Tuesday, December 13, 2011

where I am at

Mid December already, Christmas just around the corner and its all flat knacker.
Made the trip out to Smiths last week to hook up with the crew for the Annual Smiths Christmas Ride. Big turn out with 35 riders, many Australian champs and a couple of World Champion title holders turn up to shovel us mere mortals into the ground.
I struggled a bit as usual as chasing whippets takes it tolls despite knowing the trails really well. I was out of breath descending Rob Roy with Rob Eva in front and one Trent Lowe behind me chatting away.
Never the less good night out despite my flat that saw me loose contact from the crew, and I survived the heckling of my choice of knicks (bright white.... got to wear em out!).
Otherwise I have been clocking up some kms on the road bike as the Alpine is creeping up very bloody fast. Had quite a few early morning rides of late trying to squeeze in what I can. Even given up some of the luxuries I have been dining a little to much on, got to thin out a little.
I am also choosing some rather lumpy rides o get these limited climbing legs back. So I am feeling a little more confident, and with a few longer rides in over the next couple of weeks things can only look up.
House is booming along but still a little way off before we get back to some normality in that department.
Happy trails!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Mixing it up

So I am flipping between road and dirt and slowly it seems getting the legs back. I need to fit in some really solid road kilometers to nail down what I am up to. Most days off seem to get interrupted from shit spring weather.  I figure a weekly decent long road ride with a couple of reasonable climbs will set me in the direction I need for the Alpine in January. Hello Yarra Valley you are going to be my new friend until the Alpine!
With this being said Gav and I have been hitting up some nice trail at Smiths Gully. For the most part it is a place that handles rain super well apart from the really low areas. We have a great little loop that sees in all the decent climbs in the area. Bit of a heart in the throat session but a good way to get in some intensity.
I have commenced some on the bike strength sessions and I found my limit quickly the other morning on the 5th repeat. It was a nice burning followed by the collapse of my quads, hami's and then gluts. A weekly session of this is going to be part of my newly established routine.
Off to bed cause it looks like I will try a early roll before work tomorrow!
Happy trails!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

dirt, dirt, dirt

Well that should be only dirt, dirt as I have squeezed in 2 rides this week, both at Smiths and both reasonable hit outs. I was joined by Gav, Matt, Mooter and Gerro for a hit out at Smiths on Monday which turned out to be the pick of the week for weather. The rest of the week was some what crap with lots of thunderstorms and lots and lots of rain. I snuck back out there today at dawn and has a blissful early morning ride. I rode Marsman and found the new connector trail at the top which had some choice benched in trail. The rest of the trails are in top condition, most have figured it out as the car park was bursting at the seams with cars every which way. I took out the old bontrager tubeless wheels today after getting a new tyre for the front after the bead on the Geax had shat itself. The Niner was ripping it and I rode a few trails in directions I normally wouldn't and had a blast. Really looking forward to the Christmas Ride in a couple of weeks out there. Plans from here are being made on the fly, I have to squeeze in quality ride time as the schedule is jammed packed with work, family, house stuff and the commencement of the social silly season. I have to really get into the swing of riding to work again to fit in km's and add what ever I can on top..... the Alpine is coming and coming fast!
Happy trails!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

back on it

Well its taken some time, lots of frustration but I am back on the 2 wheels. It has been a busy 2 months off the bike and November aint going to be any different. I have made the consious decision to get it sorted and get back on it and take some control cause I need the frustration relief that exercise, specifically cycling gives me.
I might have a call up for the Garmin 24hr for a team of male 6ers but I will have to see what comes of it.... more info when I know.... better fit in some single track time.
Mario has organised the Smiths Gully Christmas ride again for a Tuesday night in early december that I am foaming at the mouth to get to as I am suffering from 2 issues

1. a severe lack of dirt time
2. Ross who owns the general store makes the most kick arse burgers going

Plans from here are light on. Racing really has drawn to a close for this year as I have little time to actually get it done. Once the house is completed in the next 2 months I can then re focus for some events in 2012. My main goal is to get5 my shit organised for the Alpine Classic at the end of January and I figure from now there are some serious diet changes to facilitate some loss of bulk to aid me getting over them small hills.
Happy trails

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Im still here

Illness and one hectic life schedule of weddings, house renovations, work schedule from hell has seen me only once in the last 4 weeks throw a leg over a bike.
Good news is Epix is back and they are on the side bar so you can follow there new adventures.
Planning on rectifying the lack of riding next week now daylight savings is back.
I have some new wheels ready to roll thanks to the assistance for Mooter for building them up. I am keen to get out there just have to make the time.
Keep following please I will be back to regular transmission shortly!
Happy trails!

Monday, September 19, 2011

September is slipping away!

Been a busy month here. Time has flown by but here I have kept the 2 wheels turning.
My bike coped a bit of a thumping on its way home from Noosa with a rear and front wheel being preztled. After a quick trip to Mooter for some TLC and a new spoke or two it was discovered that I needed to rebuild some wheels. It seems that I may have infact done enough kms to wear down some rims.
A while back I demolished a mavic classic pro front wheel and have been trying to source a couple of spokes for it. Alas I cant find what I need so I was working out the $$$ and the thoughts of some Chris King custom wheels. After much mental debate I decided that the dura ace hubs I am rocking are still in awesome condition and I need to only get another 36 hole front and then I I have 2 sets of dura ace wheels in both 32 and 36 holes.
So after some wheeling and dealing I have sourced some spokes and a hub from a online retailer (I can hear the tut tut tutting, but hey I have to save money where I can)and some rims which I have bought locally.
Next step will be dropping it all off to Mooter so he can lace and build those bad boys.
As for my frame and its journey home on a Jetstar flight with knob head baggage handlers, it only sustained some light cosmetic marks. Being a fickler I will get it resprayed at some stage but I am now seriously thinking about taking it back to Ewen for some S&S couplers. The couplers enable you to break the frame down into a suitcase size bike box and get the bike to where you are going with minimal amount of fuss and it also rules out the oversize baggage issue.
In other news our house renos are cruising along with the second floor under way, it is getting bigger than Ben Hur really.
I have been back on the SS this week and NZ Gav and I went out to insepct the Yarra Trails which were in a sad state after a wet winter. Hans Loop was in pretty good condition with some extra trail.
I have also headed out to Silvan to ride some new trail for me and had a ball on the SS and can see myself yheading back out there often as it is new to me and quiet. Bakers Dozen was awesome fun, if you know it then rip it and enjoy it!
Time for lunch then work!
Happy trails!

