Sunday, September 27, 2009

rain, mud, hail.... good times

Saturday saw 11 riders hook up in the burbs for a Epix. Kinda like the old days when all the kids in the streets would hook up go cruising the neighbourhood. There will be many takes on the day from Jase, Bellie, Ben, Troy, Matt. Check their blogs for the goings on. Shame about the no shows, but hey your loss!
Basically it was planned to hook the trails together to get us from our (Jase, Matt, and Me) front doors to the St Andrews pub to watch the grand final. It was a day full of laughs, wet muddy moments, spills, mechanicals and a day venturing with a great group of blokes. It turned out to be 75 -80% singletrack/ trail with a few runs of blacktop to hook it up, including our famed Tee Pee trail and a run through the infamous BT Bend.
I was hoping that I would get through the day okay as apart from a brief appearance from Gav I was the only one running a solo gear. In the end I missed the last section of trail at Rob Roy as my legs were shot, and being cold and muddy headed to the pub with Jase and Ash.
It was great to see Ash at half way with the car fridge full of Coke and plenty of snacks. The rain and hail shortly after the snack was not so appreciated! Hail is okay as long as it is small as you don't get wet.
Jase was unlucky to break his derailleur and tried to run it single but it didn't work out so he pulled the pin 3/4 of the way round. I did note he was enjoying the car heater in Ash's 4wd.
In the end the video sums up the day, sweet trails, great fun, good guys and a good beer and meal at the end!
Happy trails

tee pee epix

Epic day out. Will post the story in the coming days!

Friday, September 25, 2009

FHDC photos

Some excellent shots from Cam Wells from the Flat Hill Dirt Crit on Tuesday nite. Get on down for the next one!
Happy trails!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

rain go away

Headed out today for a pedal and pick up a part from DC @ Fitzroy Revolution for the up coming fork change. Thats right I am taking the 29er viagra and going rigid up front (should be interesting)!
Anyway I waited till the BOM radar gave me what I thought was a clear run into Fitzroy. Block/ cross head wind on the way in and pissing down rain on the way home. I discovered my hate for the route along Whitehorse Road as a Chinese pedestrain crosses the road with a bicycle and proceeds to walk straight in front of me. I had to take some evasive action, so I didn't take him out. The driver in Kew on the way home didn't do much better by forcing me into the gutter on the brakes as he tried to front parallel park. He and everyone else knew what I was feeling!
Anyway nice little spin of the legs if you minus the 2 incidents, and I was starting to almost enjoy the rain..... at least I don't have to do it for a job!
Tuesday saw the first of the Dirt crits @ Burke road overpass. I had forgotten how much pain they cause over 30 mins. Jase was on fire flying along and winning by a clear margin, me I was grovelling along and struggled a little. I should have joined Jase and Nat for the pedal out but drove instead. Get on down for these and support Bruce D for putting em on. More info here.
The Big Mak, Epix, Mr T Tee Pee adventure is on for Saturday and should be a interesting day in the saddle with the forecast of wintery weather, but hey no matter what it is on!
Happy trails

Even Hitler agrees 29er's are the way to go!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Its bound for NZ next year so keep your eyes peeled and clear the calander!

Monday, September 21, 2009


A decent weekend of pedaling was had by myself. I met up with long time mate Craig for a jaunt down to Frankston, up the beach for a brew and then the pedal home. A nice little 120km which had me feeling pretty hollow by the time I rolled home. The wind heading back up the beach was a fuckn giant killer. I knew when we were rolling down to Frankston rolling turns that I would pay for it on the way back. The return trip involved some gutter time and me blowing apart and rolling off the back of the group for the lone trip to the coffee shop.
Every man and their dog was present on Beach Rd obviously getting fit for the Round the Bay ride. Some pretty unskilled punters that I was glad to steer clear of.
Yesterday saw me coax Marty over to my side of town to hit up a loop out at Smiths. I was feeling empty from the day before and decided to leave a big gear on (mainly cause I was feeling lazy and couldnt be stuffed swapping out the 34 for the 32) and could see that it was going to hurt. We headed out and rode the sweet trails. The trail were in perfect nick after the recent rain bar a few puddles. Looks like there has been a few riders out there and it would be the first time I would see around 10 or so other riders on the trails. Obviously the word is out and people are getting out and enjoying the choice trails.
Marty said to me on the phone a few days before that he was told it was hilly out there. I had not really given it much thought and said nah cant be that bad cause I ride it ok. Yesterday I had to agree with him, it is hilly but it rocks! Marty was grinning after smashing some of the trails... I reckon he will be back for more!
New kit from Marty, sweet jersey and armwarmers, with a matching T shirt in the unform color of black and black!... sweet!
Heading out tomorrow night for the first of many Crits being run by Flathill. Just hope the weather backs off a bit from the forecast.
Time for me to pull the kit on and roll over to Romeo's for a coffee!
Happy trails!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Low key week

