Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Rapha Continental: Tohoku from RAPHA on Vimeo.

You should go!

This little event should rock.... about time we got one going here in Australia, little things often have the possibility of turning big in a good way like NAHBS.
Get on down and check out what Australia has to offer!

still here

Life's been real busy, but guess what.... I am still here. I am back on the bike and now rolling on Strava to try and get more enthusiasm and try and beat every mutherfucker I can.
Back on the dirt as the elbow has finally repaired itself so I can rip the trails.
I was so enthusiastic about my return I took the SS 29er out to Smiths and blew my gaskets re acquainting myself to SS MTB action.
Mooter has built himself a Moots 29er up and I have ridden with him a few times - I have to say I am suffering some Ti envy. We even headed down to the You Yangs recently for a pedal together and I was surprised that I enjoyed the place so much, previous trips there had not favoured my return.
Heading back into the hills a bit on the road bike to try and get fit cause this is my summer, I have 3 months off and want to make the most of it and finally get to Mt Buller and some other destinations for some all out fun.
We have a baby on the way due around the same time as the Alpine Classic so this year I will miss it - shame cause it was my favourite week away with a bike.
Noosa is back on the cards shortly and I will have to practise pulling the bike apart and fitting it all in the bag now that the S&S couplers are fitted. Looking forward to hitting it with the Noosa Crew and getting my arse firmly fed to me.
All in all I am ready to have some fun and get back into it. This being said get this blog but under way again.... its been too long!

Happy riding peoples!