Tuesday, July 31, 2007

warm weather beckons

Well holidays are here....off to Broome for some R&R. My bronchitis has gotten worse over the last couple of days and warm weather is the recovery ticket I need. Yes I am taking a bike for some training. Cant pass up sunshine and temps in the mid to high 20's. Next stop broome...after some packing....

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Night Riding

Well I had a offer to good to refuse last night. Got to love night riding. I love the sensation of plowing down the single track in a tunnel of darkness all apart from the HID light on your head. Two of the boys from work (mister sisters Trent and NZ Gav) wanted to head out for a session along the Yarra Trails.
It was a fun outing as I had not been down there for a number of weeks and Gav took me on some trails I have not been on before. Saw the usual wildlife including one fast moving....no arguments...thanks for disturbing me..wombat. Got ourselves nice and muddy from the recent rains....some of these trails just soak up water and hold on to it. Its pretty cool that we have access to these trails smack in the burbs so close to the city.
I am regreting it today as I have had the flu the last couple of days and have now this morning awoke with a fantastic case of bronchitis from the damp....some what fresh conditions. So a day of putting up the feet and taking some drugs to rid this shitty flu thing!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Le Tour....drugs...your joking!

Well well well Le Tour has turned out to be its usual Days of Our Lives event. The scandel, people holding back information and the liars.
The UCI is guilty of holding back that Rasmussen didnt put in his diary but failed to inform the ASO. Back to square one here with a war of words between the ASO and the UCI. Things might have been different if Rasmussen had not started the tour. Who knows, Cadel could be leading. The chicken as he likes to be called has some explaining to do (like most chicken these days full of stuff to get you going).Vino...60 stiches from a fall and you come back to ride one of the most increadible time trials. Wish I knew your secret....well now I do
The media is having a feild day with these events. It is the usual though, all cyclists are guilty when dopers go positive, yet in Australia it is rare to see on your news channels when Aussies kick some arse drug free. The thing is that if these guys played AFL they would get three stikes before it being annocunced. At least cycling has a strict policy that they adhere to...your guilty your out. Check out the Dopers Suck website for some good reading about these fools
Will this stop me watching...no...but it does dishearten me some. Le Tour survived the Festina affair and so it will survive this...I hope.
The question is will this years overall winner fell hollow at their victory?

Saturday, July 21, 2007

cold snap photos

OK as promised here are some snaps taken by someone else showing how much snow fell from the heavens on Tuesday
The black Spur doesnt often see snow like this or if ever! It is believed that the heavy snow on the Spur caused a car and truck combo to colide and slide off the road!

Lake Mtn turn off with Woods Points Rd

Lake Mtn Road not far from carpark

Decided to have today off as I have skied the last 5 out of 7 days....Happy trails

Thursday, July 19, 2007

white stuff fever

Ok hit the snow again today before work. Man o man...lots and lots of snow (50cm dump on the 17-18th)This last cold snap has produced some serious falls at Lake Mtn. Hit snow going over the Black Spur and then at the top of the Granton Gap. Once the other side of Marysville aboout 1 km up it was 10-20 cms deep on the sides of the road. Havent seen it like that for many many years. Old Mak (the old man) was with me and reckons that it used to get like this often in the early 80's. A slow drive to the carpark (slow by usual standards) and then a 2 hr classic session in fresh classic set trail....awesome....photos to follow!
Still trying to find the child biting wombat...thats another story!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