Saturday, September 3, 2011


So my time here is drawing to a close. It has been a super relaxing week with plenty of family time, bike riding and just putting up the feet.
I have managed to get out twice with the Noosa Crew and promptly been smashed each time. In reflection since hanging up the road racing a few years back I have had no inclination to train so I can smash myself at 50 km an hour. I realized today I need to get some speed back into those legs so I can do it when I want to. Nothing worse than getting put through the ringer and then out the hoop!
Guess I really need to decide to lighten up and get my fitness back. Biggest incentive is for the alpine classic in January where every kg will matter when climbing those rather large hills.
The last 3 weeks have been great for getting some kms under my belt and really getting my brain back to being a bike rider. Now I just need to make it all count on my return to work next week. Consistent riding will be the key and with spring here I am hoping this will be the case.
I am definitely throwing a leg over the 29er single speed on the return to Melbourne for some exploring of the silvan singletrack. I have missed riding it since putting it back together months ago.
Now I am going to enjoy a kip and then some beach time. Still got tomorrow for a pedal and if I am really lucky I might squeeze one in on Monday before we have to get on the plane.
Happy trails!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Fun in the sun

After a hectic couple of days last week on the bike with various crews I have come away to Noosa for some R&R.
Last week saw me hook up with Mooter and Moody for some trail time which ended with both Moody and me taking some off time trailside which was bloody funny. I had a light ride across to the outlaws on Saturday followed by a hit out with Diesel and his crew early Sunday on some awesome trails.
Travel day yesterday and boy am I glad we got here in one piece with all our gear and fuss free. Put the bike back together last night and had a lazy roll down the beach today for a couple of hrs. Not to shabby. Now I am watching a tropical storm roll in and listening to the putter patter of the rain on the balcony. If I win tattslotto you know where to find me.
Hoping to get out with a local bunch a couple of times bit we will see with family commitments.
Happy trails!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Solid times

Man with this awesome weather I have been lucky with getting out. I have had a few runs up to Smiths Gully for some single track time and some time up the hills in the Dandenongs. It has been a busy time with managing our renovation whilst on holidays but still I have made 2 wheels a priority.
I have taken today off as I am feeling a little worn out today but will be back out tomorrow with a ride out to the Yarra Valley as we want to go to the Healsville Sanctuary for a look with Jnr.
I have lined up some friends for a dirt adventure on Friday with the destination still to be sorted. I am thinking of getting a leg over the SS soon as the my fitness has improved.
I must say that I am starting to feel more solid on the bike and hope that if I keep this up that cracking my goal of the 200km Alpine in January next year should be on the cards.
Keeping it short and sweet.
Happy trails!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Castlemaine XC race

Sunday saw me try and get back into racing the XC format with a trip up to Castlemaine. I have always wanted to ride up there so couldn't really refuse the potential to find some trails to ride. Only issue was this was a race on private property so I will have to find some other trails in the area if I go back.
Weather was perfect if a little chilly, sun was out and all was good. Caught up with a few people who I haven't seen all year and got organised to check out the course. I took the geared bike but left the mud tyres on. Silly mistake as the area was dry and rocky meaning the Gatos were not in their element which I soon discovered. The course was fun, little climbing really (would have suited the SS) and had a nice sweeping descent. On the recon lap I was having a blast on the down hill and swung into a little technical rock garden decent. Making my way through the garden I some how lost it off into the rocks and hard up against a tree. Must have had some front brake on and the tyres slipped on a rock flipping me over the bars. Needless to say I was relieved that I had not broken anything. Thanks to Bellie and Randal for picking uop my bike and sorry arse from the ground.
Back to the start finish area and into the race. Short news here people with me doing 3 of the 5 laps on offer, the race reinforcing lack of fitness and my dislike of the XC format racing as it is balls out from word go.
This week will see me go back to the Youies for the Geelong Interwinter Series round 3 race. 3 stages, TT, XCO and short XC race. Will be a bit of punishment but hey it can only make you stronger. Should be fun and a change from the norm. The trails have only reopened here after the summer storms 8 months ago.
On holidays so got a few plans for some rides and checking out some trails as well as doing some solid rides on the road.
Happy trails!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Gerro is on form in Denmark

Gerro is on form and ripping it up in Denmark. Lets hope he can keep the lead and win overall. Ritchie Porte also powered to stage win as well. See here

good week

Managed to have a solid week despite heaps going on. Happy with how I feel. I managed to get a 100km in the bank yesterday down the beach for some long slow kms. Managed to miss the rain which was nice.
Did loose the last mudguard out of my set of Crud Roadracers from a bit of tree on the way home from St Kilda. They are a great idea but a little flimsy and as I found if a stick does get caught up the main plastic guard will snap on you. I have gone back to a wider set of SKS guards as I have found these best on a road bike with limited clearance. Hindsight has taught me that next time a custom frame is built to ensure that I can fit in a set of guards on proper mounting points.
So time to get off here and organise my stuff for another week of commuting and work out what days I am riding to work.
Happy trails!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

getting it back and setting goals

Been a good week, weather has been more than kind and despite some low volume sleep I have managed to get out everyday so far.
I hit up the trails for a 2 hr roll home along the local trails from work on Monday. Even scored some nice time in the sun and made it home on dark. Some trails were just chewed out from winter riding. I don't get people who ride after and during rain events. I skipped some sections I knew would be screwed but found some solid trails and had some fun.
Tuesday was a short ride, as I popped a spoke 5 kms from home and had a front wheel trying to pretzel itself. I turned from home I packed it in.
Wednesday was a 1 way ride to work as I had a car there for the trip home. It was a super warm morning for winter and was glad to be free of booties, gloves and caps under the helmet.
Today travel to and from work was again graced by minimal kit.... I was rocking shorts and jersey on the way home.... unheard off during a Melburn winter.
As for goals I am putting it out there that I am signing up for the Alpine Classic again next year. I just booked a house today and am formulating some plans in my head on how to fit in the volume of training I will need to meet this challenge. It beat me last year and I plan to smack that ride in the face next year. Plans.... its coming together.
Next couple of weeks I am free of work and I think some racing on the dirt will be a good option. Warm weather has put the ski season on hold close to home and I cant justify the travel and expense of heading to Falls as I am not racing this year. Plus we have our house in pieces at the moment and that ain't cheap, but we are looking forward to the finished product in 6 months.

