Friday, August 31, 2007

Thursday, August 30, 2007

spring is here

Decided to head out to Lysterfeild today with NZ Gav and mister sister. Did a three hour session (2 big laps, comm games lap and alot of stuffing round in the rock garden) out there on lovely dry single track with nice warm sun. What a change in weather from a couple of weeks back. Had a blast today...good company...nice weather! The place is looking green and lush at the moment after the winter rains, makes a nice change with the wattle trees out in bloom. Must have been a POETS day as the carpark was full which I found suprising (wish I had there jobs!!!). Anyway spring is here to stay!

Rohloff hub

Working on my caffine addiction, by the hands of my java dealer Shane at the usual hangout in carlton I spoted this beauty. A single speed with a difference. The owner said it worked like magic and was his touring bike that he used with paniers. It was a old steel frame with a rigid fork. In the back a Rolhoff hub had been laced in. It looked cool I thought. The owner said it was magic off road as well for XC. I wish they made them hubs lighter than 2.2kgs though. A nice, well specked out little commuter!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Signs.... funny shit

Some of these signw were photographed by a guy at work on his travels through Canada and the US. Others he got via email. Gave me a laugh!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

birkebeiner race photos

Mum and me before the race

the start and finish chute

the finish was I hanging for that last down hill and the big orange arch to end my pain!

The crowds start arriving before kick off

the start of the hoppet...the guy in red went on to could he move on ski's!

when I find some decent action shots I will post them!

Monday, August 27, 2007


Well I'm home after the Australian Birkebeiner. Mmmmm interesting day it was. Felt ok at the the start but the race faded as the km's ticked by. Sure I had done the work but maybe not enough in the right places (more hill repeats for next year). Race day weather was perfect with little wind and little cloud. The warm days however had presented the race with gelati soft- grainy snow....not a good thing! Dont know if I used the right wax option for the day but it got me through. My major disadvantage was my body weight. A bit to heavy on soft snow...... have to work on that...give up food I think (coma induced diet I hear others say!).
The race was a learning experience as always and I was glad to get to the end. I slid in 63rd in the mens...not bad but some 20 mins slower than 2 years previous on the same course. Tam managed a great 43rd I think which was good going for her. Even my mum had a crack at the 7km distance and did well.
It is know back to the drawing board to work on some things and plan our race trip to Canada/ USA next Feb. I will add some photos when I have them.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

off to the birkiebeiner

Ok Im off! The Birke is on Saturday at Falls. I feel great, even after the hit out at chase the sun last weekend. Looks like I have a good starting position in the top 50 so fingers croosed that I can get some clear snow and a good start. Race plan I hear you ask...we will see on the day. I am aiming for a good result this year as the course favours me...have to wait and see as anything can happen in a race. There is one mother of a hill in the middle of this course which I need to save something for. Cant wait....fingers crossed!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Chase The Sun 4

Well we had the final chase the sun yesterday. A fair course that avoided alot of the wet muddy areas at Lysterfeild. The course was a 14km loop with about 65% climbing and a circuit of the commonwealth games course. Didnt mind the course apart from the major climb on the CG course...had a few mental issues with it. The fire break climb was a bit spongey and slick in places and sucked the speed right out of you. We ended up with 9 laps with respectable times for 2 blokes on single speeds!
Now team Onespeed Only did its self proud. 16th out of 55 teams yesterday. Overall for the series we pulled out 6th overall in our catergory unofficially (if you include our jaunt out as the good, bad and ugly as we got a 2nd place at the first CTS and combined the points).
The 29er revolution is starting to really kick off here in melburn..... seen plenty of 29er's at the last couple of enduros....good to see them getting out there. I have to get myself one of them suckers!
Back to reality today with my return to work after 3 weeks off. 3 days back at the coal face and then back to Falls Creek for the Birkiebinder race.

Shane on the right after the start heading into the single track

Thursday, August 16, 2007

falls creek smashathon

Just got back from a quick 3 day session at falls in the lead up to the birkie next week. Plenty of snow to be found and plenty of skiing km's done. Drove over 1000km's in the last 3 days to achieve some good skiiing. We were blessed with some fantastic weather. Blue skies and little wind. Skied the whole race course yesterday and my arms and shoulders are a bit stiff and sore post it....but in a good way. Cant wait for next week but I still have some last minute things to work on. We also hit the Bright Brewery for a sample of there ales....mmmmm! love some of there brews... a must place to visit if you are in the area!
Chase the Sun this Sunday....another mud fest I reckon after being out there last week!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

bikes of Big Mak

This specialized stumpy has white industries drivetrain, hubs, Shimano discbrakes. Coverted with help frpm Dan Hale at Shifterbikes in Melburn.

The track bike is a Willer alpe duez frame. Drive train shimano dura ace and sugino running gear. Has not seeen the track in anger for a while. Built with assistance from Le Tour Cycles.

