Saturday, April 28, 2012

Back on

Ok only only fitted one ride in due to the shit weather mother nature granted us this week. Had over 100mm of rain in 24hrs which is very rare in the last year.
Did get out on the Yarra Trails for a hit out on Monday. I managed to beat the shit weather and had a fun return to trails. Will say the fitness is like Jabba the Hut at the moment - good for eating but out of breath just thinking about it. Looks like it is time to ride to work to get some kms back in.
Hoping the roadie is back in my hands to be built up by end of next week..... having withdrawals from not having a road bike on hand. Might have to throw a set of 28's on the geared 29er and use it to commute this week.
Happy trails!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Geed up

Breakfast done
Fueled on java
Car packed
Off to the trails
Time to re open the account!

Happy trails

Friday, April 20, 2012

its been 8 weeks almost

Caught this pick of my frame at the painters on facebook this week. Big daunting as I see it in to halves after giving it to Ewen as a whole frame. The placement of S&S couplers in is going to make traveling with it a lot easier, plus it will make it all the more bespoked, I mean how often do you see a fame gate that can brake in half and be put back together!
I have a new gruppo waiting for when I get her back! Sweeet times ahead, already been riding big kms in my head.
Happy to say the list of jobs at the house is now small and I am throwing a leg over a mtb this week end.... super pumped!

Happy trails!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Monday, April 2, 2012

responding to requests

Got a phone call yesterday from Mario telling me his eyes were failing him with age - doesn't apply to his riding and fitness level!
He said it was hard to read the red text, I told him I was going to change the layout, so I have. Hopeful this will make it easier for anyone with some eye issues.
Me, well I am on the improve, going to throw the leg over a bike next week and see what I got - might be very little! The rebuild of the Gellie Roadie continues with parts arriving and I am told Ewen is busy getting the frame ready for the painter - looking forward to getting it back and on it.
Shame I am missing the Autumn weather.... not long till I can enjoy it on 2 wheels.
Get out and rip it!