Sunday, March 30, 2008

2008 Single Speed Nationals

For those than are interested

Me I will be stuck in Victoria due to work commitments

Saturday, March 29, 2008


Thats the sound I have in my head. Why? Cause I have just snapped my beloved 2008 Stumpjumper....... Not happy but thats bikes. Will be heading down to the shop to get a warranty in as soon as possible as the BMC race is only a couple of weeks away. It does mean that I am going to have to dish out some serious miles on the road in preparation. I managed 2 laps today at the local trails but found that there was a noise cracking away and I now know what that was.

To be continued........

Friday, March 28, 2008

working for the man

OK busy week has now ended. I am currently working in a office setting which, well is OK but it has eaten into the riding time a bit. Its not what I aspire to but a change is good. Managed on hit out yesterday and got wet and muddy for it riding home from work on around 65% single track which aint to bad (lots of water on the trail after 30+ mm of rain in 24 hrs). Saw some more trails I have to explore but was running out of light and was cold and wanting dinner. I have to do a decent session tomorrow regardless what mother nature is going to throw at me cause I have entered the BMC race in April so I need to get my legs back on track post the holiday. So off to the local trail system for a bit of a smash session in the mud. Say hi if you see me out there!
Whilst doing that I will have my mind in a happy place!


Monday, March 24, 2008

Cruising on late summers arvo

Well a group of the lads decided that on easter sunday we would celebrate in our own way buy hitting the local trails. The weather was perfect with overcast skies, 28 degrees, no wind and the short sprinkle of rain. We headed out and Shano scored a pinch flat which meant we all got up to the usual muck around tricks. It was a awesome time to be out and we had some fun and it was good to blow off some steam after work for Mister Sister and myself.

Shame about the trails cause they are in desperate need of maintenance before winter or else they will be horrid after a weeks of rain (if we get any this winter!). I don't understand why people get on the brakes through a just roots it for everyone. The lines are getting so big is some places and despite regular people trying to tighten them with deadfall people are just cutting new lines!!!!

Al's 69er would be a comedy prop later...

Once back at the cars I was wishing that I had brought the esky with a supply of the amber liquid cause it was a perfect place to be and to top up a arvo of fun and laughs would have ben a little tail gate tipple. Al was volunteered to go and grab a six pack or 2 but the bottle shop closed being easter sunday.

I decided that the bike was a little small!

Whilst away shano decided that it would be funny to ride Al's 69er nuded up. I snapped a photo (we were laughing so hard) but it was a funny site with people everywhere and a naked guy on a bike way to big riding around in circles!. So with no beer we headed off looking for a bottle shop and found one and were enjoying a couple of quiet ales in the car park when the cops turn up and tell us it is a dry area and that if we dont put it away it is going to cost us $100 each. So with a bit of a dampener at the end we all headed off home..... Mister Sister and myself polished of the rest of the beer back at my place in the courtyard, so not all was wasted.
Happy trails

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

back to the coal face

Well the day has finally arrived. I regret to inform my mind that it has to return to the reality of thinking about something rather than nothing. It has been a awesome 7 weeks. I feel well rested and ready to get it back on both at work and on the bike.
I have struggled with some delayed jet lag which has smashed me a bit and readjusting to this heat wave has been difficult....I get sweaty just thinking about it. Looking at the trip photos it seems like it was all a dream or a life time ago.

We headed down the coast on the weekend to catch up with the outlaws and my nephew who has really come to life and is funny to watch (doesn't seem to cry as much.... thank god, maybe he was having a good day!). I took the bike and headed out to thirteenth beach which has a road along it and you can see the surf breaking..... nice. I hooked up with the Hendry cycles crew for the pedal back to Torquay which was good because there wasn't much in the tank. Good size bunch and a descent pace. They leave the shop in Ocean Grove at 8am Sundays.
I hit Lysterfield on Saturday just after daylight to beat the crowds and the heat. Had grand plans to do a couple of laps but being the first ride back the body had other plans. Great to be out in the bush and seeing all the roos. I had missed seeing the wildlife that I see here when in the outdoors cause in Canada and the US I didn't see much I guess cause of the snow and being in the depths of winter.
Other news at hand is that I had to get a new computer as the old one was playing up. So it is with much joy that I am typing this out on a new iMac. Man is this fun having a machine that is fast and fun to do stuff on......many happy smiles!