The flat bar cross bike is a renyolds 531 frame with everest lug work handbuilt for me in melburn as a teenager. It sat in the shed until I had canti mounts added and powder coated in cherry apple red. Runs a mix of shimano parts- XT cranks and XT canti's with mallard hubs. Absolute ball to ride!! Helped again by Dan Hale of Shifterbikes and Craig (mooter) with the build. Has been known to run a Aherne spaceman flask holder at times!

mud fest

Well my hopes of a hit out at the Bullfight Charge at lake Mtn were dashed today due to some shithouse weather. Its been to warm for snow and the heavy rains this week have depleted Lake Mtn's snow cover. So with no skiing on the horizon today I headed out to Lysterfeild for a belt around on the SS MTB. There had been a bit of rain overnight so we were expecting some mud but what we got was unbelievable. I was truely over it by the time we got back to the car and so were the brake pads on mine and Mister Sister Trent's machine.
The trail system has not recovered since the last Chase the Sun enduro. Lots have people have been over the trails in the wet since then resulting in some pretty large ruts, holes and puddles that could swallow a mack truck. Its a shame that Parks Victoria are not out doing some basic trail maintence with a shovel just to drain some of the ruts and soaks.
The next Chase the Sun is in 7 days and without some sunshine between now and then it is going to be a serous mud fest. It will be interesting!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

cyclist bashing...whats new

And so it continues....the media bashing of cyclists. If it aint drugs in professional cycling it is the hell ride death topic. Pity that the death that David Plumpton caused of a cyclist and his 10hr hiatus before turning himself in (had to sober up some what) after leaving the scene of his crime is not so widely publisized. In return for killing a cyclist he got a small jail term.
Raisin-Shaw admited his wrongs, stayed at the scene and assisted and was bloody stone sober!
I find tonight this little gem in The Age!

Well Mr Brumby, you come to power by default....... just remember I RIDE....I VOTE

Brumby may change cycling laws

Premier John Brumby says he will consider changing the laws governing cyclists after a magistrate labelled "pathetic" a fine he imposed on a rider who ran a red light and collided with an elderly pedestrian, who later died.

Magistrate Charlie Rozencwajg made the comments yesterday as he imposed a $400 fine on William Raisin-Shaw, 31, of St Kilda East, who pleaded guilty to failing to stop at a pedestrian crossing on Beach Road, Mentone, in August last year.

Raisin-Shaw struck 77-year-old James Gould, who was attempting to cross the road on a green signal. He landed heavily on his back and head, and died in hospital the next day.

In imposing the penalty yesterday, Mr Rozencwajg said the case highlighted the inadequacies of the current laws.

"This charge has nothing to do with anyone being hurt, much less killed," he said.

"This situation puts into the limelight an incongruous state of the law, because there's such severe consequences of your riding on this particular day, namely the loss of the life of James Gould," he said.

Speaking to journalists this morning, Mr Brumby said he would take advice from Victoria Police about possible changes to the law in the wake of the "tragic" case.

"I think many members of the public were surprised at the decision," he said.

"I think most people would say that this should be examined. We are concerned about what would appear to be the penalties for the offence that was committed.

"There may well be anomalies in the current law and if there are obviously we'll examine them. We obviously want to make sure that the punishment fits the crime."

Earlier, Deputy Premier and Attorney-General Rob Hulls said there were several other offences, including conduct endangering life and manslaughter that Raisin-Shaw could have been charged with.

"The police obviously weighed up all the evidence, decided what charge ought be laid and the penalty was imposed," he told ABC radio.

"I do note the comments that have been made by the magistrate and I will have a look at those comments, but it has to remembered it's the police who decide what charges ought be laid."

Victoria Police's Assistant Commissioner Noel Ashby said cyclists were currently exempt from facing certain traffic charges because they were not considered to be driving.

"On a bike, a person is deemed to be riding a vehicle and not driving a motor vehicle," he told Southern Cross Radio this morning.

"If you are driving a motor vehicle, there is a range of other provisions that are available where we could proceed that actually create a far more serious offence."

Assistant Commissioner Ashby said a "simple amendment" could probably be made to make additional charges applicable to cyclists.

"It would simply be expanding the definition to include all vehicles. There might be reasons why we can't, but I think it really does need to be looked at," he said.

At the time of the accident Raisin-Shaw was one of a group of about 100 cyclists taking part in the Hell Ride, an informal, weekly, high-speed ride through Melbourne's bayside suburbs.