shit happens...thats bike racing

Ok where to start with Le Tour....tried to watch as much as possible but with all the ski training I am lucky to stay awake past 9pm. Seen some stages and some were bad watching (watching the bunch let the break get 17mins on them - boring) and the fantastic stages like Robbies win (what a bender of a sprint...woke the wife with the screaming at the box) and stage 8 - ouch for the aussies!
Guess that is bike racing....got to take the good with the bad. Rogers is a a demi god....the man gets in the break and looks like winning the stage if not the tour? Shame that he binned it on the decent but hey, mechanicals what can you do...but hats off to him getting back on with a dislocated shoulder!
O-Grady was just unlucky to bin it on the same corner...lucky he hit the pole and didnt end up of off the edge in to no mans land and the drop below, unlucky to bust himself up so badly.
Cadel.....great rider but get some nuts dude....have a go we will love you for it. I know you are a conservative rider but hey if you dont win overall will you kick yourself stupid?
Gerro...go Gerro 40th overall on that stage. 3 Cat 1 climbs way to go....enough for me to take a look at the profile and want to catch a lift...crazy stuff!
Looking forward to stage 9 tonight if I can keep the eyes open.
Ok enough Le Tour. Whats me been up to you ask? More skiing over the weekend and lots of work. No riding as yet as the weather has been less than inspiring. Todays weather for example is straight up from the Antartic with a top temp of 5 degs at home with hail, rain and some sleet...forget it (only like it when on skis). Lots and lots of snow at my local ski system which will only make it better skiing for the coming weeks of training. The snow on Monday was awesome ( well done Lake Mtn crew with the grooming...spot on). We had a good session with us skiing out around Jubilee for a while...lots of fun minus the school holiday crowds.
Holidays in 2 weeks so looking forward to putting the feet up.

Friday, July 13, 2007

skiing again

Yep, I'm a lucky bastard. Had a fantastic ski before work on fresh snow of about 5-10 cms. Still gently snowing when I started skiing. Was perfect when groomed!! Enough said, I will let the photos do the talking

hey where is everyone today....one of the first in the carpark....

Echo Flat towards the Camp

Echo Flat near Muster Trail

Thursday, July 12, 2007

hitting the local

I'm lucky that we have in Melburn quite a few areas that are accessible for mountain biking. Just 5mins ride from my humble home is this little area that has some alright single track that is good for a hit out. If Im keen to stretch the legs further I can get right over to the Yarra Trails system by following this green corridor or down to Warandyte to the 4th Hill area. Always good fun and great after a day at the office.
On my last pedal down there on Tuesday, I was saddened to see that the Eastlink work is progressing and going to take out more of the single track but as we all kmow more will be cut by bikers, just like along the Yarra Trails.
On this day I took the trusty dog, Farlee for a hit out......man o man does Farlee love a run with the bike. We have had many a nocturnal session discovering the wildlife along the Yarra. Not much on this wet dusk, just a fox who he gave a good chasing and the usual collection of rabbits. Border Collies what can I say....love to run

Farlee...crazy!....with the rig
Not much else to write...maybe a quick ski tomorrow before work, if Im lucky

Nice one

Found this article in THE AGE online. What can I say but finially the wankers on the Hell Ride are well and truely ruining this ride for all. Stop be such dickheads and magnets for trouble.
What a great use of police resorces Vic police. Lets use a million dollar device to monitor 200 cyclists on a Saturday morning bunch ride. The helicopter should be out catching some real bad guys. Whats the latest add say "putting the pinch on crime"!!!!! nice one lads!

Chopper squad to monitor Hell Ride

July 10, 2007 - 1:00PM

Melbourne's notorious Hell Ride cycle route will come under increased scrutiny by a Victoria Police "eye in the sky".

From Saturday, a police helicopter will monitor the unofficial ride, which attracts hundreds of cyclists who race up to 40 km through the city's bayside suburbs, from Black Rock to Mount Eliza, at speeds of up to 60 km/h.

The additional Air Wing patrol follows an incident last August when one Hell Ride cyclist hit a pedestrian trying to cross at pedestrian lights on Beach Road, Mentone.

James Gould, 77, later died from his injuries.

The cyclist has been charged with failing to stop at a red light - which carries a maximum $215 fine.

Victoria Police State Bicycle Coordinator Arty Lavos said the aerial patrol was a way to proactively monitor the cycle route and would relay any traffic breaches to police following the event on the ground.

"The use of the police Air Wing gives us a broader perspective on how the cyclists are travelling collectively and potentially puts a stop to any problems before they occur," Acting Sergeant Lavos said.