This doesn't help my mental state about missing the season this year. I see this from Snowfarm in NZ and want to go back tomorrow.... always next year.

Happy tracks

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Mia Freedman

Apart from showing her true colors yesterday on the Today show and slagging Cadel off in true bogan headline grabbing fashion, Mia freedman has not enjoyed the Twitter army getting some back. I believe she shed some tears post the abusive twitter remarks
A truely smart piece of writing was done by Bridie O'Donnell to rebuke and education the uneducated Mia. Read it

Sunday, July 24, 2011

wish I was here


Been a hectic week here. Our house is underway and I have been up there a lot talking to the builder and following the work. The parents sewer packed it in so had a long couple of nights sorting out that smelly issue.
Balance that out with a full work schedule and staying up late to watch Le Tour, bike riding has taken a back seat. I did get out yesterday for a long roll with Mooter down the beach. Everyone must have been out having a sleep in after watching the last mountain stage of Le Tour cause we didn't really see anyone till almost at Frankston. I started to hit the wall after the coffee stop. The weather was less than inspiring with heavy fog and drizzle and it was bloody cold.
I had planned to get out today on the fat tyres but the weather has turned up wet, might see if drys out a little and take the single speed out to roll over my tired legs from yesterday.
I do see it is snowing so maybe if it continues I might get in a cheeky ski with the family this week.
Happy trails!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

sno snow snow

Finally I got the chance to grab the skis and head out for a few hours to find the ski legs. Lets say I found them pretty quick and stuck to some easy trails just to open up the lungs and have some fun.
I was lucky that the weather was a perfect blue bird day with no wind. It would have been a good one to tow Jnr round on but I had agreed that it would be a day best suited to getting myself sorted.
So a 2.5 hr ski which had me rooted by the time I made it back to the car. Trals were fast and firm with near perfect grooming. The added peice of new trail on Echo flat made it a enjoyable loop.

I even managed to skate off piste next to the creek line which was awesome.
The new building at the trailhead at Lake Mtn is fantastic and is a big improvement in comparrision to the amenities of years before the fires.
I would like to say that I will get up more this season but with life so busy ATM I will have to take it as it comes. I am hanging to get back but will have to see if I can fit it in.
Happy trails

Sunday, July 10, 2011

back on and rolling

Well I have spent the last 2 weeks commuting and have also fitted in a few rides on the dirt. The body is still getting use to the early morning rides in the dark. Slowly but surely I am getting my shit together. Lost a mudguard from a bit of dead fall on the bike path the other morning in the dark. It made for interesting fun and games in the dark trying to pull it off the bike. I went to get some Sykes wood fenders yesterday, but I am told they wont fit. I am up for the challenge and am thinking I might get some and modify em. I don't like being told "I cant do that". Next time I get a bike frame custom made I will ensure it can fit full guards for winter riding.
The dirt riding has improved after tweaking my seat position ever so slightly forward. Now I am happily climbing where I was struggling.
I caught up with a old friend yesterday for a pedal around Warrandtye/ Wonga park. Let me say he has been a busy boy with a chainsaw and some weed spray and cleared out some old equestrian trail. The ride kept me honest and I did show him some of Warrandyte's best trail (I cant name it here, but if you know the area, you will have given it a nudge at least once) which I think he enjoyed a lot. Creek crossing caught me out and I got a little wet, but I was having fun.
My back is up the shit again and I am slowly getting that back on line with a rub and treatment from the osteo, so hopefully it comes good soon.
Snow is falling and I am thinking that maybe if the stars fall into line with work and other commitments I might get out this week, fingers crossed.
Happy trails!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Layin low

It's been a busy time for us as we have our renovation at our house starting. I have also started a new job recently so I have been super busy with no time for two wheels.
I have thrown a leg over a bike twice this week so it's not all bad. I must admit that the fitness has really taken a hit. I have been chewing the bars in a big way on the rides this week. Sickness for a month has been a bitch but it has almost completely gone now bar a nasty cough. Guess chewing the bar is part of getting bike fit again..... Back to square one!
I did hit up some sweet trail on Monday that had Gav and me smiling ear to ear. I need to keep riding the trail system we rode more often cause it is the perfect place to work on skills and fitness.
I need really to get back into the workshop and get the SS sorted for some nice simple laid back riding that I have missed in a big way. Gears are fine but the simple roll of a SS is good for the soul!
Happy trails!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

On hold

Life has thrown a few curve balls lately. I ended up sick again last weekend which wiped me clean off my feet.... lets say I saw the inside of a bucket way too much!
I have been lucky on my work front and scored 2 new jobs in the last month that will keep me occupied and very busy but allow me to commute on those days so bike time is looking up.
Our house renos are about to start so I have some serious shit to sort out this week so I guess that means no bike time this week till I get everything squared away.
New brakes are on the gorilla and all they need is some hose shortening, bleed and bed in.... will be good to have her ready to roll.
New rubber for the geared niner are on and ready to roll. Nice big 2.3 Gato's.... should make sticky mud less of a issue for this winter.
Only thing I am really spewing about is missing the first round of Dirt Deeds CX tomorrow at Darebin Parklands due to work commitments..... always round 2!
Get out there and enjoy it!
Happy trails......

Friday, June 17, 2011

I dig it... watch and enjoy!

Rapha Rides the Victorian Alps from RAPHA on Vimeo.

I need to ride this loop one day. I love the NE of Victoria as I have often stated on this blog as it has so much to offer both on the bike and off. I ski some of the high parts of the loop around Falls Creek in winter during the ski season on the XC trails. I love it in winter and by the looks of this I would love it in summer. I will have to add this one to the list of rides to do.

Friday, June 10, 2011

worth a look

Melburn local made this regarding the 24hr Mtb Aussie Solo Nationals. Her name is Kathryn Feldmaier, and her website is work a look for some quality photo's.

