Chase the Sun. The start was gridlock heading into the single track and starting at the back of the field was a good idea bar this cause it forced me not to race. The weather was a nice first day of winter fog which didn't lift till quite late in the race. the single track was predictable but rough in spots which really does add to the pain today.
Hats off to one crazy guy who was riding solo on a uni cycle.... gave me a moment or two of humour passing him. Plenty of nice bikes out there including this beauty..... Lynskey Ti 26 inch single speed with XT/ XTR bits and pieces.

I also spotted my fair share of full carbon GT's with a full XTR set up. Looked cool and super light. A few 29ers but not many and a spattering of single speeds including one guy on a cross bike smashing out the laps.
Anyway I am going back to bed.

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