"The Hell Ride has gained a certain level of notoriety in past years and the use of the Air Wing reinforces Victoria Police's commitment to road safety along this route.

"However it is also the responsibility of all road users - both cyclists and motorists - to obey the road rules at all times and show consideration for others who are travelling the same route.

"The small percentage of people who choose to disregard this will be dealt with by police.

"And with the Air Wing in operation, there is no chance that you won't be caught."

Acting Sgt Lavos said the number of cyclists taking part in the ride traditionally dropped off during winter but the most recent survey count revealed up to 8,000 riders in over 200 significant bunches.

Police would target a range of offences from penalty notices through to other serious offences regarding the conduct of road users, Acting Sgt Lavos said.

The first patrol on Saturday will operate between 7am and 8.30am (AEST) with other patrols scheduled for July 21 and August 4.

Care of THE AGE

I say get the police out there in the bunches on bikes to experience riding on Beach Road and furthermore make Beach Road a clear way on Saturday mornings

Monday, July 9, 2007

Bicycle Film Fest 07

Check it out

Meet Ernie

Now there are some things that amaze me. One is the pets people have. Ernie is owned by the guy renting the house across the street. I first heard of Ernie when TC told me that she had met Ernie in the park across the road. Thinking Ernie was a dog I asked "what breed of dog is Ernie?" TC replied "no Ernie aint no dog, he is a goat"....what the? Our neighbour takes him into the park on a lead for fresh grass. Ernie lives in the backyard and has eaten everythink including the ivy, bamboo and any other thing you can think of. Now I often see Ernie when coming home on the bike or in the park with the dogs. Ernie is a funny animal...call his name and over he comes for a handful of what ever as long as it is green and leafy.

TC and I have had a couple of epic days of skiing. To many early starts, 600km of driving and 60km's km's have been skied by us in the last 3 days with plenty of hill repeats for strength training. I know it doesnt sound much to the cyclists out there but try it and see how you feel!!!! Today after feeling sore and sorry at the start I found I was flying, so the form is coming for the Birkie at the end of August. We are smashed so have decided to have a rest day tomorrow and hit the snow again Wednesday. It's TC's birthday tomorrow so best be doing some shopping for it!!!

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Winter Wonderland

Well after some friggin cold weather on Friday we finally got the snow we had hoped. After a couple of dumps during the week plus another 10cms overnight we had excellent skiing today. A early start but much needed during school holidays. We found snow in the trees on the road to Lake Mountain, 8km above Marysville. Looked like Jack Frost had been out with a icing sugar sifter!!! We arrived to find the temp -1, no wind, blue skies and 10cms of the driest snow I have ever seen.....real northern hemisphere like snow. Not to mention that the resort management had hit the trails with the snow cat (first time this season giving us classic and nice corduroy skate lanes!!! Had to pinch myself to check it was not a dream!
Enough rambling I will let the photos do the talking......
Lake Mountain road

The Camp looking towards Jubilee.....my favorite

The start of Echo Flat near the machine sheds

Me at Panorama

TC looking tired after Panorama

Triangle Junction

So a fantastic ski until a snapped my pole strap and had to ski back out of Jubilee back to the car minus a pole.
You should have seen the day trippers for snow play....unbelievable.....the queue at the gatehouse stretching almost 1-2km back towards Marysville...... Back tomorrow

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Wet Morning

Awoke today to hear the firm pitter pat on the roof of the house. I had envisaged hitting Lake Mountain again but am pretty tired from the weeks activities. I was not too sure how the snow was going after watching it start to fizzle on the web cams yesterday. I checked the cams and reports this morning to find a soild dump of 5 - 10 cms and still snowing steadily. With more snow still to come out of the next storm cycle over the next couple of days I am hoping for 5 days of skiing from Saturday.
So as it was way to wet to head out on the bike even I decided to sit down for some toast, a hit of java from the gaggia (the best ever wedding present), and to browse the latest pages of the bike porn collection......got to love new bike porn!

