Monday, September 19, 2011

September is slipping away!

Been a busy month here. Time has flown by but here I have kept the 2 wheels turning.
My bike coped a bit of a thumping on its way home from Noosa with a rear and front wheel being preztled. After a quick trip to Mooter for some TLC and a new spoke or two it was discovered that I needed to rebuild some wheels. It seems that I may have infact done enough kms to wear down some rims.
A while back I demolished a mavic classic pro front wheel and have been trying to source a couple of spokes for it. Alas I cant find what I need so I was working out the $$$ and the thoughts of some Chris King custom wheels. After much mental debate I decided that the dura ace hubs I am rocking are still in awesome condition and I need to only get another 36 hole front and then I I have 2 sets of dura ace wheels in both 32 and 36 holes.
So after some wheeling and dealing I have sourced some spokes and a hub from a online retailer (I can hear the tut tut tutting, but hey I have to save money where I can)and some rims which I have bought locally.
Next step will be dropping it all off to Mooter so he can lace and build those bad boys.
As for my frame and its journey home on a Jetstar flight with knob head baggage handlers, it only sustained some light cosmetic marks. Being a fickler I will get it resprayed at some stage but I am now seriously thinking about taking it back to Ewen for some S&S couplers. The couplers enable you to break the frame down into a suitcase size bike box and get the bike to where you are going with minimal amount of fuss and it also rules out the oversize baggage issue.
In other news our house renos are cruising along with the second floor under way, it is getting bigger than Ben Hur really.
I have been back on the SS this week and NZ Gav and I went out to insepct the Yarra Trails which were in a sad state after a wet winter. Hans Loop was in pretty good condition with some extra trail.
I have also headed out to Silvan to ride some new trail for me and had a ball on the SS and can see myself yheading back out there often as it is new to me and quiet. Bakers Dozen was awesome fun, if you know it then rip it and enjoy it!
Time for lunch then work!
Happy trails!

Saturday, September 3, 2011


So my time here is drawing to a close. It has been a super relaxing week with plenty of family time, bike riding and just putting up the feet.
I have managed to get out twice with the Noosa Crew and promptly been smashed each time. In reflection since hanging up the road racing a few years back I have had no inclination to train so I can smash myself at 50 km an hour. I realized today I need to get some speed back into those legs so I can do it when I want to. Nothing worse than getting put through the ringer and then out the hoop!
Guess I really need to decide to lighten up and get my fitness back. Biggest incentive is for the alpine classic in January where every kg will matter when climbing those rather large hills.
The last 3 weeks have been great for getting some kms under my belt and really getting my brain back to being a bike rider. Now I just need to make it all count on my return to work next week. Consistent riding will be the key and with spring here I am hoping this will be the case.
I am definitely throwing a leg over the 29er single speed on the return to Melbourne for some exploring of the silvan singletrack. I have missed riding it since putting it back together months ago.
Now I am going to enjoy a kip and then some beach time. Still got tomorrow for a pedal and if I am really lucky I might squeeze one in on Monday before we have to get on the plane.
Happy trails!