Australian 24 Hour Solo Champs 2011 from Kathryn Feldmaier on Vimeo.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

light at the end of the tunnel

Sickness starting to lift and I feel pretty reasonable today in comparison to earlier in the week. The drugs are doing their thing for me and clearing up this version of man flu.
Weather has been pretty shit and I am glad I forced myself out on the bike on the weekend. Wet weather tires ordered and instead of Rampages it will be Gato's, as rampages are a hard thing to come by even on the web. Thinking that I will run a old set of wheels for the geared rig for winter as don't want to totally root my current wheel set rolling the rest of winter.
This weather as led to a awesome dump of snow which means that it time to strip the summer coat of the skis and get em ready for the season. If I continue to improve there is the slight chance of strapping my ski's on this weekend to maybe blow out the cobwebs!
Happy trails

Monday, June 6, 2011


So the fourth infection in as many weeks has resulted in me supine on the couch until further notice. The cough is bone jarring and the results glow in the dark..... enough said. The final nail in the coffin was a trip out to some new trail on Saturday, I was in two minds but the weather said yes but the body only maybe.
Whilst maybe not new for some it was a experience to me with it being the best trail I have ridden in ages. It was a sweet location and it was nice to get out amongst nature again. One encounter with a 3 point Samba deer made me realise how much riding we have close to town that can be spectacular.
Now I have made a promise to not divulge the location on the web as it really is special and after watching Smiths become more and more popular I want to keep it low key. If by chance you find the location then enjoy it for all it is worth, I did and I cant wait to get back. Being a man true to his word I will keep it secret and maybe take some people out there.
The only issue I had out there was a loss of one front brake pad. I found this slightly odd (makes you realise how important a front brake is for stopping) but still enjoyed the ride with out a front brake. When I took the time to investigate what had occurred I found that the piston no longer had the ability to hold the pad in the correct position. It appears that the nipple on the piston has sheered off. So off to the drawing board on this.... new elixers maybe?
The other finding from this ride is that it is time for some mud shedding tyres. After several winters that qualify for a damp summer it has become apparent that mud tyres are a must for this winter. Looks like I will be running the Panaracer Rampage 2.35 (hope she fits in the frame, Niner say a 2.4 fits!) front and rear. Looking forward to a tyre that bites in and allows one to rip it in slim slick trails. Jase from Epix always recommended these tyres so I will give em a go.
So back to the feet up position drugged to the eye balls.
Happy trails

Oh and I am looking forward to seeing the full video of this with local boys starring from Melburn.... makes you want to get out there in the distat high country again next summer!

Rapha Australia rides the Victorian Alps teaser from RAPHA on Vimeo.

Happy trails!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Continental The Movie

Rapha Continental – The Movie from RAPHA on Vimeo.

Urban Epic

Wet, mud, cold.... The 3 things that define winter riding.
9 started with a mix of SS & gears. SS was the choice for the conditions. My geared pig was enjoying the conditions til 10 kms from home when serious chain suck commenced.
The 9 where whittled down to 3 bit the we ran into some friends which built the numbers for the return trip.
Bruce suffered a double flat, not even his sealant could stop the gush of air. Luckily he was not far from home and he could swap his bike over.
I rode in to the start so I was fried by the time I limped home. Lazy 80 kms for the first time in a very long time...... I was cooked when I rode in the driveway after 6 hrs of ride time.
The washing of the bike was less than inspiring but had to be done. Two washes later and bingo it was sparkling!
Thank you to the flat hill crew for leading the way!
Happy trails!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

2011 Tour of California — Intro from RAPHA on Vimeo.

Urban Epic time

This Sunday see's the Flat Hill Crew leading one of the Urban Epic rides. Gears or SS your choice, mine option this time will be gears due to recent burst of illness and being unfit. Its a sweet loop and usually has a good showing of a friendly crew. So get on down if you have the time and the interest.
Check details here

Niner Air 9 Scandium

At the same time that I had my 29er SS off the trails being given some love by it's creator I had my new geared ride show up. For a number of months I had been running a Karate Monkey 29er with many set up issues. I dont have any real complaint about the Karate Monkey other than for me I could not get it right, I feel that the XL size was to small for me and I struggled to ride it as ultimately it was not comfortable. The Karate Monkey also does many things ie geared and ss, disc and canti brakes but I had many issues with the set up that in the end turned me off the frame. I think for a commute frame around town it would tick many boxes.
Anyway after trying to buy a Niner off the interweb (very hard to do) I bit the bullet and approached DC @ Fitzroy Revolution to intially pick up a EMD. After a short discussion it was suggested that I look at the Scandium Air 9. Now as I am a bit of a big unit I am sceptical how long the Scandium will hold up to my torture tests, thank god for warranties! Why not buy steel I hear you say? Well due to constraints of my build with a fork that could only fit a certain headtube length which the Air 9 could handle. I did not want to buy a new fork when I had a Reba that was in perfect working order.
So impressions of the Air 9 have been fantastic. Handles tight trail well for a big wheeled bike with a big rider on it and climbs like a cat up a tree (as good as the motor allows). It is a stable and predictable platform when descending and goes where it is pointed. So after a few trails rides of local trails and a jaunt out at Smiths I am happy with it.

The final build of this bike is
10 speed XT groupset
DT 370 hubs with DT swiss 470 rims
Thompson collar and post
Specialized stem
Fizik arione seat
King Headset
Reba fork
Avid Juicy 5 brakes
Big cheese grips
Giant riser bar (its all I had, not my prefrance)
King Cages - stainless
weight 11.6kg

Big thanks to DC at Fitzroy for helping me out with the frame.
Happy trails!

Gellie Custom 29er

Now I have my sweet ride back together as you know from previous posts. Just to fill you in on my love for this frame I have a few details about the repairs undertaken by Ewen.
I discovered a crack on over the Easter period by accident as I was sitting in the shed looking at something else. For some reason my eye caught a familiar line on the frame. I tried to wipe it away without luck. Crack time.....
After a quick email Ewen picked the striped frame up and I indicated that maybe the dents from my head on could be fixed. Part of the reason for using Ewen to build a frame was for the very reason that if I had a issue it could be repaired easily, sure I could have bought another OS built frame but repairs would be timely and costly.
Now I am always after answers why things fail, sometimes these questions cant be answered other than I am a big unit and I break things.
Ewen worked out that with limited information from the frame tube supplier that the heavy duty seat tube had cracked due to the use of a undersized (0.2mm) seatpost. Ewen had been trialing a new super sized seat tube to build a strong bike for me. The decision was made to reinforce the area for the repair and increase the diameter of the tube by reaming it out to take a 30.0 Thomson seat post that Ewen supplied to me free of charge as part of the repair process.
Ewen decided to use a Fat Chance inspired seat tube reinforcer, which in my opinion adds another element to the frame that works with the diamond shaped bottle bosses, chain peg and the stainless touches around the track ends at the rear. This reinforcement will hopefully hold up to the torture of supporting me around the trails.