In delivering his finding on Mr Gould's death last month, State Coroner Graeme Johnstone did not find Raisin-Shaw individually responsible for the death, but said the ride was a "recipe for disaster" that should be better managed to prevent further tragedies.

with AAP


Headed out this arvo on the single speed rig to blow out the travel cob webs. Decided to hit the local single track. Now be it from any type of world cup like circut but it is fun to ride. Eastlink runs beneath my local single track and at time has shortened some of these fun little trails.
Now, part of Eastlink contract is to build a bike path....(I'm all for it, but do it smartly). Building the path is now underway and is chewing into the trail at a phenomal rate. I was suprised to see how much as been done in the last 3 weeks. The thing is they are cutting the trail with a bloody bull doser and grader. I thought the whole point of the Eastlink tunnel was to protect the Mullum Mullum valley from destruction!...... The other thing is rather than just use the already cut fire trail the path now is being cut in new areas including 3-4 bridges that run from oneside of the creek to the other......madness!

From this

to this

with this

back home

After a long trip of over 4000km in the vomit comet I have arrived home. Happy to be home yes......I expected cold weather but it seems we are having a mid winter heat wave! No good for snow!
Anyway the kids were wrapped to see us and could not leave us alone last night. Had a great sleep in my own to love sleeping in your own bed.
Plane trip home was dull to say the least. I was surrounded by a tour group of 70 year olds who would not shut up and jibbered the whole way to Sydney, nor would they sit still forever moving around and knocking my seat....bloody annoying when you try to get some shut eye. Couple of pissed miners on the plane aswell upseting some of the passangers with there drunk bullshit escapades. I tell u that when you are my height at almost 2meters it would be nice to get the emergency exit....It shits me when you get on the plane after being told there aint no more seats in that row and find a bloody migit sitting there! Fuck me I love having seats pushed back and crushing the old knee caps. The kid infront of me kept pushing back his arm rest into my knee cap so I kept putting it down again. He finally looked around and I smiled....... "Thats my knee cap your hitting"...... "sorry, sorry mister" he said and promptly stopped trying to crush my knees. Adventures of the vomit to love modern air travel!
Got to Sydney and found that nothing is open past 9pm....dinner came out of the vending machine! Wholesome chippies!!!!
Anyway back to reality and on the ski's to get the body organised for the Birkie at the end of the month!
Happy trails

the kids...happy as always

Wednesday, August 8, 2007


Dont have to say much here. Trip over....about to get on the vomit comet to head back east to melburn....Will be in the snow this time tomorrow...shame really. Have to head back here again!

Just remember when in broome beware the coconut!!!

last ride in Broome

Well I have had a ball pedaling around this red dusty town. Even on the road up the Cape yesterday there is always something to look at. The most amazing thing is the space....plenty of it. The drivers have been great here...they give you as much space as they can. I also met a cyclo tourist out on the road. I asked where he had came from...."Cairns"...hats off to him. Lots of lonely time on the bike!

the moots roadside

Sunday, August 5, 2007

broome hell ride

I met a local on the road to Derby on my first ride in Broome. Greg informed me of the locals getting together on a Saturday morning and invited me along. I presented at the Broome cycles at 6am and met up with 8-10 guys and girls. The locals love there bikes here. Nice machines(look, C50 b stay colnago, trek madone, specialized to name a few) were abundant and so was the fitness. We headed out of town towards Derby and swapped off till the 35km mark and then did the turn around for town. What they dont have in hills here they make up for in heat and wind. One regular had teo puntures and called it a day hitching a ride back to town with some farmers in the back of a ute.
Arriving back in town we stopped for a brew. One thing is that the coffee here is suprising with the majority of cafes able to serve up a decent coffee. I was offered some other rides before I head home but depends if I can pull myself out of bed early....after all I am on holidays!!!

the coffee shop line up

the Moots outside Matso's brew house

Also found the local brewery and got stuck into the local brews. Not bad. The brew house sits in an old general store call Matso's over looking the bay. What a view to sit back on chair in the shade sucking down nice amber brews......perfect

mmmm....cold amber liquid!!

Thursday, August 2, 2007


Landed in Broome after a long journey on the plane....didnt realise how far it is! Had to sit next to the biggest beer swilling bogan who wanted to chat every 5 mins about the desert below. Got the bike here in one peace. Hit the road this morning for a 1.5 hr get to know the place ride. Not to many choices for direction of travel. North or South on the main highway. Met the first of many road trains....bigger than texas in size. Did a smaller loop around town and ran into a local who rides a nice C50 colnago. He has invited me to a morning bunch ride Sat morning a 6am. See how I go but should be a bit of fun doing the locals version of the Hell Ride (6 blokes in total I'm told).
Been checking out the sites today. Nice laid back type of place.....everyone is easy going. Went to the beach last night to check out the rising moon...its called steps to heaven as the moon reflects off the mudflats at low tide. Thousands of people to were there to check it out. It was cool I must admit...big blood red moon...very nice!
Off to have a soak in the pool now....ciao

Check out the road train!