Monday, September 22, 2008

The Epix

Fantastic weather greeted us for a day of riding some sweet trails. Early start with the pick up of Jason at 7am. Quick stop in Cartlon for a take away coffee and then to the start point at the stock yards car park were the crew were hooking up. I was impressed with Ash's 4WD as he had the ability to brew up a coffee with his espresso machine. Very nice indeed!
Plenty of ascend product was on offer and I would have to say that the Ascend mob have it sorted cause there bars are by far the best I have eaten and they taste fantastic.
The crew gathered and after a few photos we hit some of the trails around the stockyards and when ridden in the right direction were heaps of fun. Nice drops and bermed sections of trail. I was suffering from the go on the single speed but hell it was a great day to be alive.
After some fun single track and a decent climb on a single speed we headed out over the connector trail to the plantation area to try our hand at some of the fun ladder bridges and and flowing single track. Everyone had so much fun on the connector that we rode back up it to do it again. Jason was filming whilst riding and came a cropper into a tree. No injuries just a great bit of footage. I was suffering like a dog on the gearing chasing the crew on the geared bikes. I have decided to swap out the Cross Mark tires cause they are a bit unpredictable I feel. I like tires to hook up and yesterday when cornering I could not trust them as I felt they were going to just let go.
After a bit of lunch we headed back over the connector trail to the stockyards for a descent which was heaps of fun.... one thing that the area has is well built berms on tight trail. I will be looking forward to the GMBC Yowie in a couple of weeks.
So with smiles from ear to ear we shot the shit packed the cars and headed home.
My opinion of the area has changed and when ridden with a large group with some local knowledge fun can be had in this park.
Will post photos when I get some or check out the Felt Epix site.
Happy trails

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