He also sorted out the dents with a bit of loving metal work, which I am happy to say have it back to normal.

As I also sweat battery acid a few of the cable guides were slightly worse for wear as the powder coat had failed to get into all the nooks and crannies. Ewen swapped these out for me for a newer style he was using, it enables the powder coat to get in and cover the frame.

So after a gloss coat of silver powder coat, new decals and a few hours of love in my shed the beast is back together ready to rock and roll.
So frankly readers if you have a need for a custom frame dont look any further than Ewen. He builds a sweet frame (I have 2, road and 29erSS) and I always check what is coming out of his work shop as there is many a sweet bike being nurtured from bare steel tubes.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Busy signal..... beep beep

Been so busy between picking up bike parts and frames to rebuild the 29er line up, work, packing up a house, playing dad.... life just keeps on getting busy. The weather and recent illness have all taken their toll. I have only been on the bike once in the last week and that was a quick hour long roll on the new Niner Air 9.
It rolls sweet and I will post pics and a bit more about it soon. The Karate Monkey was retired promptly as I had some issues with it big time.
The Gorilla (Gellie 29er SS) came back from repairs with Ewen after a crack was found in the seat tube just under the seat clamp. Ewen's prompt service blew me away big time as he picked up the bike on Good Friday post a email and had it back in my hands 2 weeks later reinforced and re powder coated. I took the liberty to get Ewen to refill and sort out the down tube dent post my head on on the Yarra Trails 12 months ago.
So last Monday night and a fair chunk of Tuesday was spent in a rather cold workshop pulling apart, cleaning and reinstalling bike parts to get the two 29ers into riding shape. It was worth the time and effort!
With the weather forecast looking crap for Sunday I am going to pull the pin on any attempt for the Bendigo race. Cant be bothered driving up and racing in crap weather when I ain't been putting in the time. Plus I have a lot to organise here at home and time is limited for packing and storing of the house prior to the renovations commencing.
Back on the morning commute tomorrow to keep myself sane and get at least a little bit of bike time. The new Rapha kit should keep me toasted on the chilly dark roll to work. On Thursday if time allows I am going to hunt down some new trails that I have heard a fair bit about and get out amongst it.
Enough for now..... happy trails!

Monday, May 2, 2011

It's taking time

The 29er single speed is down for the count. I found a small crack on the seat tube just under the clamp. It was time to get the dents on the down tube from last years head on repaired anyhow. I sent a email to Ewen who promptly replied and later that night picked up the stripped frame. I am nothing but impressed with the speed at which Ewen has sorted it out. Currently the frame is getting a new paint job and should be back on the trails next week.
The replacement Niner for the Karate Monkey is stuck on a dock somewhere in Sydney and it too should be in my possession next week.
Bike time has been minimal this week a I have been super busy starting the demolishing and clearing of the garden for the extension. So Saturday was spent in the garden digging, pulling, chopping everything that needed to go. Plus I moved two water tanks to new locations which has totally wrecked me.
I did get out yesterday morning for a quick spin on the mtb with Gav at Smiths.
The place was rocking with stacks of people in the carpark which is usually unseen. It appears the place now has a small reputation to live up to. I was wrecked after one loop so was quite happy to have a java and put the feet up. My sinus infection has returned and happily giving my head a work out that I don't need at the moment.
So plan from here is to slowly get my shit together in the bike department and enjoy the time out on the bike. As for up coming races I am not to sure what I want. I know I have the enduro at Forrest in a couple of months so I have to find something between now and then. Maybe the 3 hr at Bendigo might be a goer.
The ski season is fast approaching and I am going to be in struggle town if my weight doesn't come down the the fitness stakes go up.
Anyway enough from me, get out and enjoy it!
Happy trails!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

CX from Radelaide!

adelaide cyclocross. from Sam Roberts on Vimeo.

Looking forward to the dirty deeds cx series here in Melburn town.... dates below

2011 Race Calendar
Three rounds, starting June.

Friday, 3rd June (Prologue) - Harrison St Velodrome, Brunswick
Sunday, 19th June - Darebin Parklands, Alphington
Sunday, 17th July - Jackson Reserve, Coburg North
Sunday, 21st August - Harrison St Velodrome, Brunswick

Check out dirty deeds cx in the side bar!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

back on the commute

So recommenced the commute to try and get some kilometers under the belt. Things are going up and down like a yo yo around here. Between a busy work schedule, sorting out the whole renovation stuff and playing dad it leaves little time to get out on 2 wheels. Add the shit weather of late that keeps flooding the trails, getting out on the dirt has not been a great idea. Whilst I could do it I cant be fucked cleaning the bike back up afterwards. Even the commute home last night will keep me cleaning up the road bike for a few hours despite having mudguards on.
I did manage to get back out and up the mountain on the weekend for a couple of laps up the 1:20. So its not all bad.
I don't mind the commute, I have the wet weather gear to keep me as dry as possible, a good light and a simple route to work. Should help me in keeping the fitness up and the kgs down.
Not long now until I get my hot little hands onto a new frame for the geared bike. Lets see what turns up post Easter. Will post pics when it all comes together.
Shame the Geelong mtb club has had to bail on the 6hr at the You Yangs due to complications from the weather system that passed through in January. Good for me cause it gives me a little more time to get my shit together for the next round which I think will be Bendigo.
I have to work through the Easter holidays but hopefully if the weather holds I will get out on the bike. As I listen to the piter patter on on the roof I am not too sure.
Happy trails!

Monday, April 11, 2011

random videos

Moody told me about this one

Brenden a guy I work with sent me this

Monsoon Madness - Featuring The Red Eyes from Adrian Kiernan on Vimeo.

Bright 6 hr

So Bright is done and dusted. I would have to say it was a taxing but fun course that in the end got the better of me.
Ryan Moody and I headed up Friday for the 2nd round of the enduro series. I was geed up for a good one as I love the area and the few trails I have ridden before.
We pitched the tent and geared up for a pre ride of the course in summer conditions. We followed the single track of Morse's Creek out of town and onto the course. I was rockn a decent gear equivalent to Ryans 2:1 and feeling comfortable on it. Only 1 major climb on the course and I decided that I would sacrifice a climbing gear for one more suited to the flat and rollers. This was my undoing.
I found after 3 laps I was in struggle town and then decided a mid race gear change was on order. I was cooked and tried a few more laps on a lighter gear but the back and arms were cramping. So I packed it in at the 4.5 hr mark.
I am happy with the race but should have listened to my internal voice about my initial gear choice. My limited bike time shone through at the 3.5 hr mark, still I am happy. The constant out of the saddle acceleration required in the rolling tight trail took it's toll.
Highlights of the race would be the trails in the pines on awesome loamy soil that you could rip. I did have a small encounter with a tiger snake. He got right of way without argument.
A big thank you to the Alpine Cycling Club for running the event... It was a very friendly event.
Where to from here?.... Get some quality kms in so I can hopefully conquer the next six at the you yangs.
Happy trails!