Other good news to hand is that Gerro has made the Tour team. He loves playing stuff down like it is the norm. Come on its the TDF.....the biggest sporting carnival in the world. Fingers crossed for Gerro for a stage win. He came close a couple of years ago pegging a 3rd in a break away. Many late nights of TV watch starting from Saturday on the good old SBS!!! Cant wait...........

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

funny shit I see at work

Ok as some might know I work in a ICU. The thing is that we often get paper work, stories, hear or see things that make us laugh. This is one example that I see from time to time and had to share it.
At one stage this chart was part of a study that was performed where we had to rate stools....thats right people how good is your poo!. I thought it almost worthy to be printed on a T shirt for a laugh. Now according to the Bristol stool chart there are several types of stool;
If I had type 1 stool, personally I would expect to be small and fluffy with big ears and found in a paddock....yep you guessed it.... a rabbit.
Mmmm Type 4, thats one snake not to be messed with. Treat it carefully and lets face it, its not a sausage you want to share at a BBQ.
Type 5 ...McDonalds Mcnuggetts goes in and comes out just as it started....shit!
Type 6 and 7 we all know. We have all experienced it after a night out on the grog with dodgy take away!

This next picture shows a 12 lead ECG. Its a pretty standard find in a medical history. The ECG is a electrical picture of someones heart. It should be all in straight lines with the various electrical pathways. This patient I think was trying to impress the female nurses. Go on work it out! ......Trust me it shouldnt look like John Holmes tockley!!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Great way to start a day

I am lucky sometimes when things pan out my way. As a shift worker I can sometimes start late. This is handy when you want to get in a ski which I did this morning. It had rained overnight resulting in a crispy surface. Got out on the classics for a 2 hr burn session. Weather was perfecto....lots of sun and not too much wind.

Found a igloo but no eskimo's!

Another sign to add to the collection....rocks eh...no shit, thats why it is called Lookout Rock
Driving home I swang past Lilydale airport...shit these planes scare me as the come into land.

Anyhow hopefully some more snow later this week with some nasty weather predicted...fingers crossed!

Monday, July 2, 2007

Signs...I like it!

Two signs I love.
The first is a sign we bikers should see more often!

The second a anatomically correct toliet sign which I spoted at the Bright brew house..love their beer.... check it out!

Chase The Sun

Well firstly we were chasing the sun but it wasnt to been seen!!
The recon on Saturday proved to be a epic on its own with a trail system where every low lying spot had accumulated water, thus becoming mud after the usual crowds riding there. I even managed to get a cut tyre on the recon from some lovely blue stone chips. The night prior to the race we had around 6mm of rain....great for the dry garden but not good on a already water logged MTB trail system.
Race day on Sunday saw us greeted by overcast and rain threating skies. Got out to the course and thanks to a wicked car park permit...lucky number 69...(a meal for two some would say)...we got into setting up.

Camp Onespeed Only

Got the tent up and ready and awaited for Shaney to arrive on the mo-ped (he arrived looking like a michelin man in his mo-ped shit). T and I volunteered him for first laps as we did all the set up. Shaney did us proud with a couple of good laps and came back filthy from the single track...or should I say swamp tracks.

hey Shano... styln as always, Assos hides mud...not!

T headed out for a couple of laps post Shano's return and was keen to get himself a photo or two by yours truely, even slowing down to pose. He pulled out a couple of good laps to place us well.
Then it was my turn to hit the course. By the time I had headed out it had dried somewhat and the mud had become the consistancy of cookie doe. On the climbs it was like riding through wet sponge....sloooooow was the name for the day. I was hanging for the fire trail stuff so I could get some speed up. I didnt have much in the tank so was forced to run some of the up hills as I couldnt get some grip at times. Forget heading in a straight line it was where ever the bike wanted to go. Decents were fun with lots of drifting through the corners and the climbing greasy.
Team Onespeed Only had a ball of a day and ended up a nice 6th on the Teams of 3's which we were all happy with.
A large thanks goes out to the FGP team for a fantastic event and look forward to the next round in August.