Kicking it at home again this week, chillin out and taking it easy.... sort of. I have been busy painting and playing Mr Fix it around the house. Almost finished painting and playing in the garden.
Done a couple of gym sessions and had a few rides, one with Jase and Nat running part of the trail for the up coming adventure next week. We ran out of light and had to turn around (cause the street lights were on and I promised Mum I would be home by then!) so we covered some descent km's. Jase was grinning from ear to ear cause he was on his Compulsion smashing it down the descents. Me I was smashing a big gear left on from the Urban Epix. but it didn't feel too bad. My legs told me otherwise the next day!
In other news I have had the final results for the Australian Ski Chase which has me 12th overall for the men born after 1960. Happy as Larry with that and it gives me something to improve on for next year as there were some talented current and former world level skiers in front of me. Not to worry plenty of time to get it going for next season, hence the commencement of strengthening the core at the gym.
Saw my rigid 29er forks today at the powdercoaters, thanks to the trusty hands of Ewen I should have them next week fingers crossed. Looking forward to trying out the rigid thing...... will it be a stayer? Time will tell.
Picked up some new MTB shoes from Andy S. A nice pair of Pro Specialized shoes which fit like a glove... will break em in this weekend with Marty up at Smiths Gully.
Keep it rubber side down and Happy Trails

Yes spring is here!

You know spring is here when your new feathered sprint training partner turns up!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

urban epic

Photo stolen from Neil

Short note to say this was the best fun I have had on a bike for while. Great turn out of 15 odd riders to start with. Weather was a bit overcast but perfect for a long ride on the singlespeed. The rain held off but the evidence of winter was around with some big bike sucking puddles, so I was covered in mud by the time I got home.
We ran into some familiar faces (Neil and Jimmy) and at one stage there was almost 30 riders riding in a massive congo line along the Yarra trails. As the ride progressed we lost a few riders as they had other things on for the day. We ended up with 8-10 riders keen for the whole loop and sweet trails were there to be ridden. I swung off near home after riding for some 4hrs/ 60 odd kms later.
Great way to spend the morning, good trails and great people.
Happy trails

Saturday, September 12, 2009

sweeet local trails

Headed out yesterday for a bit of the recon for the Epix/ Big Mak/Mr T Tee Pee Adventure that we have on in a couple of weeks. The good news is that the trails are dialed all bar the entry into Tee Pee as there is a mother of tree down over the trail (oh I need a chainsaw.... but the local greenies would kill me!). The trail needs a little love but Jase and I are going to scope the trail out a bit more and give it some lovin with a saw.
The rest of the trails I rode yesterday arvo were in great nick, which surprised me a little given the recent rain and wind storms we have had. I had a 3hr ride and loved every minute of it. The work in the gym is paying off, as my climbing has improved (i think) as I managed to sit down on a lot of climbs I would normally be out of the seat on.
Some of the new trail has bedded in well after the winter rains and constant riding by the local phantoms that build it. It is a shame about the cocks who like to pull and place dead fall over the trails. I cant wait to find the idiot that is doing this!! Revenge will be swift!
Tomorrow sees me join the FlatHill boys and do the single speed urban epic.... the pain from the last one is still etched in my mind (and the bonk I had on it that no amount of food could fix), but I am keen for it.
Anyway got to get sorted for tomorrow so
Happy Trails

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

gold........... lol!!!!