Friday, March 14, 2008

girl friday is back!!

jet lag

Well after a 18 plus hour flight home from Vancouver I am feeling the effects of a late Aussie summer. I have come back to days of stinking heat. It has been 38 -40 degrees C that last 2 days which I am finding hard to comprehend after the last few weeks in minus temps. I have not as yet escaped on a bike but will hopefully get out on the weekend. I have some photos from the weekend race which I will post.
Caught up with some of the local crew including the infamous Chris Winn who is heading off at the end of the month to a career on the road in the US.... best of luck to him and the spoils of his sucess (check out his blog!!...worth a read).
Anyway short one as I am rooted!!!

the mad dash at the start which ended with some crashes in the field

The end of lap one and feeling a little worse for wear chasing down a local

The sight in the finish chute was of a crushed man and my heart rate at 195bpm....glad it was over!!!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

skiing, racing, snow, snow, snow

Well it has been a busy week with getting organised for the race we had today at Sovereign Lake. We did a 15km race as part of a loppet series for the valley. We managed good results. I slid in after 62 mins of pain getting myself a 16th position in the mens. Tam slid in in 6th in the womens a few mins back on me. It is only a small race with a total of around 250 odd racers in various age groups and distances.
I did manage to win a race the other night, called the Wednesday night whoppet. It cost a twonee ($2). It was a 3 x 1km loop which you had to guess what your overall time would be. I was on the money and had a ball. We dont get to ski at night back home so it was awesome to get out and do it even though it was minus 7. The snow looked like a see of diamonds and one part of the race circut disappeared into the darkness so I was hoping there wasnt any man eating creature waiting for me.
Getting glide has been an issue this week for us as the snow is so dry and cold and the humidity high, but we finally sorted it out. Will post photos when I have some.
See you all next week as we are homeward bound.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


OK as skiers we all love dry powder snow. I am at Silverstar in BC. I have been here 2 other times (OK I live a charmed life) and it still amazes me every time. We arrived here Sunday for some skiing in the arvo on fresh set trails. It was perfect...sunshine and no wind and minus 2. Then since Sunday nite it hasnt really stopped snowing. 25cms approx has fallen in the last 24hrs which makes the place look like a skiers fairytale. As a nordic skier it is a dream to be here as ski tracks that the best national teams in the world come here and and train on.
We are looking at doing a race here on Wednesday nite..... new experience skiing in the dark under lights and then a Loppet on Saturday. Should be a blast and a bit of pain included.
The place we have rented to stay in is pimping to say the least and the team truck is awesome aswell. Its a brand new ford explorer with all the bells and whistles.....very nice.

Sunday, March 2, 2008


Right, I have been in Vancouver for a few days chilling out after a week of hard skiing. Finally got the body back together. Been checking out the sights and doing some retail therapy with the wife. We managed to get tickets to a Cannucks game which was awesome and boy do the fans know how to have a good time. We even saw a guy win a car and 1 million smacko-ronies in a shoot out on the ice. Unbelievable to witness..(not bad pay for 30 seconds of work).
Spent some time in the Yaletown Brewery drinking some of their ales and I recommend the Red Truck Ale. Good food too!
Tomorrow we head east to another location called Silverstar for some more ski time and hopefully a race at the end of the week....(looking forward to it).
Big hello to Mister Sister for the care of the house and fur children and to NZ Gav on the speedy recovery from knee surgery.
Happy riding