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Expectations, big word with a lot meaning for me as I often expect way too much of myself. I am starting to realise that working full time, planning a massive 6 month renovation of my home, being a father, and trying to ride a bike are not fitting well into the waking time I have.
Between work and my other commitments, this week has flown by with no bike time again. So what do I expect of myself this weekend?.... to finish the whole six hours! Yep that is the goal. Unless I have a major mechanical the plan is get it done. There is going to be pain, that is cool, as they say what ever pain you feel only makes you stronger and it dont last forever.
It should be a sweet weekend, rolling out with Ryan Moody, simple camping and those trails are good fun from previous experience. I have been looking forward to this race for ages as it has been pegged by myself as a must do. Its a must do because I love the North East and when you combine that area with bikes, a race and some locally brewed beer it is all good!
So here's to 6 hrs on the single speed come Saturday!
Happy trails!

Monday, April 4, 2011

quiet times

Due to a 11 day straight stint at work & family commitments, I have had the riding of bikes on the mind but on the back burner. Hence on action on the blog either! I did manage to get out on the fatties on Wednesday night on a massive gear on the SS. Small group for the last daylight savings ride of the year. Han's loop is holding together well, and whilst I did my own modified loop I had a ball whilst the others smashed themselves.
Yesterday I hooked up with Mooter and rolled up the 1:20 with him twice followed by a brew and fruit toast at Ripe in Sassafras. It was a cool wet descent back down but I was glad I had fitted a ride in before doing 60th birthday celebrations of my Father in law.
This week I am off to Bright for the 2nd round of the Vic Enduro Series. I have wanted to do this race as the trails are sweet around the forests surrounding Bright. Ryan Moody is accompanying me for the weekend. I am going to run it single speed and have swapped the gear out for a less knee cap popping one than I have been running lately. Should be a good weekend, camping, bikes, a beer or two.... doesn't get much better!
Not much else is news, the search for a geared 29er continues.... something is on the horizon but more on that later!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Some solid days

I have now had some solid days on the bike over the last few weeks. Slowly but surely I feel that I am slowly making up lost ground.
They last few rides on the dirt have kept me in the hurt-box but what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger.
Tomorrow I aim to get back out with the fatties ride. Whilst I don't like the trails heading in, they are good for building skill. The other benefit is rolling with people way fitter only helps me in my bid to get some fitness back.
Had a visit from Mooter yesterday, sounds like he is keen to get out on the dirt soon. He is looking fit even though he claims he is doing little. Always be wary of those who claim few miles but look fit. I will have to try some of his Mt D training on the quiet early morning roads.
Accommodation is booked for the Bright 6 hr and should be good fun with Ryan Moody tagging along.. (another who is to fit for his own good). Really looking forward to getting up there for this race as I have wanted to do it for years.
On the horizon soon might be a new hard tail as the geared 29er. Having a few issues with the Surly. Will have to see what fits the budget.
Happy trails

Thursday, March 17, 2011

another week down

It has flown by since the last post. I ended up only getting one more ride in on the Bright single track. It was between storms last thursday so it was a limited ride in the wet and mud but fun none the less. It has primed my interest in the Bright 6hr so more than likely I will get up there for that next month.
I did get out to Smith's Gully on the week end with Mr T for what was supposed to be a short 1.5hr ride. None the less after 2 mechanicals from me it turned into a 3 hr jaunt and hills are still not my friend. The trails out there are in a awesome shape at the moment and a big thanks to the trails fairies who still keep whipping them into better and better condition.
Last night saw my return to the Fatties and roll a 2:1 gear on the 29er SS. It was great until Hans's loop where by the knees told me otherwise. I was lucky to get there after a front tyre roll off and another puncture. Trails are somewhat overgrown and pretty rutted out from the abusive wet weather riding and the floods of the last few months. At least the broken chain of the night was owned by another person and not me:).
Back at the coal face now until at least August when the snow has fallen and its time for the Hoppet. Many more adventures between now and then including house reno's.
Happy trails!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Hills....not my friend

So I decided to head up mt buffalo yesterday. Being a big unit of 123kgs (on a good day) I new that it was going to be a decent effort. I rolled out enjoying the summer like conditions and pointed myself out of town.
I noted a slight brake rub and adjusted the rear brake. I hit the climb and tried to find a nice tempo, noticing that I mist be tired as the heart rate stayed low. It had to be tiredness as I have no form or fitness at the moment. I kept tapping away noting that I would have struggled at the alpine classic to get up here after the 140 kms prior.
The brake rub returned but worse. At this point I had tapped out 10 kms of the climb. I decided to pull the pin and roll down. During the descent the rub got worse and worse until I had frame contact. I limped home defeated.
I will return to conquer you mt b!
Today I hit the local trails that I have ridden before centered around white star rd and morses creek. I was having a ball rolling sweet single track, hooking up in the corners, smile from ear to ear. This continued for a little while until.... Boom back wheel explodes tube and tyre in every direction. Torn sidewall found tube stuck between wheel and frame still inflated. So a little hr of walking but hey it was worth it!
Now I am listening to the rain and am questioning if I will get out there tomorrow now that I have replaced the rear tyre.... Come on rain go away...
Happy trails!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Rollin the valley's

Lazy 60 km's today on the road bike on quiet country roads. Covered the Buckland Valley, awesome views of Mt Buffalo and the Wandilagong Valley full of new seasons apples waiting to be picked. Perfect bluebird sky's and only a little wind - great day for a roll!
Still deciding on tomorrows choices for a ride as there is some bad weather predicted for the middle of the week. The question is do I ride the dirt or do I hit the bergs?
Happy days, happy trails!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Mt Beauty 6hr

Enough said really, Cant bluff form when you aint got none. A over the bars incedent made me pull the pin after 2hrs. Cant say I was really up for it.
Its made me hungry to get me to sort myself out to regain somethings I once had. I feel old at the moment, riding is a real struggle for me...
Got this week in Bright for some R&R and plan on rolling some kms.
Happy trails!