09 Singlespeed Nats

Might be worth the trip..... could the frequent flyer miles get me there to sunny Newcastle in November?
Happy trails

He does it again

Another brilliant ride by Simon again nets him a win in Grand Tour. He now has the triple, the complete set! with a stage win in all 3 Grand Tours.....Brilliant bloody brilliant. He is the first Australian to win a stage in all three...... I think!
Had me dancing around in the PJ's with my toast.... great way to start the day.
Happy trails

Sunday, September 6, 2009


Sittting, chillin out on the couch after a busy week. Plenty going on around here. It has been a regular domestic blitz with gardening, cleaning and organising. Mulched the front garden, but had to first shovel the mulch off a house down the street when the delivery was done to the wrong address. Nothing like double handling mulch. Anyway at least the garden supply company sent back a truck and a bloke to give me a hand.
A few rides on the rode bike with a trip to pick up some fine roasted beans from my favourite little java house Romeo's. Been a while since I have been on the blacktop on the road bike. Took a little while to get use to the different position but nice as always. I did however find a crack in the rear rim so I have had to swap the wheel out so I can get it repaired. Some things just don't last.... maybe its just the shear horse power!!!! lol!
Today I headed out with Jase for a jaunt around the local area on the road bikes. A nice lazy 1.5 hrs, talking crap and followed by a java and his wife's (Tessa is quite the cook of cakes and muffins!) excellent walnut and date loaf.
I hit the gym yesterday and worked out the core strengthening regime for the next few weeks. Lots of fit ball exercises which create lots of pain.... 90% of the workout is done on the fit ball using my body weight as resistance plus some free weights.
This week is going to be busy with some painting of the house, more work in the garden and a few trips to the gym. Don't worry I am planning a couple of long rides, cause I have to get going as I feel that I am struggling a bit on two wheels.
Great to see some fantastic results from the Aussies at the worlds in Canberra. You can read more over here. Some future stars are in the making!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Killin Nazi's

Went to the movies the other night to check out Tarantino's latest offering. Word to wise, get on down and check it out. A few light hearted moments.... bloody great film!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Could not agree more and I start my day with a few of these babies to get the heart and brain going!

Back on Big Wheels

Yesterday with near perfect riding weather (not to hot, not to cold, just right!) I met with my favorite NZer for a pedal on the 29ers. Gav is a bit of a hard arse and likes to push me a bit to ride nasty old hills. We met out at Smiths Gully General Store for a jaunt around the trails.
I was feeling a bit empty still since Saturday, but was keen to stretch the legs.
After riding some of the new trail that has been cut he got me to ride up a nasty old trail to Mine Shaft road. This trail climbs gently for a little way and then boom, up she goes. I was forced to walk it as I have lost a lot of cycling fitness (for riding single speed) during the ski season. Only way to fix this is get on it more now that the ski season is over. With some large rides on the horizon I best get them legs turning.
I took the camera to grab some shots but only snapped the ones of the 29ers that is in the title above. Not a bad little camera my Lumix, she grabs nice shots! I also did a little trail maintenance digging some drainage slits in the various large puddles that were hugging some of the single track. Better to get the water out than riding around it so the trail stays tight, shame more people don't do this to stop trails getting rooted - Lysterfield is a prime example!
We finished up the ride with a burger for lunch at the Smiths General Store. Sweet burgers, home baked rolls and packed with fresh goodness. A few javas and a nice chunk of sun time on the veranda, to shoot the shit with Gav. A perfect end to a great arvo.
In other news, the route for the next Epix is getting sorted tonight, yes its on Grand Final day but for those coming we have a end spot perfect for watching football.
I have discovered that I am in 10th spot for the Australian Ski Chase, with one more round to go that I am not contesting. I hope that I will hang in there in 10th spot. I am pretty happy with that result and it gives me something to improve on next year. It shows me the persistence and consistency (consistant bad skiing on my behalf!) pays off in the long run.

Anyway time to go as I am on yard duty, got to get the green thumb going to clean out the garden of weeds and give it some love!
Happy trails