Sunday, February 27, 2011


Bloody weather has SNAFUed the planned ride for today. I had wanted to get out to Smiths today for a pedal as its the first child free Sunday morning I have had in ages. Being one to realise and respect (unlike some fools) that riding in wet weather ruins the trails I have had to hang it up for today. I am spewing as I wanted to test some things today before next weekends 6hr at Mt Beauty. So I am at a loose end, smashing down a few brews and thinking of what to eat for breakfast. What to do?
I will check out the NAHBS website to see whos making what in the custom bike world and then head to the workshop for a big clean up me thinks. Might as well make the lost morning count for something.
I have had little chance to get out on the bike this week. Between work and chatting to builders about our planned extension the week flies by. I did get out on the dirt earlier in the week and ran into the mother of all Tiger Snakes. I was climbing up a 25% rutted out climb, picking my line when I heard a rustle at my feet. Usually it turns out to be a Echidna, this time it was a fat 2m long Tiger Snake. I was lucky that the snake decided to head down the trail rather than up, my legs had never moved so quick.
I have recommenced the commute to work and yesterday was D day. I was pedaling squares from the word go, man o man it was hurting. Its funny how some days you fly and tap those pedals over like it is nothing, others like you are a fat man strugglin up a flight of stairs. Oh and where the fuk has daylight savings gone. A month ago I was rolling in the early morning daylight, now I am rocking a HID to see my way.... man that means winter aint far away.
Anyway a week till we pack up and head off to the North East for some R&R, including some serious bike time..... I hope!
Happy trails!

Monday, February 21, 2011

NAHBS 2011

Check here for unbelievable custom bikes. I have a think for handmade custom bikes, as there is something about it being made for you, makes em more special than something of a showroom floor.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

fitness blackhole

Hit up the trails after Jnr's birthday on Tuesday arvo. I needed some motivation, I was stuck in neutral on the couch, a quick shot of brew and I was up and at em. Grabbed the geared 29er and was deciding on doing the Mullum Loop or just a local loop with a maybe a Han's loop thrown in. I decided on the later as I new the Yarra trails would still be wet from the recent rains and flooded Yarra River despite the warm weather.
I rolled out along one of my favourite trails close to home that runs parralel to the creek that recently had a big clean out (thankyou trail fairies), I had to stop once to move a new peice of deadfall but it was sweet to smash a long the trail.
I made my way out to Han's slowly but surely, climbing was not my friend in the heat but I was going ok. A quick loop of Han's..... well not really I was starting to struggle. Given my size I always find it hard to weave my way through the plantation timber section as I dont want to KO myself. Only saw 1 other rider out there which is unusual as you always run into scores of people out for a late arvo ride..... not today.
On the way home I decided a quick up and over route of 4th Hill in Warrandyte, I forgot how steep the Whipstick Gully track could be, I was seeing stars and climbing like a fat chick on the Biggest Loser. This climbing gig on a geared bike messes with my brain as I am so use to grinding and then walking when it goes to verticle. I must spend more time rolling the gears and getting use to climbing before the Mt Beauty 6hr next month.
I eventually made it home after 3hrs of local trails. I do love the trails here, whilst not all single track, they keep you honest. I am lucky to have access to these trails and that they are reasonably resistant to wet weather. That being said after overnight rain I wont get out there today as I watch the rain tumble down now.
Happy trails!

Monday, February 14, 2011

happy rolling

Had a few dirt rides doing a old loop that keeps you honest. Just some sweet climbs that have enough in them to test you. The beauty of this loop is even with all the crap weather that has been dished to Melbourne, it is still able to be ridden as the water drys off fairly quick. It appears that the other trails on offer around the place are all closed due to water damage.... proves that some should have better maintenance... not naming anywhere in particular!!!!
Even managed to drag Jase out for a loop on Saturday with the saw to clean up a few obstacles. Must remember to get a replacement saw as it has never recovered from a episode of log clearing that was beyond its small ability last year.
I am going to try and focus on the geared 29er for a bit as I will be racing on it next month for 6hrs so it is time to get extra familiar with it. I quite enjoy rolling with it as it loves the down hill!
I'm looking forward to a week up and Bright & Mt Beauty early next month. Really looking forward to the Mt Beauty 6 hr as I have never managed to get on the dirt there. I often drool at the trail as I am driving to Falls Creek during winter. Even local friend Tim has offered to drag me out up there and show me around. Will be back staying at Svarmisk which has a awesome cafe (mmm memories of Swedish meatballs) and nice hot tub for recovery.
Also looking at getting out on some of the sweet trails around Bright and doing a little on the road with the plan of getting up Mt Buffalo as I did not make it up there last month. I cant wait!
Jnr's birthday tomorrow so there is a trip to the Yarra Valley and the Healsville Sanctuary to check out the furry critters. Should be a good day out!
Happy trails!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

crazy 6 cancelled

The crazy 6 has been canceled due to storm damage. Leaves me a little lost for Saturday... I was taking a mental health day from work, will still have to so I can do Jnr's birthday in the arvo anyway.
For me I guess having it postponed is not a bad thing as I am so far under done at the moment. I have had 1 ride in 4 weeks due to work, parental duties and shit weather.
I took Jnr out on the Warby trail this week to check out the countryside and that has pretty much been it. Hoping to rectify that this morning with a roll on the dirt.
I guess it gives me some time to get the body and brain sorted for the 6hr in Mt Beauty next month. Looking forward to it as I have never ridden on the dirt in Mt B.
So know what to do come Saturday morning?

Saturday, February 5, 2011


Not much going on here at the moment. I have hit a brief period of standstill for various reasons. After the Alpine Classic I struggled with motovation after running myself into the red zone. I also had to work and with family commitments I was time poor for any bike related activities.
The weather aint been very friendly this week with the mercury into the high temps meant that after sleeping all day after working night shift, I was not too keen to cook it up on two wheels of any veriaty. Now with the weather going to the extreme here of flash flooding and tropical down pours fom the left over of TC Yasi it looks like bike time over the next couple of days is a big no option. I might pull out the chariot and drag Jnr out for a roll or even get the CX SS out for a pedal on the bike path.
Still planning on the Crazy 6hr at the You Yangs next week, so I will be rather fresh and maybe a little underdone but looking forward to ripping it on the SS as it will be the first race since the Worlds in NZ back in October.
Happy trails!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

alpine classic washup

Well what a weekend, bloody awesome weekend of bike related activities. We headed up to Bright with the goal of tackling the 200km Alpine Classic. Needless to say it was a challenge beyond my ability this year.
We headed up Friday and getting away late after catching up with my Aunty who was out for the US for the Aus Open Tennis meant that it was unachievable to get out on the bike on Friday arvo. Who cared it was so nice to be away in the hills.
Saturday I hooked up with Aaron and his crew for a pedal out along the Buckland Valley at the base of Mt Buffalo which was awesome but the weather was hot and tropical in nature. Covered a lazy 50kms and managed to flat at the end which was a little disappointing.
Gav and his wife joined us for the weekend and arrived Saturday arvo so we headed to the Bright Brewery for a few beers and checked out the event HQ which had a lot of various stalls all directed towards cycling. Assos was doing a brisk trade with some of their kit at very reasonable prices.
After messing with my flat and discovering that my other set of wheels had a nice cut in them from my journey out to Nutfield the other week there was some swapping of tyres and sorting out of the bike for the events of the next day.
Sunday rolled around and after a early night, big dinner and a good sleep I felt not to bad. Breakfast was demolished and once kitted up we headed out to the start. Perfect overcast conditions greeted us with some cool air for the first few hours. We rolled to the start and decided not to weight for the 0640 start and jumped in between groups.
I had committed myself to ride with in my heart rate range and not push it too much as I knew that once into the red it is where it would stay. The Tawonga climb came and went and I felt okay at the top and enjoyed the descent and rolled into the refuel stop at Mt Beauty. After a quick refuel and a few snacks we made our way up to Falls Creek. I lost contact with Gav on this climb and never caught him again apart from him going down the descent and passing me as I was near the top of Falls Creek.
I was amazed at the unskilled descending and saw a few people who had came to grief on the Falls Creek rd. One guy was laid out in a neck brace on the Mt Mckay intersection that has a ripper of a sweeper.
Once I got back to Mt Beauty after some awesome fun descending I then had to tackle my arch nemesis, the back side of Tawonga Gap. I have never had a good history with this climb, even with all the Tour of Bright's and other times I had been riding in the area, this was my achilles heal.
By now the heat was getting oppressive for me, and the climb was nasty. This is where my day began to unwind. I struggled big time and the climb just wore me down. I tried to roll within my goal heart rate but it was not to be. I was in struggle town.
Once I crested the climb I rolled the descent to recover, well aware that many people have binned it coming down when tired, needless to say one sole did and was over the edge with ambo's in attendance.
I was feeling less than great but rolled into the lunch stop and thought that if I demolished some more food on top of my energy bars that I had been eating I could get through the last 60 kms. I left the lunch stop feeling better, but by the time I had tapped my way out to the Buckland River on the way to Mt Buffalo my body just shut down. I ground my way back to Bright and rolled into the event finish and hung it up for the day.
So some 2400mtrs of climbing over 145kms I was not to disappointed. I had achieved something I was happy with given the limited training I did due to life's other responsibilities.
Gav smashed it and conquered the whole 200km and looked pretty fresh at the end. We celebrated with a pint of beer at the Brewery in the shade recounting stories of the day.
Aaron I think finished the 250km big loop, last I heard he was somewhere between Omeo and Falls Creek.
Me, well I will line up next year for sure as it is a great event. I will now target some other events for the year beginning next month with the GMBC Crazy 6.
Happy trails!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

counting down

Here we are a few days out from the Alpine Classic, the attempts at getting prepared are done. Doing a so called taper week, got out a few times since Saturday as I ended up with a forced week of rest because of Melburn's average weather. I was wrapped to finally get out on the big wheeler yesterday and reintroduce myself to the simple pleasure of the SS. Some of the trails are really overgrown from all the warm rain of this summer. I was glad to see that some nice person's had taken the chainsaw and brushcutter to some local trails and really cleaned em out so now you can rip it. Been a few years since she (the trail) was this clean and fun. I had such a ball riding the SS yesterday, just tapping it over rolling and revisiting trails I had not seen for a few months.
Not really that nervous about Sunday, going to treat it as a big training ride, not race anyone and just tap out a comfortable tempo. 200kms on the flat with a few rollers is enough to hurt most but when you add in 3 decent bergs to climb over it is going to be a test. I must remember to enjoy the view to trick the mind into having fun!

I think I will be seeing this sign a few times come Sunday on my way over from Bright and on the way back from Mt Beauty!

Not much else going on, looking at a few races for the first part of the year starting with the Crazy 6 next month. Just going to try and get one race done a month as this should fit in with work and family commitments.
I am still struggling to get my front tubeless on the geared 29er to stay up. Driving me a little mental, moral to the story by a UST system. I will give it 1 more decent crack and then if it doesnt work, back to tubes!
Watch the twitter feed for some shots and comments on Sunday!
Happy trails!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Nationals done and dusted

Fun day out in the country with Mooter. We ended up being the 2nd feeders for Team Sky and it makes the day go a little quicker when you have to be on the side of the road ready to feed.
Break went early with the main contender being Bobridge. He managed to stay away even with Sky ripping it and putting it on the line for Gerro. Despite chasing hard Gerro's group could only get within 30 seconds of Bobridge who sailed solo into the finishing straight for the win. Gerro lined up for the sprint as was pipped on the line by Goss for second in a five man group. So bronze for Gerro this year, wicked ride on a tough day at the office.

Me, I have been getting out there in the hils a bit on the road. Two weeks to go until the Alpine Classic. Getting a little nervous about it but hopefully the next 2 days on the bike will give me a indication when I get some longer rides done.
Looking at the calendar for MTB events and my work schedule I am targeting a few of the Vic Enduro Series.
I have been struggling to get my tubeless 29er tyres sorted as since spontanously deflating, getting them and the rim to mesh has been a fuckn nightmare. Next time I will be buying a UST system that does not require rim strips or tapes!
So no dirt time lately, maybe a short one later today!
Happy trails

Friday, January 7, 2011

My tip for Sunday is....

You guessed it.... its Gerro, can not go past a mate in good form and he is due a big result. I will be there cheering him on and the having some fun in the sun!
Should be a good day out and hopefully something to party about later that day!